Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mahogany Naturals | Yet Another Review!!!

Bonjour Loves!

I told you I'd be flooding the blog with some very late reviews right? Well here goes another one I thought I'd squeeze in before the year is out!!!

I was sent the Mahogany Naturals Pre-poo and Ayurvedic Shampoo a few months back to review from the founder of Mahogany Naturals, Tope Beesley. I was very keen on trying the Pre-poo because I am a HUGE Pre-poo fan. My hair is easily stripped by even the mildest of Shampoos, which means pre-pooing is a must for me.

Quick Pre-poo lowdown [Fionapedia!]: A Pre-poo is a pre-Shampoo treatment used to extra nourish , condition and prepare your hair for washing. Pre-poos help to reduce the potential stripping effects of some Shampoos by coating the outer strand of your hair with a light protective coating. It can be in oil form or cream based and can be left on the strands of your hair from as little as 20 minutes to overnight. It often results in softer and healthier feeling hair.

At the same Founder Tope told me her Ayurvedic Shampoo was very moisturising and would not need to be followed up with a Conditioner. Of course I had to put that to the test!

Pre-Poo Treament

Price | £12.95

Ingredients | Contains Organic Aloe vera, Organic honey, avocado oil, coconut oil, emu oil, virgin olive oil, silk amino acid, jojoba, vegetable glycerine, rosemary, vitamin E.

Claims | Specially formulated for dry, damaged and thirsty hair. Protects the hair and scalp from any harsh cleansers, adds softness, moisture and shine. Makes the detangling process easy.

My Thoughts... The Pre-poo had a very different consistency to that of the Pre-poos I usually use from my Staples List. It was very runny and had a very natural honey/avocado smell. I found the application to be quite messy but focused more on the results of the treatment. I wasn't blown away by the Pre-poo and didn't find it to be as effective as the other Pre-poos I use on a bi-weekly basis. My hair didn't feel as soft as I had hoped. As a mixtress myself I do love the fact that this Pre-poo is 100% natural and think that in my case a more solid and thick treatment with more oils would have favoured my hair type. I also know my hair has never taken very well to products that contain honey so this may have been why I found the product to be slightly sticky.

Ayurvedic Moisture Rich Shampoo

It appears the Shampoo is no longer sold on the Mahogany Naturals site,
but I found the Shampoo also did not agree very well with my hair. It was very fluid in consistency and not as dense as other Shampoos I have used, which was quite helpful in the sense that with so much re-growth you need something that is easily dispersed, and will quickly find itself on your scalp because it's so fluid. As for its moisturising abilities I still had to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment afterwards, and somehow more so because my hair felt quite dry afterwards. This may be due to the nature of my hair in its transitioning state as I know others have used it and have not mentioned it to be drying.

All in all I found the Pre-poo to be the most useful of the products, I will not be repurchasing any of the above as I find my staples work better for me.

Avec amour...


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5 Articles...

It seems over the past few months I've blogged more about fashion than I have about Hair! So much for a Hair blog right?! Let's just say I've picked up a few new interests over the past few months, and as much as I lurrvvve Haircare I feel this is the perfect avenue for me to express and share what I love besides Haircare. On that note I will say however I'll be upping the hair knowledge posts, in hopes of eventually reaching a healthy balance... Haircare, Fixed Income, Fashion & Food... yup that pretty much sums me up!

Uniqlo HeatTech Thermals... it's super cold here in London!
A dictionary sized Recipe book... searching for Chrsitmas Day Dessert ideas
KG Star soles... 
Essie 'Wicked' - New fave colour
Products I'm currently trialing

21 days till Christmas Folks!!! Have you got your Advent Calendars?

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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Christmas Holiday Gift Guide...

So we've finally entered the carol singing, pudding eating month of December and I thought what better than to put together a small Christmas Holiday Gift Guide, with some cute and quirky gifts that you can buy for a loved one if stuck for ideas! Truth is these are some of the things I wouldn't mind waking up to on the 25th myself... 

