Thursday, 25 November 2010

Diary of a mixtress: Castor oil challenge mix

Finally finished brewing the 'fingers crossed' mega successful castor oil et al hair challenge mix.

Ingredients: per 100 ml bottle
75ml 100% castor oil
10 ml 100% coconut oil
10ml 100% grapeseed oil
5ml (approx) essential oils

Essential oils: (with stimulating and anti inflammatory properties)
5 drops tea tree oil
5 drops lavendar oil
5 drops clary sage oil

So...let the journey begin

x edF x

My Kitchen: Mackerel Al Dente

I love fish...not the smell or cleaning it, but the taste. Before moving to Munich I could have sworn i hated mackerel...but now i somehow love it!!! Before you read on...let me just say do not be fooled by simplicity. 

'Sometimes the simple things in life are the most fruitful '

This meal tasted soooo good it even inspired me to have a mini dessert afterwards! Very few ingredients are needed, and just a note for those 'cough'.... including myself who use maggi in everything! ---> Sometimes salt does the job all by itself. E.g leave maggi out of it!

Cooking time: 25 mins including preparation

2 medium sized tomatoes
1 large onion
1 tsp tomato puree
1 garlic glove
1 packet of boneless mackerel
50% Rapeseed oil 50% Sunflower oil mix
Seasoning: salt, oregano, pepper, thyme, fish seasoning

1. Bring pot of  water to the boil
2. Dice/Slice onions, garlic and tomatoes
3. Drizzle cooking oil in a deep pan. Once heated add onions and allow to sauté (light brown) before adding garlic.
3. Add spaghetti to boiling water with sprinkle of salt and drop of oil to prevent spagheti sticking (medium heat)
4. Add 1tsp of puree to onion and garlic mix and stir with wooden spoon.
5. Use rubbing motion with fingers to crumble mackerel into pan. Then stir.
6. Season to taste! 
7. After 5 minutes add sliced/diced tomatoes to mackerel mix. Leave to simmer for 10 minutes.
8. Add cooked spaghetti to the mackerel sauce and leave on very low heat for 2 minutes to allow flavours to infuse!!!
9. Dinner is served!

And then there was dessert...

x edF x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Goals: Castor Oil Challenge

I contemplated setting new hair goals in the new year, but i figured a date shouldn't determine or should i say defer progress from starting now right?

I went home for my 21st birthday earlier this month, and my big sis commented on the health of my hair and how it looked thicker...yadi da di da...BUT she did say it still looked thin... I was thinking... err mate are you wearing your contact lenses? But... i knew she was right...and as much as I hated to admit it I knew i still had major errands to run on getting thicker hair.

So here's a thought...everyone gives castor oil the big go ahead when it comes to hair growth and how about a CASTOR OIL CHALLENGE?!!!

I usually nourish my scalp with oils twice a week after washing but not so much with castor oil because it gave me the itches and was very thick. According to research the itches are a result of your root follicles experiencing extreme stimulation! God knows how true that is, but if so many people have seen results I think its worth me pushing it. Plus when i say itches i mean the odd scratch here and there...nothing that would make me look like i was going cold turkey.

But yeah... i've also decided to add a few drops of tea tree oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and follicle stimulation properties.

However... it's not just the castor oil that will promote thick/healthy etc hair...its how you work with it. So as extra as this may seem... I will officially up until

MARCH 31st 2011

be oiling my scalp with this mix 3 times a week, and each time i will unfailingly massage my scalp briefly after using the oils.

Scalp massaging is so vital because it stimulates blood flow to your scalp which promotes healthy follicle growth.

Feel free to join me on this journey...I'm sure we'll have days we just cant be asked but trust me with effort, results can be seen!

Here is the link for the mix :)

Goals for 2nd year hair journey:  
Reach bra strap length fully
Thicker hair
Barely use direct heat

Q. Does anyone use GHD's to straighten their hair... I'm thinking of putting mine to the side and investing in straighteners with a heat thermostat that I can GHD's are way too hot...hmmm

...sweet dreams 

x edF x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Blog update! Redberry appeal

No i havent updated the blog! Just a post... shout out to my girl :)

Just added her pic to the archive...don't u just love it!

xedF x

The Joys of Detangling

I received a message about detangling so i thought i'd give a low down on all i know about this wonderful phenomenon..

