Thursday, 20 September 2012

Drinking Your [Hair] Beauty: The Juicing Way

Okay so I've had my super Juicer for over a year now, and it occurred to me that I've probably only used it about four or five times, well earlier this week whilst drooling over recipes on Pinterest, I somehow stumbled upon a WPTV recording about 70 year old Annette Larkins who 1) is a ride or die Juicer and who 2) despite being seventy looks like she is fifty ish. Now I don't know about you but knocking a whole 20 years off your face is no joke! I mean honestly think of all of the benefits!!!

Now before you scroll for the Video link let me just tell you there is no way and no how I was going to have my Juicer and Blender sitting and rusting away in the kitchen, knowing that I could be indulging on a journey of surgery free youth and beauty.

For those like myself who find eating your 5 a day to be a pretty long winded routine, this certainly is the quickest 'I don't like my Greens' solution I know. Since starting I can genuinely say I feel more alert, sleep very well and generally feel much healthier. The only con about juicing for me, which I can barely call a con considering the benefits, would have to be the time it takes to prepare the Fruits and Vegetables, and the washing of the Juicer components afterwards. Of course you know I had to find a solution for that too right?!

It's simple, take a tip from the future mothers book, prepare in bulk, grab a freezer bag and get to freezer storing!!!

Took a trip to the market, even Tesco's couldn't match my three bags worth of F&V's for £5 bargain!!! 
As you can see I'm a huge fan of Philips electronics, pretty much pot luck buys but they work really well and are reliable. Fruits such as Bananas and Mangoes should not be used in a Juicer as they produce pulp as opposed to juice, for this reason I have my blender ready at the go, so that once I have juiced my Broccoli, Carrots, Strawberries etc, I can then add the juice to the Blender with my Bananas and Mangoes ready to get my blend on!

Packed and ready for the freezer! P.s. To avoid damaging your Juicer/Blender allow stored freezer fruit bags to defrost in a bath of slightly warmed water, or leave out to defrost for an hour pre-juicing/blending.

Citrus Fruits [Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, Grapefruits, Pomelo, Lime] 
Citrus fruits are high in levels of Vitamin C, which plays a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Vitamin C which is often found in most anti-ageing serums and treatments, is a water soluble vitamin which means it cannot be stored by the body. The Vitamin found in Citrus fruits acts a powerful antioxidant that aggressively fights free radicals while keeping your skin smooth and firm. 

Green Vegetables [Spinach, Broccoli, Kale]
Green vegetables, especially high in Vitamin A help to strengthen the cell membrane and also regulate the release of toxins from the cells. Research suggests that the nutrients found in dark green vegetables may prevent certain types of cancers and promote heart health.

Berries [Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cranberries]
Berries are packed with Antioxidants which help to protect the skin from harmful free radicals. Berries also help the body produce collagen which keeps skin, supple, soft and youthful.

Avec amour...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sundays Hair | Embracing the Fro...

As of late you folks know I've been ranting on and on about my transition, wanting to chop and not wanting to chop etc etc. Well just yesterday after a few hours spent drooling over hair pics for hairspiration on Tumblr, I had a 'You Go Girl' moment and decided I was going to embrace a braidout by fire by force! [African parent saying #inherited!]

Anyway my wash was great, I spent so long in the shower pouring water on my hair just so I could see the waves that have formed so beautifully at my roots, and then followed up with the whole Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturise and Seal Routine... you know how it goes! Finally I threw my hair in approximately 10 braids, secured my headscarf and off to bed I went.

Now as for this morning, I got ready, makeup on and outfit in check so onto some braid unravelling. As usual I wasn't feeling the initial look but knew I was still to fluff out each braid and play about with the look.

Well, even after fluffing and styling the results were EPIC... in fact so horrendous I almost skipped some church time with the big guy just because I was throwing one serious strop. Of course y'all know I did NOT take pictures! I mean shoot I could have done my camera some serious damage with the mood I was in!

Anyway after church I had completely let the early morning hair casualty go, and infact decided to play with my hair some more! I drizzled some of my favourite oil [Coconut Mmm!] on my hair and did a few 'I whip my hair back and forth' hair moves, only to find that I actually love how full of body and free my hair is like this! I guess this journey isn't so bad after all! 

Up in a high textured bun it goes for work tomorrow ^_^

P.s. I reached 10 months post earlier this week! Bring on another... 14? 

I'll see how long I last!

Any other transitioning sisters out there craving to BC and stretch all at the same time?

Avec amour...


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Alive2Life Natural Wellbeing Conference

In exactly 6 days London will be welcoming a fantastic event celebrating and raising awareness on the true beauty of natural living. Natural product focused retailer Black & Brown have joined forces with some of the best in the UK within the haircare, nutrition, skincare and Wellbeing industry. Having personally worked alongside founder Stephanie I know that this event will be enriching and my much needed all in one Healthcare, Haircare and Skincare summary for the year!

The likes of Anne-France Rix from the Food Doctor Clinic, Wellbeing Expert Claire Beegan, Award winning celebrity hair stylist Errol Douglas, Expert Trichologist Glenn Lyons from the Philip Kingsley Clinic and many others will answer and conquer some of the everyday issues and battles faced in healthy living.

Tickets can be bought here: 

Avec amour...


Sunshine's Calling...

This weekend the weather in London has been phenomenal and defintely one worth getting all dressed up for! I had an absolute blast at my first work summer party and also caught a heap load of sunshine today. They say hair grows faster when it's warm so it was nice to catch what may be the last few rays for a while!

Have a fab week ahead lovelies! 

P.s. there's still enough time to grab your stnners and catch a few more hours of Sunshine for the day!!!

Avec amour...


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hair Talk | 9 Months Post & Transitioning woes!

Had really hoped to jump back on Youtube with a bang but it seemed my new camera was not feeling the same way! Anyway I still hustled and managed to put an update video together!

ENJOY ^_^ !!!

Avec amour x


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

20% Reader Discount : Curl Harmony *Open*

Following my review of the Curl Harmony Intensive Deep Conditioner, the lovely founder Nadine is giving all LYT readers a juicy 20% discount on Curl Harmony products valid until September 7th...

 I'll be ordering two new tubs of the DC because we all know it's not everyday you get a discount like this!!!

To claim your 20% off all you have to do is use the discount code: "Tresses" at checkout.

Happy  shopping!


Avec amour x