It doesn't include Loubi's, an ipad or apple gadget of some sort so I'd say the list is pretty reasonable! Wouldn't you?!

P.s I thought I'd give the blog header a bit of a Christmas makeover... Ho Ho Ho!

I. J Crew Jewel Teardrop Earrings
II. Diptyque Pomander Candle
III. Better than Good Hair by Curly Nikki
IV. Hair Therapy Wrap
V. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  ExtremeTreatment [ currently on sale!]
VI. Kurt Geiger Coco Contrast
VII. Mocha Dunk Mug
VIII. Yves Saint Laurent Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain
IX. Essie Nail Polish
X. J Crew iPhone Glitter Case

And to finish off... One of my fave old school performances of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'... don't you just love this season... 
gets me all warm inside!!!

Happy Holidays!

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Darren Scott Salon | The Official Review

Okay so this 4 week fabulous straight hair story/review is one too many weeks late, but if it's any consolation it has allowed me to document my results over 4 weeks, which means the results most certainly speak for themselves!

So here's the lowdown... in October Pelumi of CareForYourHair visited the Darren Scott salon, wrote a review, dropped us some pictures and had just about everyone hopping on the 'I think I got me a new salon' bandwagon, myself included! So I gave the salon a call and turned up for my appointment in Maida Vale one early Saturday morning.

P.s. For those of you who don't know, Darren Scott is a qualified hair and make-up stylist/artist who has several celebrities in his portfolio, and who was called to style for the P&G Salon during the Paralympic Games.

Now back to the review!

 I arrived early Saturday morning and was given a very warm welcome. I was then seated, offered a cuppa and introduced to James the lovely stylist who would be doing the first half of my hair treatment. Despite having my hair cut and styled by a white hair stylist before, I have to admit I was a tad bit nervous about James doing my hair, simply because I wasn't sure if he really knew what he was getting himself into! Natural hair is one thing, 11 month transitioned hair... a different ball game entirely! 

 However not too long after I was to discover that this wash by James would be ♫Drake- the best I have ever had♫. I was too busy snoozing to remember every fine detail, but to summarise let's just say a quick shampoo, loooooong head massage and nose alluring deep conditioning treatment [I could have eaten the air, it smelled so good! - picture of products below]. 
Part 2 of my wash experience then followed by James taking me back to the styling seat and telling me I would be going under the dryer. Now let's pause ladies and resume to Picture 3 below! If this isn't how to give a hair loving nerd a heart attack, then what is?! All I could think was dry this, under that? No way... tangle central and early big chop? I don't think so! Yet again a few seconds later James returned to prove my doubts wrong with some Argan Oil and what appeared to be a plastic bag... I was going to have my hair steamed!

Just to fast forward, the rest of my experience at the salon speaks for itself via the pictures below. Darren styled my hair and gave me a flawless cut and finish, the type that leaves your hair dancing in the wind [literally] and feeling like silk. The results of my treatment at the Salon have lasted 4 weeks, without the need for an extra touch of heat. Shoot I even threw in some pictures below right up until recent to show how good my hair still looks!

So on that note I'll finish and say I would give the salon a 10/10 because I can and because my hair tells me too! The salon is NOT just for black hair in fact far from, it caters to European, Asian and Afro/Caribbean hair textures. The prices are more than reasonable considering the quality of service and expertise, and hey any transitioners breaking combs and using one bottle of conditioner per wash, this may just be your fix!!!

Do check out the salon site or give the salon a call if you want to find out more about their services, and don't forget to proof the pics below!

I love me some interior design... check out the eyes! Hand painted skills!
Darren, James and Laurence in work mode
Picture 3 | Peep the scary mop that poor James had to work with! Now do you know why I was nervous!!! Post shampoo hair!
That lightbulb moment when I realised I was going to get my steam on!
Yep that's right... chop chop chop! A few steps closer to the BC!
Fresh cut... even the sunshine was appreciating!