When do you detangle?
I always always and almost only detangle in the shower..and only after deep conditioning, when i'm rinsing my DC out. 

The only exception i can think of, but haven't come across in a while is perhaps after some sort of funky hairstyle- when i need to get my hair back to its initial state. In this case I very carefully detangle with a wide tooth comb and detangling spray. I guess the latter would definitely apply to weave/braid wearers. Its so important to detangle carefully after taking braids or a weave out because this is when our hair is most fragile.

What do you use to detangle?
Always always a wide tooth comb- this is for both detangling in the shower and if i ever need to detangle on dry hair.

In special cases when my hair somehow finds itself knotted, twisted etc... i use both my wide tooth comb and 'Mane n Tail' hair detangler (gotta rate the big sis for finding this!...P.S- can be bought at almost any afro Caribbean or asian hair shop).

Any techniques used when detangling?
Though its not always easy to remember, its much better to detangle bottom up. This way you end up not dragging so much hair from your roots. Instead, working your way up frees your hair strands and helps prevent excess breakage. 

For braid and weave wearers the bottom up technique may prove a bit painful, especially because your scalp feels so hold onto your roots whilst you do this...a lil bit of support goes a long way :)

x edF x

Fashion and Beauty: My favourite skin scrub

source: FuckYeahCurlsCurls
This is without a doubt my favourite face scrub recipe. My skin feels so soft and supple after using the mix and what's more its made of 100% natural products, and is crazy simple too!
I've never been one to have baby bum skin, BUT i've never been an acne queen either! (Brush my shoulders off!).
I know for sure that my skin looks much healthy ever since i've started to use healthier skincare join me if you will!

Muscovado sugar

Ingredient benefits:
Muscovado sugar- sugar is a natural humectant and is abrasive enough to remove old skin cells without being harmful. The sugar grains act as great exfoliants and thus also prepare your skin for optimum results when applying your moisturizer.

Honey- Its natural antioxidant properties help to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and other harmful environmental factors. Honey has been related with minor acne treatment.

1- Apply wet warm face towel to face in order to begin opening pores and add moisture to skin
2- Apply the sugar and honey mix unto your skin and rub in circular motion slowly and softly.
3- Use warm face towel to remove the scrub from your skin
4- Moisturize accordingly and feel that smoothness! Yummy!!!

x edF x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fashion and Beauty: This Season iLove

This season i Love...

Unique jewellery


 D.I.Y Projects

Rustic colours

60's Inspired Hairstyles


This Video!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Length Retention

Now that I've reached my hair length goal which was APL (ArmPitLength). Phase 2 is to get my hair even healthier but also to RETAIN me some more LENGTH!

When researching one of the most common issues with hair growers, it is.... retaining length. Err...but that sounds easy right! If anything don't cut your hair! I wish! Trust me split ends n knots beg it with your life when your hair is growing, especially if your still having a major crush with your hot comb or straighteners.

Three major steps that I have taken over the past year in order to retain length are:

1) Bun Baggy-ing:- moisturize the ends of your hair, then put your hair in a bun, then wear a small freezer bag over your bun. a.k.a baggy your bun. You can also baggy your whole head with a light shower cap. Personally i baggy during the day and not overnight when i sleep because i don't want frizzy ends caused but all of the heat generated whilst sleeping.


2) Buns- When you leave your hair down 24/7 you expose it and therefore are likely to have drier which as a result = brittle ( muhaha i'm gonna break) ends. I constantly wear my hair in a bun, in fact in the last 6 months my colleagues at work have seen my hair down 2wice! N before u think it, buns do NOT mean boring! U can work with your fringe and partings and look hella hella fly!


