Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Good Hair Isn't About $$$

So I just saw this and am quite traumatized for Naomi... my sis said she saw this pic in the metro. All I can take fom this is that its not about having money to buy a million products or professional haircare but instead about looking after your tresses and putting the good ol time in ;)

source:google images

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Product Ingredients

Did you know the first ingredient listed on a product is most likely to be the most used ingredient in the product???

 'As per The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, the listing begins with the ingredient present in the largest concentration (typically water, oil and other vehicles) and moves downward, often ending with trace elements. You shouldn't expect an active ingredient to be in the first or second spot, but if it is near the end of a long list, it is most likely present in a very small amount. Admittedly, some active ingredients, such as estrogens, work in trace amounts, but many require a reasonably high concentration to be effective. For example, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) has to be at least at 10%, and alpha lipoic acid at least at 1%. The position of the ingredient on the list can give you at least a rough idea if its concentration is sufficient. Of course, it is always best to call the company and ask them to provide the exact concentrations.'

Conclusion: Always try and stick to products that have aqua/water as the first ingredient

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Welcome welcome new and old...

As promised I have loads to share, hence the blog title! 

There's a whole bunch of new stuff going on with me and my hair right now...

1) I'll be going back to washing my hair every Sunday and Wednesday ( used to do this up until March- exams nearing) I've observed that my scalp gets clogged up very quickly , so back to the old regime.

2) Every Sunday will now be REVIEW SUNDAYS :) I've been doing a lot of research into products and want to see how my hair takes to them, so that I can share and maybe you'll find your first love too... so stay tuned for that :)

3) My big sis is officially my first witnessed hair project. She stretched for 6 months now and we took before pics so will defo be posting the after pic results.

4) I've decided to get this youtube affair started. Yep gonna be doing videos !!! Well... once I'm nice 'n' settled in Germany that is.

5) MY HAIR = DRYYYYY... this relaxer stretching is going to be one serious challenge...but I've found loads of tips to get me through which I already know but need to keep remnding myself to do!!

Extremly Dry Hair Tips!!!

  • You should definitely avoid lathering up more than once if you have dry hair because it will only make your problem worse. You want to keep some of your natural oils.... ( I already do)
  • Less or no heat. When blow drying, use a cooler setting ..Heat makes dry hair dryer ( I already do)
  • Use an intensive moisturizing shampoo/intensive moisturizing conditioner ( I already do)
  • Deep Condition using heat ..Heat opens up the hair cuticles allowing the moisturizer to penetrate the hair shaft..( I already do)
  • You should Condition after every shampooing ( I already do)
  • Deep Condition at least once a week ( I already do)
  • Conditioning during showers (even when you do not shampoo, Co-Washes), conditioning before bed and conditioning when just lounging at home, or spending the day at home cleaning, will help rehydrate dry hair. The more you condition, the more moisture will be retained ( I already do)
  • Drink at 8 glasses of water a day (If your dehydrated your hair and skin will be dry also) (eek need to do this)
  • Be Gentle dry hair is fragile ( I already know)
  • Dry your hair gently, by blotting and squeezing, not wringing or rubbing. Never brush wet hair    ( I already do)

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Are these products good ???

Good morning y'all !!

I'm pretty sure most peeps are in bed but I'm buzzing...not sure why! Just wanted to share a new website I discovered. 

Its call the cosmetic database, and all you do is type in the product you use or want to know about and it tells you how safe/good/dangerous the product is for your hair...SMART or what! Not all products are there but pretty much everything in the average Superdrug or Boots etc is there.

I won't be sticking to it like glue unless of course I find out that something that I'm using has mega mega bad ingredients.

Right... now to the next 2/3 blogs...I have soooo much to share.

Ciao for now

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P.S Did you know that tresses is a synonym for 'hair'??? My friend didn't! Aww :)

Second P.S !!! My sis made a smart point- the website may/ may not be for all hair types so always keep an eye on how your hair reacts to the products for yourself.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Yes you read right.... so far its been 8 weeks and i'm going the whole mile...a full 24 weeks a.k.a 6 months before I relax my hair again guys... i'm so nervous about it.