Products : Mizani Thermasmooth Shampoo and Conditioner, Mizani Supreme Oil Conditioner, Mizani Supreme Oil,
Mizani Thermasmooth Anti-Humidity Spritz, Inoar Argan Oil, and Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Smoothing Treatment [not in photo]
Just some photos of me enjoying my hair! 

Avec amour...
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Monday, 19 November 2012

New Age and New Beginnings

Hi there Lovelies,
Welcome to a new beginning for LYT!
I've been off the scene for a while and as ever you’ve all been so patient and loving. As we all know sometimes you just need a break, be it with work, hobbies, cyberspace you name it. But breaks can't last forever and God knows I wouldn't want them too!
I took some time out to make some big girl decisions, sort out some things that were pending, get comfy at work and now that's all done I'm bursting with energy and just excited to be back. I'll be working on getting many overdue posts out over the next week or two and promise I won't be gone for this long again without notice!
In the meantime I celebrated my birthday last weekend, who said grown folks don't have fun!
[ just a few weekend snippets ;) ]

P.s  I need to tell you about my 4 week straight hair experience! No joke I just found me a permanent salon! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

5 Articles...

Playing hairdresser with the kid sis. She ordered some medium fringe twists and a high bun!
My weekend destination in Paradise!
A weekend hand at Red Velvet Cupcakes
Already seen if you follow me on instagram [@loveyourtresses] , my beautiful new babies from Zara!
Fresh coconut in preparation for some Nigerian sweet nibbles
Hope you've had a fab start to the week! Happy Monday folks!

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Note to Self | 9 Autumn Inspiration Essentials

Okay so it's officially Autumn and there are three things a summer loving chica like myself has on her to-do list.

1- Change my Wardrobe
2- Adjust my Hair Regime
3- Keep Inspired

and this is how...

A few Leather items in the drobe to keep things funky
Chic Head Wrapping for all occasions 
Thick Jumpers + Large Jewels!
Super Cute Hair Accessories
Big & Fierce Up-Do's
D.I.Y Adventures
Print bags, print shoes, print everything!
Lady Hats for Fall -LOVE LOVE LOVE-
And finally... A sprinkle of Glam, Solange style!

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Drinking Your [Hair] Beauty: The Juicing Way

Okay so I've had my super Juicer for over a year now, and it occurred to me that I've probably only used it about four or five times, well earlier this week whilst drooling over recipes on Pinterest, I somehow stumbled upon a WPTV recording about 70 year old Annette Larkins who 1) is a ride or die Juicer and who 2) despite being seventy looks like she is fifty ish. Now I don't know about you but knocking a whole 20 years off your face is no joke! I mean honestly think of all of the benefits!!!

Now before you scroll for the Video link let me just tell you there is no way and no how I was going to have my Juicer and Blender sitting and rusting away in the kitchen, knowing that I could be indulging on a journey of surgery free youth and beauty.

For those like myself who find eating your 5 a day to be a pretty long winded routine, this certainly is the quickest 'I don't like my Greens' solution I know. Since starting I can genuinely say I feel more alert, sleep very well and generally feel much healthier. The only con about juicing for me, which I can barely call a con considering the benefits, would have to be the time it takes to prepare the Fruits and Vegetables, and the washing of the Juicer components afterwards. Of course you know I had to find a solution for that too right?!

It's simple, take a tip from the future mothers book, prepare in bulk, grab a freezer bag and get to freezer storing!!!

Took a trip to the market, even Tesco's couldn't match my three bags worth of F&V's for £5 bargain!!! 
As you can see I'm a huge fan of Philips electronics, pretty much pot luck buys but they work really well and are reliable. Fruits such as Bananas and Mangoes should not be used in a Juicer as they produce pulp as opposed to juice, for this reason I have my blender ready at the go, so that once I have juiced my Broccoli, Carrots, Strawberries etc, I can then add the juice to the Blender with my Bananas and Mangoes ready to get my blend on!

