Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 30

Oh my oh my had I known it would be so difficult to find 30 hairstyles... the story would have been different!

It was fun though... I can't believe its over already! I've definitely found some faves for the future... the big top knot doughnut bun was my absolute favourite, and the head of curls!

To celebrate I will be doing a video tutorial on the top 3 hairstyles! Check out the next post for more info!

DAY 30- Finaleeeee!

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 29

One more day! What will tomorrows style be???

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 28

2 days to goooooo!

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Anita Grant

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vintage Revamped : in the attic

Had a browse through the blog- and picked some of the posts that were left in the attic and are probably all dusty now! Haha I found out I forgot to finish the shampoo then what series too! *smacks hand*

Trip down memory lane...

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hello there product junkie ... Can i have your number ?

So what are you going to do with two of the same products? [Fiona's subconscious speaks!]

Yep believe it or not but sometimes product junkies do have hearts and are willing to share! 

Glossybox made it rain on a chica and sent me two November 2011 Glossy Boxes, one for moi and one for a Pre Christmas Giveaway!!! I know i know, don't fall off your chairs!

This month definitely isn't my favourite Glossybox, but nevertheless one or two products always make up for it! In this case the designer nail wraps and bath salts! #Love em!

Nov 2011 GlossyBox

Monu revitalising Moisturiser
Arbonne FC5 Ultra hydrating Hand creme
Rock Cosmetics designer nail wrap
Dead Sea Spa Magik bath salts
Illamasqua Freak Eau de Parfum sample

The second box is up for grabs! Plus I'm adding my homemade
 Gingernut Brûlée Prepoo 
in the box too! Christmas truly is here :)

All you have to do is:

Like LYT on Facebook
write 'Make me Glossy Giveaway' on the LYT facebook wall page 


Follow LYT on Twitter 
and write 'Make me Glossy Giveaway' on the twitter wall

Worldwide entries welcome!

Giveaway will end this Friday @ 10 pm

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 27

This has got to be one of my faves!!! 
#Go teams curls!

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 26

I  went for the curlies today! Not my first go to style but I likey!

Had to make day 27 a curly day too... cut down on manipulating and all!

Jour 26

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winter Hair Regimen - don't get snowed in!

There's no doubt about it, winter is here and ready to stay!
The cold winter chill can cause havoc on your tresses, sucking all the moisture from your hair and making it as dry and brittle as a stale slice of bread! This season really can be the make or break of your beautiful curls, coils and kinks.

So what does this mean for you?
It's time to get military and get creating your winter hair regime plan of action!
Here are some tips on how to overcome winter season blues and maintain healthy tresses...

Vegetable Glycerine our favourite humectant provider, is perfect for the summer months when the air is humid and our goldilocks can suck moisture from the air into our tresses, however during the cold winter months when the air is brrrr cold, it does the opposite! With increased central heating and dry air, glycerine robs the moisture from our hair and feeds the environment with it... the cheek eh?!

To avoid the Glycerine thief you can:

1- Mix your glycerine product with a product which does not contain any glycerine e.g a butter which can help to hold the moisture in your hair for longer

2- Stash your glycerine products away and find another yummy alternative... the hair product list is never ending, you'll be sure to find something that works a treat for you.

There's no way of saying this nicely but sulphate shampoos suck during winter months. The key to washing during the winter is to up your co-washes and try and use sulphate free shampoos.
To even better your hair experience make deep conditioning after everywash a habit!

Why not give some of these shampoo's a try? 

Our hair needs ultimate TLC and using a leave-in/moisturiser followed by a sealant is the perfect way to makesure that it gets exactly that! Leave-in's are full of nutrients and vitamins, even our hair needs its 5 a day!
Moisturising helps restore your hair with lost moisture and keeps dryness far away.  Some people use leave-in's as their moisturiser and that works a treat too! Even diluting your regular conditioner with some water can act as a hair moisturiser.
Remember after putting all of the necessary moisture into your hair, it is a wise idea to seal the moisture in with your favourite oil. This allows the moisture to lock into your strands for a longer period of time!

