Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mahogany Naturals | Yet Another Review!!!

Bonjour Loves!

I told you I'd be flooding the blog with some very late reviews right? Well here goes another one I thought I'd squeeze in before the year is out!!!

I was sent the Mahogany Naturals Pre-poo and Ayurvedic Shampoo a few months back to review from the founder of Mahogany Naturals, Tope Beesley. I was very keen on trying the Pre-poo because I am a HUGE Pre-poo fan. My hair is easily stripped by even the mildest of Shampoos, which means pre-pooing is a must for me.

Quick Pre-poo lowdown [Fionapedia!]: A Pre-poo is a pre-Shampoo treatment used to extra nourish , condition and prepare your hair for washing. Pre-poos help to reduce the potential stripping effects of some Shampoos by coating the outer strand of your hair with a light protective coating. It can be in oil form or cream based and can be left on the strands of your hair from as little as 20 minutes to overnight. It often results in softer and healthier feeling hair.

At the same Founder Tope told me her Ayurvedic Shampoo was very moisturising and would not need to be followed up with a Conditioner. Of course I had to put that to the test!

Pre-Poo Treament

Price | £12.95

Ingredients | Contains Organic Aloe vera, Organic honey, avocado oil, coconut oil, emu oil, virgin olive oil, silk amino acid, jojoba, vegetable glycerine, rosemary, vitamin E.

Claims | Specially formulated for dry, damaged and thirsty hair. Protects the hair and scalp from any harsh cleansers, adds softness, moisture and shine. Makes the detangling process easy.

My Thoughts... The Pre-poo had a very different consistency to that of the Pre-poos I usually use from my Staples List. It was very runny and had a very natural honey/avocado smell. I found the application to be quite messy but focused more on the results of the treatment. I wasn't blown away by the Pre-poo and didn't find it to be as effective as the other Pre-poos I use on a bi-weekly basis. My hair didn't feel as soft as I had hoped. As a mixtress myself I do love the fact that this Pre-poo is 100% natural and think that in my case a more solid and thick treatment with more oils would have favoured my hair type. I also know my hair has never taken very well to products that contain honey so this may have been why I found the product to be slightly sticky.

Ayurvedic Moisture Rich Shampoo

It appears the Shampoo is no longer sold on the Mahogany Naturals site,
but I found the Shampoo also did not agree very well with my hair. It was very fluid in consistency and not as dense as other Shampoos I have used, which was quite helpful in the sense that with so much re-growth you need something that is easily dispersed, and will quickly find itself on your scalp because it's so fluid. As for its moisturising abilities I still had to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment afterwards, and somehow more so because my hair felt quite dry afterwards. This may be due to the nature of my hair in its transitioning state as I know others have used it and have not mentioned it to be drying.

All in all I found the Pre-poo to be the most useful of the products, I will not be repurchasing any of the above as I find my staples work better for me.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5 Articles...

It seems over the past few months I've blogged more about fashion than I have about Hair! So much for a Hair blog right?! Let's just say I've picked up a few new interests over the past few months, and as much as I lurrvvve Haircare I feel this is the perfect avenue for me to express and share what I love besides Haircare. On that note I will say however I'll be upping the hair knowledge posts, in hopes of eventually reaching a healthy balance... Haircare, Fixed Income, Fashion & Food... yup that pretty much sums me up!

Uniqlo HeatTech Thermals... it's super cold here in London!
A dictionary sized Recipe book... searching for Chrsitmas Day Dessert ideas
KG Star soles... 
Essie 'Wicked' - New fave colour
Products I'm currently trialing

21 days till Christmas Folks!!! Have you got your Advent Calendars?

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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Christmas Holiday Gift Guide...

So we've finally entered the carol singing, pudding eating month of December and I thought what better than to put together a small Christmas Holiday Gift Guide, with some cute and quirky gifts that you can buy for a loved one if stuck for ideas! Truth is these are some of the things I wouldn't mind waking up to on the 25th myself... 

It doesn't include Loubi's, an ipad or apple gadget of some sort so I'd say the list is pretty reasonable! Wouldn't you?!

P.s I thought I'd give the blog header a bit of a Christmas makeover... Ho Ho Ho!

I. J Crew Jewel Teardrop Earrings
II. Diptyque Pomander Candle
III. Better than Good Hair by Curly Nikki
IV. Hair Therapy Wrap
V. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  ExtremeTreatment [ currently on sale!]
VI. Kurt Geiger Coco Contrast
VII. Mocha Dunk Mug
VIII. Yves Saint Laurent Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain
IX. Essie Nail Polish
X. J Crew iPhone Glitter Case

And to finish off... One of my fave old school performances of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'... don't you just love this season... 
gets me all warm inside!!!

Happy Holidays!

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