The main purpose of the stretch is, my hair has been so healthy...and i just want to keep it that way. Not saying a relaxer will ruin that...but of course less chemicals = better better better hair. Also I'm no longer a fan of thin hair...big and beautiful is the new figure me :D

I have sworn the oath though, that if at any point i experience major breakage ... I'll be applying my creamy crack faster than Bolt can run!

SO how do intend on maintaining my hair you ask! Read this inspiring message from Sunshyne on her successful stretch.


'If some of you don't know already, I am 12 wks post relaxer and this has been my best stretch by farrrrrr!! Im so happy! Yes I did get tangles and the occasionally matting going on, but nothing one couldn't deal with. I will be relaxing next week at 13 wks. This will be my 3rd relaxer this year (1 more to go) and I've never gone passed 12 wks before. I came up with a couple of tips as to how I got through my stretch along with the pro's and con's.

Stretching is a term normally used by those with chemical relaxers in their hair. Stretching your relaxers means to prolong the amount of time in between relaxers. So instead of relaxing every 6-8 wks, you can stretch that time frame to 10-12 wks. Some are so good at stretching that they can go up to 6 months with a relaxer.

Is stretching good or bad? Stretching can be very beneficial to your hair. By giving your hair a rest, from relaxing it frequently, allows the hair to thicken up over time, become stronger, less prone to damage, little to no over processing. However, if not done correctly, stretching can do more harm than good i.e. breakage, excessive dryness, brittle hair, shedding.

Stretching Tips For Newbies

- If you have not stretched before, take baby steps so that this process will become easier for you. If you're used to relaxing every 6 weeks, push for 1 more week (so relax at 7 wks) until you relax. Keep doing this until you reach a point where you cannot manage your new growth any longer, then you know its time for a re-touch (for me thats about 12-13wks).
- Deep condition the hair 2x week with a deep moisturizing conditioner for 30-45mins with heat, 1hr without heat.
- Use protein when needed (if hair is very mushy, soft, or limp).
- Apply your Deep conditioner to the demarcation line of the hair, so that area can be strengthened because this is where breakage can occur.
- Add oils to your Deep conditioners. For example, Coconut Oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower oil for extra lubrication and to soften your new growth and ends.
- Up your co-washes!!! This is important because the longer you stretch the more moisture your hair requires. Cowashes are a quick and easy way to refreshen the hair and give it added moisture. Plus it also cleanses the hair in a
very gentle way. With this particular stretch I've been cowashing my hair almost every other day and my hair has become much more manageable. Plus its addicting :)
- Do steam treatments for 20-30mins.
- Moisturize and Seal as usual. Keep hair moisturized at all times.
- (optional) Blow the roots out with a brush and blow dryer so the new growth is smooth & tame allowing you to stretch even longer, if possible.
- Air dry in braids or roller set the hair.
- Do braid-outs or twist-outs to blend new growth with already relaxed hair.
- Use low manipulation styles. While stretching your hair is very fragile so be very gentle.
- One week prior to relaxer remember to do your protein treatment to strengthen the hair for the relaxer process.

Desired Hair Length

Happy Monday y'all :)

Fortunately I'm not feeling like the weather in LDN.... I think I'm outgrowing that excuse ( weathers dull= I feel dull). On a happier note...I'm back from Leeds 'n' settled and according to just about EVERYONE-needing to gain some weight!!! Nothing new to me really! I'll leave a large majority of the weight gain to Germany. I'm sure the endless supply of potatoes and creamy sauces will give me the boost i need! Sorry not sausages... sausages= i dislike!

Right anyway back to blogsics...I've FINALLY decided what my goal hair length is .....drum beat.....


I intend on reaching this length by Nov 2011!!!

Considering we're all people of different dimensions, of course my bra strap is anothers persons armpit length so the pic im posting is just an example of bra strap length and what im aiming for :D

P.s- the 1st line is... I believe my hair length !

You can decide by looking @ the pic of moi below :D

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Humectants 'R' us (2)

I remember I didn't ever show you a picture of my new staple deep conditioner.