3) Trimming- I won't lie at the beginning of my hair journey split ends looked normal to me, I couldn't dream of my hair getTing any shorter. However a few youtube videos later, which taught me the art of D.I.Y and no longer have to face to mean aunties in the hairdressers- CHOP CHOP CHOP, I decided it really wasn't all that bad. In fact i kinda got scissor happy...every split end HAD to go!
Moral of the story...split ends ride up your hair shaft which means they can potentially make your hair shorter! So... let go !


x edF x

Hair Growth: Essential Oils

I'm sure most of you know that oils are absolute life savers when it comes to scalp nourishment and also the famous moisturise and seal phenomenon. Oils offer a range of uses: antiseptic properties, antibacterial, sealing properties and of course a favourite, they are GREAT for hair growth!

Oils are homeboys in my hair journey. I know for a fact that they played a large role in healthier hair after one year of my hair journey.

Oils, namely essential oils, have been said to lengthen our hairs anagen phase. Anagen phase being the phase in our hair growth cycle in which our hair follicles actively grow. So....without going out of your way to buy a load of expensive products containing oils, you can simply pay a trip to a local Holland and Barretts (for y'all english folk!) or a local health store, and get a few oils which you can add to your already loved hair products or carrier oils.

Ways to incorporate oils into your hair regime:

* Add a few drops (2/3) to a squirt/dollop of shampoo and conditioner
* Add 2/3 drops to your hot oil treatment (if you don't do these... you should!)
* Add 2/3 drops to your scalp oil and massage your head- I do this on a daily BA-SIS.

Quick info:
 Carrier oils and essential oils are very different.
Carrier oils are oils such as coconut oil, canola oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc. They usually can also be used for cooking and don't have a very strong odour. Whereas essential oils should not be used in excess, only a few drops are needed to add to carrier oils ( never use essential oils alone- they are way too strong!) Plus essential oils usually have very strong odours. E.g Pure tea tree oil, Pure peppermint oil, pure Rosemary oil etc.

Here are a few oils specifically great for hair growth:

* Rosemary oil
*Clary sage oil
*Tea tree oil
*Peppermint oil
*Lavendar oil
*Bay leaf oil

Saturday, 13 November 2010

1 Year Hair Journey

Good morning!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! Twinny, Carol and Pippa!

I really do thank God for my life and everything He has given me, though I don't deserve it. Thank you so much for all the Facebook and Twitter messages and phone calls. Its made my day :)  To celebrate I've finally got my first video blog a.k.a Vlog time!!!


x edF x

P.S: Finally reached ArmPitLength

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

D.I.Y: The diary of a Mixtress

I've officially started mixing oils! After waiting for so long for my delivery it finally came and trust me i've been busy! For oils that will last me about a year I have to say 'not expensive'. So far I've mixed all sorts, and for me the highlight is that everything is natural. The next stage is too figure out scents because this stuff makes my apartment smell like an oriental spa (which i love- but sometimes find overwhelming). I"ll let you know how that goes... synthetic fragrance is something i definitely don't want to use, so the search for natural scents continues!

Here's the site I bought everything from!

Carrier and Essential oils

Peace 'n' Love...

x edF x

Love Your...Self: Healthy food to Healthy hair

As much as I feel like i'm repeating myself, i still feel it's so important not to underestimate the relationship between what we eat vs the condition of our hair. In any case i think what we consume is even more important than the products we use in our hair. Losing weight is probably my biggest fear EVER but I'm most definitely not the junk food eater. I keep it real healthy 'n' tasty too!
So.... here are a few vital ingredients in our diets that are very beneficial with regards to hair care. Try taking some on board, i'm sure you"ll be pleased with the results.

