Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Video | Creta Girl Review & Blending

Happy Thursday Belles!

Finally finished editing the Creta Girl Review & Blending Tutorial Vid! The little sis got involved too...

kids of today eh?!!!

I am currently trying to stop myself from emptying the bank with wig orders! Pray for me folks it's serious!!!

 Now onto prepping a Hair post for tomorrow... Have a great day xxx

Avec amour...


Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Hair... Finding Love with Creta Girl

Ahhhhhh I know I know I've been away for too long again! Well I do hope you all saw my M.I.A notice post on Facebook because I did say I'd be a cyber ghost for a few days! Anyway I'm back and with new Hair!!! Where do I even start?! Well how about with how in love I am with this diva wig! May I introduce Miss Creta Girl! Flyest kinky curly chick I ever did own!

Now unto some specs... well you all know I mentioned in my New Years Post I would be protective styling for the most part of the year, or well at least up until my big chop in November [*scream!!!*], so when I found this treat, after some hours of Youtube stalking, there was no way I was not going to invest... At only £25 incl delivery who wouldn't right?!

Colour:  1b
Length : Armpit Length

To blend I simply braided a small segment of my hair at the front, used some perm rods to add curl definition  and then unraveled and blended with my fingers. As you can see I opted for a pinned side sweep, but this looks real cute with a middle part too. You can also wear a low ponytail and bun which I plan on experimenting some more with this weekend! [Here is an instagram pic of me playing around with Creta].

I wasn't sure if this also called for a YouTube review so I guess y'all can let me know... but in the meantime ladies, relaxed, natural, transitioning or loc'd don't be scared to experiment with a wig, it really does add some spring to your step. P.s. the Beyonce Sasha Fierce thing is real! When I'm wearing this I feel all kinds of Diva! Nice diva though!!! Haha

Here are some pics... Enjoy xxx

Back shot... I stretched the curl with a hairband hence the uneven drop

*Oh p.s. here is the ebay link for the wig*
Avec amour...


Monday, 4 March 2013

Weekend as a Natural + A Mini Dress Up

Quote - William Faulkner

I spent the weekend stuck indoors bar a few hours because my younger sister has chicken pox! Who even gets that these days! I had no idea it still existed! Anyway I had 3 hours of freedom on Saturday so I decided to get all dressed up and make the most out of it, hair, clothes, shoes and all!!!

 I love the stage I've reached in my Hair journey and transition right now. One minute I'm in a clipped in weave, the next I'm loving the kinked and slightly poofed top bun look. 

I had a wee soppy moment when looking at these pictures, because this time last year there is no way in the world I would have rocked any other look than a smooth.straightened sleek bun, and now... Well lets just say my perception of beauty has changed drastically and I'm just in a happy place!

I achieved this look with a simply bantu knot out, so far that has to be my staple transitioning style. I used a product I love love love and have quite badly left in the dark a.k.a Curl Me Soft Leave-In Hair Cream and of course the previously mentioned Twist and Set Lotion by Design Essentials. I will be doing a long overdue bulk review on some prodcts I was sent by Afrotherapy which included the Curl Me Soft Leave-In Hair Cream so stay tuned for that this week.

In the mean time here are some snaps, have a blessed and truly wonderful monday xxx

Loving this Nude Nail Polish - Toffee by Maxfactor

Took it right back to my "want to be mixed race" secondary school days and achieved the curl with gel and a cotton bud!!! Crack myself up!!!
Can any picture do these enough justice?
Does anyone else tuck in their skinnies?

Avec amour...