Feel free to check out the post via the link to remind yourself of the ingredients.
Here's what it looks like :)

I have included a snippet below so you can see its ingredients 

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 ( It doesn't look yellow but it was!)

 4 tsp of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil (lubricant)
4 tsp of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (lubricant)
4 tsp of Castor Oil  (lubricant and renown for thickness)
4tsp of Almond Oil  (lubricant)
4 tsp of Grapeseed Oil (lubricant)
5 tsp of 100% Pure Honey (draws in natural moisture)
3 tsp of Dark and lovely hair cholesterol (provides hair with strength & repair damage)
1/2 tsp of Menthol (Robb!- stimulant..will explain later)
1 squirt of Tres Semme salon silk conditioner
1 squirt of Herbal essences - Hello hydration

Moisturise 'n' Seal Phenomenon

Heyyyy :)

Just wanted to do a quick post on MOISTURIZING AND SEALING!

1) What exactly is it?

In a real world once hair has been moisturized e.g you've applied cream to the ends of your hair... the moisture is lost in the air. This is because environmental factors e.g humidity, heat or even cold air suck the moisture out of our hair...kinda like evaporation I guess.

That's were oils come in and save the day. Almost like gloves, oils act as an extra layer of protection, therefore acting as the barrier which seal the moisture in. This way your hair stays shiner and moisturized for longer.

2) Any example products?

Personally I mix and match but the products I use the most to moisturize and seal are:



or Herbal essences healthy ends - from Superdrug

Sealants: My wonderful 100% coconut oil or almond oil

any questions do holla

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Exams are done, iWorship was fab and now I've come to the realization that my time in Leeds is coming to an end :( ... I have just over a month left in the UK and then I become a German... which isn't as bad as I may be making it out to be..its just I'm really going to miss everyone...

Hmm anyway no more soppy time.. I did promise a blog on oils so here it goes!

Besides the MOISTURIZE AND SEAL phenomenon ( next blog ) oils are also beneficial when mixed with conditioners and shampoos.

Peppermint Oil : Its balancing action regulates the production of oil which is helpful in cases of dry or oily hair. It removes toxic congestion in the skin...Stimulates blood flow on the scalp....(However always mix with another oil do NOT use alone)

Coconut oil: MY FAVOURITE! Softens the hair and conditions the scalp. Using the coconut oil as a pre-wash conditioner can rid a person of dandruff better than a medicated shampoo. It also strengthens your hair. I LOOOOVEEE IT!

Jojoba Oil is said to be extremely good for hair with problems and damage...It is respected for its healing and moisturizing abilities...Jojoba Oil is another oil that is similar to the natural oil your scalp produces called sebum ( other oils that mimic sebum are Coconut and Macadamia Oil.Jojoba Oil is said to be a great oil to leave in hair overnight

Castor Oil for me softens my hair and helps thicken it.

An oil I have never used is...

Alma Oil, Alma Oil has been used by Indians for years as a conditioner for the hair. It is said to promote hair growth and prevent premature graying. It also rids you of dandruff, encourages stronger Hair, stops Shedding and prevents split ends (Hmm? Have to try that)

This is what my sister thinks of it: "I really like Alma Oil, it smells a little funky so I usually use it in my pre-poos or deep conditioners so that i can wash it out with something that smells much nicer! Typically i will mix it with my Henna treatment, Herbal Essence Breakage Defender masque and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its inexpensive and i would definitely recommend it!

For some of the oils I have said (*However always mix with another oil do NOT use alone). The reason for this is that the concentration of the oil alone is too high. Imagine just pure Rosemary oil on your scalp..hmm not so sure its a good idea!

Plus there are so many more I will definitely update when I have tried and tested!
 Finally the one oil I cannot wait to purchase is Moroccan many celebrities swear by it... Iman, Nia long, the Kardashians...however its ├╝ber $$££$$ so when I feel extra rich I'll defo get-ta buying and and let you know what its like. Unless of course you beat me to it!


   x edF x 

source: keep it simple