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My new housemate just showed me this video and it really made me smile. What a great way to round off the evening!


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Protective Hair Challenge 2011

'Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement' -Brian Tracy
One complaint so often discussed in the afrocarib hair care world is that our hair doesn't grow or more-so that it is constantly one length. However truth is the black hair doesn't grow myth is well past its expiry date!
One factor that plays such a huge role in hair retention thus hair length is how we wear our hair. If your hair is pulled back tight, rubs against your clothing... pillows and is frequently straightened-  it is prone to split ends, and you all know that split ends ride up your hair shaft meaning your ends will break off,  look thin and your hair will never seem to grow. If you find yourself in this dilemma and like the idea of protecting your hair from such damage then this challenge may just be for you!

APRIL 2011 Protective Style Challenge 
*3 inches in 6 months*
Weave and braids are great protective styles and can help retain length. With weaves /braids your hair can be put away and your job is just to keep your scalp happy. The challenge officially begins this month (before end of april 2011). You can begin with your current weave /braids or for anyone wanting to start also get weave /braids put in .

How the challenge works: 
*Set a hair goal 
 (Hair can grow approx. 0.5 inches a month therefore in 6 months you can attain approx. 3 inches = approx. 7 cm)   
*Keep style in for approx. 2 months
*In between installs, treat hair and allow to rest for a minimum of 1 week
*Track your progress (pictures)

*Wash hair once every week or 2 week 
*Deep condition hair on wash day (alternate between moisturizing condition and protein conditioner)
*Nourish/feed scalp with castor oil every 2-3 days (or as needed) 
*Treat any left out hair as per regular regime

Other important things to remember: 
*Full head weaves are better for natural hair wearers
*Thoroughly rinse your hair when applying products on wash day 
*Braids should not be done too tight. Tight braids can lead to scalp irritation  and hair damage 
- Horizontal braid patterns help you to access your scalp better
*Do not be scared to wash your weave. Applicator bottles are great for getting in between tracks. They are also great for applying oil to your scalp. 
*When taking weave out detangle with moisturizer cornrow by cornrow.
For more maintenance tips check out:

It would be great to see your results and and also share ideas, issues, progress so do join the facebook group/page where there will be an album 'Protective Style Challenge 2011', you can add a picture of your hair length before starting the challenge and track your progress, or if you already have a weave /braids in, wait till your next install and add a pic then. Even if adding pictures isn't your thing do keep a personal record of your progress. You'll be surprised how much you see when keeping an eye out!
I will be posting my hair progress every 8 weeks in between installs and doing a length comparison post and feedback vid on youtube. Here are some encouraging sites and some info in the meantime:

See you in 8 weeks!

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april 2011 giveaway

Happy Sunday!

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
-- Vincent Van Gogh

A few weeks ago i received a superb and touching e-mail offering something very special. This 'something' wasn't physical, by that i mean a product, no instead it was an idea, a great one that can be given to absolutely everyone and anyone that would like it. The wonderful and talented Samantha; writer and blogger of 'Superwoman chronicles' decided to create a

'LoveYourTresses Essential Hair Guide Book'

She had a friend who had many hair questions, but who didn't have time to read every blog post in order to find what she was looking for, so Samantha simply created a go to document for the very common hair problems we encounter daily.

Now to me that's a giveaway that lasts a lifetime. Thank you Sam

I've tweaked the document and uploaded it to a publishing portal. If you would like access to the file, all you have to do is subscribe (follow) and i will automatically send you the file url, whereby you can then download the file and it is yours. 


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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hair Growth Calendar

I often feel more encouraged about my hair journey when i browse through another hair growers hair journey pictures. Just some pics of my Healthy Hair Journey 2009- March 2011

Enjoy and be encouraged :) 
Nov 2009

July 2010 - mid 1 year HHJ


Nov 2010- 1 Year HHJ Results

hair length before trim
hair after trim
finger marks old length check 

Nov 2009- Nov 2010

Nov 2009- Nov 2010

Now March 2011

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Weave Take out!


Yes folks you read right! I took my much talked about weave out!!! Believe me i still can't believe it myself! I loved it, absolutely adored it, HOWEVER and that is a big however. The itching episode i experienced was beyond me and beyond this world.

If a sentence could explain how i felt it would look like this.

My hair itched so 'itch' bad that 'itch' my scalp 'itch' began to 'itch itch' get sore and i 'itch' couldn't 'itch' take it 'itch' any- 'itch' more 'itch'!

My cousin said i was a diva however in my entire life, i have never itched so much. My scalp was sore from all of the banging and itching. I've researched the itchy scalp syndrome and the same point comes up.
'Weaves are itchy'

I have had weaves before so the only point i am willing to digest is that my scalp, having not been cornrowed in over a year, simply was overwhelmed by the cornrows and how tight and suffocated they were.

As for the next step, i am adamant on protecting my hair up until November, and therefore will be doing a weave again! Before you curse! I plan on having a more open braid pattern done. By this i mean my cornrows will be done horizontally, thus allowing me to access my scalp more easily and also allowing my scalp to breath more easily. I will also make sure that the cornrows are not done as tight this time! Wish me luck!

P.s how do you deal with the braid/weave scalp itch? Help a girl out!

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I'll be gone till November

Wyclef! Hmm...

Pardon the lack of blog posts i'm transitioning with regards to another aspect of my life besides hair, which is the back to study mode transition! I have a few exams coming up in May so my timetable has changed. I do have a few posts that ive saved and am just editing, so looking forward to publishing them in the next hour or two.

Happy April by the way and a bigger Happy April Birthday to my little snuggle pops (aka younger sister) who is 15 today :)

She's now taller than me, cuter than me and officially has cuter hair because it was just freshly relaxed and cut to perfection!

Love u shopz x

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