Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Giveaway | Jane Carter 'Love Your Hair, Love Yourself' - Closed

For those who follow the blogs Facebook page you'll already know tickets to the Jane Carter 360 Transformation Event this coming Saturday sold out within the first hour, and even after allocating another 100 these sold out within the next 24 hours!

HOWEVER of course there has to be a giveaway so as well as a pair of tickets, one reader will also receive the Jane Carter Solution Essentials Kit!
This giveaway will run from the minute this post goes out till Midnight 29th May GMT London, and the winner will be announced within an updated version of this post as well as on the blogs other Social media platforms.

To enter : Comment below 'Love Your Hair, Love Yourself'' - winner will be chosen at random

UPDATE: The winner is ....


please send your mailing information to within the next 24 hours

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Monday, 27 May 2013

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Jane Carter & UK Blogger Collective Event!

I can't say much because I''m at work right now... kind of on lunch but kind of not! All I will say is EXCITED!!! Myself and these beautiful Queens [Crystal Afro of United Kinkdom, Laila Jean aka Neffyfrofro, Pelumi of Care for Your Hair and Wunmi of WomanInTheJungle] who I'm sure you all know, are hosting an Event with the fabulous Jane Carter on Saturday 1st June!

The tickets are free but limited, we'd love to meet you all!

Avec amour...

Monday, 20 May 2013

London Events | "Hair Week"

As it's hard to keep up with every event in the UK I figured I'd give you the 411 on all events I will be attending this "UK Hair Week" alongside some of the other beautiful UK bloggers/vloggers.

With more than 4 big events happening over the course of just 3 days I think it's fair to deem this coming week "UK Hair Week" right?!

Well here goes some info already!

[here is my post on lasts years Event]

[2] Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday 26th & 27th May - Afro Hair & Beauty Live

[3] Bank Holiday Monday 27th May - Strength of Nature Brit Beauty

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Looking For Your Girl ?

Hi Loves!

Just put together a quick post to let you all know where you can find when I'm not on the blog. In most cases I'm either talking Hair, Happiness, Food, Zara or something along those lines! If you dig any of those then hey I'm your girl! 

Hope you've had a great Saturday so far x

Twitter - well this usually feeds from FB but hey!
Pinterest - I love this!

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Vacation | Thailand Holiday Picture Diary

We're back!!! Well we've been back since last week but on both ends it feels like we've been on a rollercoaster trip since, work, work and more work! City life is definitely a love hate relationship.

Did I mention myself and some of my UK girlies are helping to plan an event as well as my prep for some serious upcoming exams at work in June?! Let's just say this post was oh so necessary for a moment of reminiscing and relaxed thoughts!

In other news as said in my previous post, I vlogged the entire trip with my sister but couldn't bring myself to actually post the vlogs here and on YT. I guess as much as the blog has become a little more liberal (a.k.a not solely Hair talk), I am not so sure the "get to know Fiona" vlog is something people care for, of course I'm leaving this open for debate, if you guys want to get to know me out of Haircare world then let me know and the posts will go up!

- Enjoy and Happy Friday -
Ramada Encore Bangkok Hotel #winning

Hotel view
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market River Tour

Elephant Ride Tour
Coconut Ice cream
MBK Mall Shopping
Slushed Pineapple Juice, as fresh as it gets and a necessary heat fix!
After hours of shopping at the amazing Chatuchak weekend market
Dinner by the River in Krabi

Roti Pratha & Chocolate sauce with condensed milk... my addiction
Hotel Rooftop Bangkok
Hotel in Krabi
Krabi, Ao Nang Beach
Silom Cooking School
Lunch served... Pad Thai

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Far far away... Vacation Time!

Ahhhh how did I not tell you guys I was going on holiday??! I’m actually on the plane writing this as we speak and will have it up as soon as I land and get me some wifi!
I’m off to a hot hot HOT and beautiful place with my older sister for a much needed VACAY,  and have decided to post and vlog whilst away… I took some shots before I left of some of the essentials I threw in my suitcase, Haircare products dominate of course! I had a few ratchet moments scooping products into other product containers, a.k.a do not be fooled by the products you see, most are not what they appear to be! Also did you peep the RPG SHOW box at the back there?! Yep, I was sent a lace wig unit and can’t wait to do a show and tell for you all… Dare I say her name is Ashanti [Instagram and Facebook folks would have sneaked a peek already!]

Anyway loves that’s me for now, just finished watching 'Silver Linings Playbook' and loved it [anyone seen it?] Now time for some much needed sleep. I anticipate very little rest time in ________ so I need some energy for tomorrow mornings activities. Oh, why the lack of a Country name? We, [sis and I] kept it a secret from our girlie's at home so we can’t let the cat out of the bag till we get there!!!

See you in a day or two when I’ll be bombarding the blog with photos photos photos!!!

P.s. I have started a May photo Challenge on Instagram, so you can track my month of May adventures, Haircare life and all there too! @loveyourtresses

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