P.s a nice treat for naturals is to use a heavier cream to seal in moisture. You'll have some sexy curl definition and longer moisturised hair!

Why not give some of these moisturisers/Leave-In's a try?

Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Curl Harmony Hair Milk
Darcy's Botanical Daily Leave-In Conditioner

For Naturals - a heavier hair cream
       FRO Hair Brazilian Beauty Butter conditioner
Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm

And finally...

Get your protective style on lock! Bunning, braids, weave, anything that has your hair away this season is probably your best bet. Of course that's not to say you shouldn't let your hair down and do your infamous loreal 'because I'm worth it' flick on Christmas Day and New Years! Let's just say look hella hella fly during the festive season but also grab every opportunity to protect your hair from the harsh winter chill and blazing central heating. 

Remember everyones hair is different so stick with what works best for you as Jeni from 'Just Grow Already' rightly pointed out! If Sulphates work for you then stick to what makes your hair happy :)


 *Love Your Tresses*

*** 12 days of Christmas Charity Special!!! ***
Ho Ho Ho!

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 25

Day 25

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 24

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Black Friday | Cyber Monday! Holidays are here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guys I'm itching literally... the thought of all of these crazy sales is making me nervous! I haven't got a J.O.B but trust me I WILL be splurging and satisfying my inner PJ! [sell dads car???]

To not buy at least 1 product when some are selling at a 50% discounted rate is simple stoopid! 

For all the UK/EU folk who haven't heard of Black Friday well here's the 411 [yes i said 411, I'm american just for this post!] It's the official mark of the beginning of the festive holiday season in our hairsphere sister land la la l'Americaaaa!

Just about everything a hair lover wants goes on sale and discounts can reach up to as much as 50%!!! 

Some of our smarty pant UK brands have jumped on the bandwagon too! O SheaButterCottage and Anita grant how I love thee!

The sales typically start tomorrow and some require discount codes. I've been browsing for some over the past 2 hours but there are soo many more. Just got to your fave hair product site and take a look yourselves!

Here are some UK delivery friendly products for you to feast on in the mean time!!!

Anita Grant
start: Thurs 24th Nov @ 7pm 
end: Weds 30th @ 7pm
20% off 
Discount code: CHEERS
start: Already started!
end: Monday 28th Nov @ Midnight
10-30% off selected products

British Curlies
start: Friday 25th Nov @ 8 am
end: Monday 28th Nov 12am
20% off selected brands

start: Friday 25th Nov
end:Friday 25th Nov
15% discount

start: Friday 25th Nov
end: Monday 28th Nov @ Midnight
30- 50% off everything

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30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 23 ( p2 )

Bantu knot out results...

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Diary of a mixtress : Banana 'n' chocolate hair mask - milkshake anyone ?

Gave the banana hair mask milkshake a go on Saturday and added a pinch of unrefined cocoa to it for that extra antioxidant kick *wink*

Banana | rich in potassium, carbohydrates and vitamins that helps in softening the hair and protects the hair's natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage

Unrefined cocoa powder | full of antioxidants protect against free radicals

Honey | is a humectant, which means that it holds on to water molecules. This is a desirable property in a moisturizer

Natural Yoghurt |  It softens hair to comb through knots and tangles more effectively


Hand blender and mixing bowl! Need I say anymore!


Peeps this ish is hella hella messy! It tasted and looked delicious but dayummm my hair was dripping like it was raining! Reason? Natural yoghurt! I strongly dislike [never use the word hate] the stuff... 

First off let me admit to using too much natural yoghurt, I used a dollop too much... the african in me put a super duper large dollop in my mixing bowl rather than the Gordon Ramsey teaspoon size kinda dollop! [Sidenote: don't be greedy with haircare!]

Anyway all I know is natural yoghurt under a heat cap is yucky! Why didn't I apply my years of chemistry classes to my mixtress shenanigans? Yoghurt when warm = curdling... eurgh!

All in all I will be doing this mix again but without the natural yoghurt. My hair was baby bum kinda soft afterwards so I guess it was half successful!

Have you ever tried a banana based hair treatment? Share share share!

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