Packed and ready for the freezer! P.s. To avoid damaging your Juicer/Blender allow stored freezer fruit bags to defrost in a bath of slightly warmed water, or leave out to defrost for an hour pre-juicing/blending.

Citrus Fruits [Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, Grapefruits, Pomelo, Lime] 
Citrus fruits are high in levels of Vitamin C, which plays a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Vitamin C which is often found in most anti-ageing serums and treatments, is a water soluble vitamin which means it cannot be stored by the body. The Vitamin found in Citrus fruits acts a powerful antioxidant that aggressively fights free radicals while keeping your skin smooth and firm. 

Green Vegetables [Spinach, Broccoli, Kale]
Green vegetables, especially high in Vitamin A help to strengthen the cell membrane and also regulate the release of toxins from the cells. Research suggests that the nutrients found in dark green vegetables may prevent certain types of cancers and promote heart health.

Berries [Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cranberries]
Berries are packed with Antioxidants which help to protect the skin from harmful free radicals. Berries also help the body produce collagen which keeps skin, supple, soft and youthful.

Avec amour...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sundays Hair | Embracing the Fro...

As of late you folks know I've been ranting on and on about my transition, wanting to chop and not wanting to chop etc etc. Well just yesterday after a few hours spent drooling over hair pics for hairspiration on Tumblr, I had a 'You Go Girl' moment and decided I was going to embrace a braidout by fire by force! [African parent saying #inherited!]

Anyway my wash was great, I spent so long in the shower pouring water on my hair just so I could see the waves that have formed so beautifully at my roots, and then followed up with the whole Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturise and Seal Routine... you know how it goes! Finally I threw my hair in approximately 10 braids, secured my headscarf and off to bed I went.

Now as for this morning, I got ready, makeup on and outfit in check so onto some braid unravelling. As usual I wasn't feeling the initial look but knew I was still to fluff out each braid and play about with the look.

Well, even after fluffing and styling the results were EPIC... in fact so horrendous I almost skipped some church time with the big guy just because I was throwing one serious strop. Of course y'all know I did NOT take pictures! I mean shoot I could have done my camera some serious damage with the mood I was in!

Anyway after church I had completely let the early morning hair casualty go, and infact decided to play with my hair some more! I drizzled some of my favourite oil [Coconut Mmm!] on my hair and did a few 'I whip my hair back and forth' hair moves, only to find that I actually love how full of body and free my hair is like this! I guess this journey isn't so bad after all! 

Up in a high textured bun it goes for work tomorrow ^_^

P.s. I reached 10 months post earlier this week! Bring on another... 14? 

I'll see how long I last!

Any other transitioning sisters out there craving to BC and stretch all at the same time?

Avec amour...


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Alive2Life Natural Wellbeing Conference

In exactly 6 days London will be welcoming a fantastic event celebrating and raising awareness on the true beauty of natural living. Natural product focused retailer Black & Brown have joined forces with some of the best in the UK within the haircare, nutrition, skincare and Wellbeing industry. Having personally worked alongside founder Stephanie I know that this event will be enriching and my much needed all in one Healthcare, Haircare and Skincare summary for the year!

The likes of Anne-France Rix from the Food Doctor Clinic, Wellbeing Expert Claire Beegan, Award winning celebrity hair stylist Errol Douglas, Expert Trichologist Glenn Lyons from the Philip Kingsley Clinic and many others will answer and conquer some of the everyday issues and battles faced in healthy living.

Tickets can be bought here: 

Avec amour...


Sunshine's Calling...

This weekend the weather in London has been phenomenal and defintely one worth getting all dressed up for! I had an absolute blast at my first work summer party and also caught a heap load of sunshine today. They say hair grows faster when it's warm so it was nice to catch what may be the last few rays for a while!

Have a fab week ahead lovelies! 

P.s. there's still enough time to grab your stnners and catch a few more hours of Sunshine for the day!!!

Avec amour...