Green Vegetables { Spinach, Broccoli, Watercress }
+ High in antioxidants
+ High in Vitamins A,K,D,E ( vital in skin renewal )
+ Encourages healthy sebum production

Vitamin C  { Oranges, Lemons, Kiwi, Mango, Papaya}
+ Promotes healthy youthful looking skin
+ High in antioxidants which fight free radicals keeping your skin firm and youthful
+ Promotes healthy gums
+ Produces collagen
+ Found in most anti aging products
Tip: Squeeze some fresh lemon into your water to incorporate vitamin c into your daily activities

Fish/Seafood {Tuna, prawns, Mackerel, Salmon}
+ High in fatty acids
+ High in protein
+ Work to eliminate toxins from entering the blood stream
+ Reduce cholesterol

Nuts {Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts}
+ HIgh in fatty acids
+ Promote skin suppleness 
+ Rich in fiber
+ Been shown to lower cholesterol

Berries {Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries}
+ Antioxidant Kings!!! - Protect your skin from free radicals
+ Renown for providing skin with a healthy/radiant glow
+ Produce collagen
+ Promote younger looking skin.

x edF x

Breakage Woes

Like any other person I often find myself removing my hair from the sink. In fact my hair and drains were a big issue last year in uni, and trust me unblocking was traumatic (never again!)

The biggest issue i guess comes when determining whether or not you are shedding or breaking.
Shedding can be determined most often when you see white bulbs on the end of your hair strands whereas breakage is a simple broken strand.

Shedding is a natural part of our hair cycle however breakage can be caused even when we think we are doing so well with hair care.

Causes of breakage:

1. Too much moisture- If moisture is in excess, this means that your hair will drift towards mushy, elasticated hair. This is usually because the imblance and lack of enough protein means that protein bonds are unable to keep their structure, therefore leaving you with flimsy, floppy tresses

S.O.S- Do a protein deep condition and also apply a protein treatment such as Aphogee 2 min reconstructor. Then add necessary moisture when styling.

2. Lack of moisture- Hair that lacks moisture is waiting to break! Our ends are especially susceptible to dryness because they are the oldest parts of our hair and usually left out and exposed.

S.O.S- Deep condition at least once a week (if you wash less, just DC on your wash day) with heat is better to enable good absorption. Also ensure that you moisturize and seal your strands on a daily basis, in order to keep them well moisturized.

3. Chemicals- chemical treatments though we love them, weaken our hair fibers thus causing them to break more easily.

S.O.S- Use a reconstructing treatment after using chemicals in your hair e.g Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor. Also remember to Deep condition. A duo moisturizing and protein based Deep conditioner is always great. E.g ORS Replenishing Pak

4. Protein overload- Brittle and stiff hair is what you will have when there's way too much protein up in your tresses. I see this as the stiff back that needs a massage!

S.O.S- Always wash protein treatments out throughly, any residue will result in stiff hair. Plus up your deep conditions and instead of protein based deep conditioners stick to moisture based DC's. 

Finally a favourite!

5. Split ends- Like it or not split ends can result in breakage and what's more can shorten the ends of your hair. Quite simply the longer you hold off from trimming the more susceptible you are to experiencing your split ends travelling upwards and then breaking off, leaving you with thinner und uneven ends.

S.O.S- Trim your ends. It doesn't have to be every month, I trim every three months. Your ends will look healthier that way!

x edF

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

D.I.Y Bead ribbon bracelet

I saw this bracelet on and fell in love, its nothing extravagant but the mere simplicity followed by the feminine touch aka ribbon were right up my street, so I decided to get creative.


My tools:

1. Looping pliers
2. Point head pliers
3. Needle set
4. Scissors
5. Jewellery wire
6. Ribbon
7. Beads
8. Tiny Gold metal rings 

So far...

So good...

Ready to wear!

x edF x

Nail Art

Ruffian Manicure to some, Moon Manicure to others, I'm absolutely in love with the new take on nail art. I saw this look on one of my fave sites, and also found a link to the CND website, where you can find some of the hottest nail art types that have even had runway limelight! It's uber easy and only requires a little bit of patience for drying!

What you need:
1) Base coat
2) Two nail polish colours.
3) Top coat- for added shine
4) Sticky labels/ manicure stickers

source: Refinery29

1. Paint nails with base coat this keeps the manicure longer
2. Paint nails with accent colour (colour of  moon). Let nails dry thoroughly... 15- 20 mins.

3. Apply sticky labels once nails are dry.

4. Paint nails with main colour, then allow to dry for 15-20 mins.
5. Remove stickers and touch up where necessary... then apply top coat.
and voila!!!

x edF x