Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Diary of A Mixtress | Henna Hearts Tutorial

Well Hello Hi to the post I promised I would have up on Sunday, all I can say is video editing is an absolute chore when your SD card swipes and you have to record from scratch! It's the worst thing that can happen in blog world, but let's move on and enjoy the post already, because Lord knows I am so happy it's finally here and I can share it with you!

Following my Post and re-discovered love for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products I decided to whizz up a late Valentines Day treat and easy Haircare Product storage solution.

I won't bore you with the ins and outs of why [pro's and con's] and how to incorporate Henna into your regime, I'll let my Prelude Henna for Hair 101 Video do all of the talking!

So now onto a mini Pictorial and Video on how to get your Mixtress on Henna Style!

Enjoy and let me know what you think... Yay or Nay for Henna ?!!

60g Cocoa Butter
120g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
45g BAQ Henna
60g Hibiscus Powder
60g Brahmi Powder
60g Shikakai Powder

Product Suppliers:
Butter - Ghana
Heart Silicone Ice Cube Tray - Morrisons
Application tips:

- Melt cubes with a very tiny amount of hot water to form thick paste. Mix with fave DC and apply -

- Slightly melt cubes to form thick paste and mix with coconut milk and apply -
- Depending on the results you want leave in from as little as 20 mins to an hour under steam cap.The longer the more visible the colour effects! -

Tools : Mixing Bowl, Jug, wooden Spoon, Measuring Cups & an Ice Cube Tray
End Result!!! 

Check out the Tutorial Video for more!

Avec amour...



Monday, 25 February 2013

5 February Articles

Where are the Hair posts you ask?!!

I figured I would start the week on a lighter note with a 5 Articles Post, because I am about to bombard the blog with some Hair, Hair and more Hair talk this week! I've got some reviews in the pipeline and some good old Haircare posts, but I'll let you enjoy your Monday evening and fill you in tomorrow!

As for now here are my February articles x

Stella & Dot Jewels, they are sooooo pretty aren't they?!!
A beautiful necklace from Ghana, can't wait for Summer!
Any guesses which tutorial I'm posting tomorrow?!!
Don't ask! Bought some liquid Collagen from Holland & Barretts just for fun!
HMV closing down Sale, some chick flicks for quiet evenings

Avec amour ... 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Glorious Hair Update | 15 Months Post Relaxer

I've been at this transitioning thing now for 15 months and not only am I darn right proud of myself for not giving up, but I'm anticipating my chop more and more and what my hair will look like more and more! My desire to go natural was mainly fueled by the heads of hair that were of a more curly, ringlety texture as opposed to fro/kinky like, and as wisdom has it, I have learned that the expectation of my hairs texture may prove to disappoint when the scissors come into contact with my hair that fortunate day in November. Why? Because seeing a few curls on a wash day is by no means a depiction of my hair type. Let's just say hair changes when it doesn't have relaxed ends to hold on to!!!
Anyway I've just been reflecting about my Healthy Hair Journey since my cut in Nov 2011 and the progress of hair growth and health. I'm happy that there have been no drastic set backs, or hair thinning etc, let's be honest the 2 textured thing is not for the light hearted.
I washed my hair this weekend just gone and did my usual, water to hair "peep the curls" experiment. It's already so apparent that the back of my hair holds a much tighter curl than the front. I say it now and I'll say it again... shrinkage is serious!!!
So enough of my rambling here is a hair breakdown of my hair since Nov 2011 and the intial post on why I really decided to go Au Natural.

From Left to Right | Nov 2011 Bra Strap Length , Nov 2011 Hair Cut, June 2012 Seven months post relaxer Hair growth, Oct 2012 another Hair Cut 11 months Post relaxer.

Besides the first picture I've pretty much been cutting my hair to just past shoulder length every 4-6 months just so that the big cut/chop this coming November isn't as frightening for me!
10 months post relaxer Hair growth and curl check
15 months post relaxer Hair growth and curl check

P.s. excuse the photos couldn't find my camera battery so had to stick to the phone.

My two texture hair tolerance levels are extremely low right now (plus I mentioned I'd be protective styling a lot this year)  so I braided my hair back and threw on some homemade weave clips, the same ones I mentioned in this video here.

 I was thinking of doing a video on how to sew, braid up and install the weave clips, but there are quite a few vids out already, let me know if you'd like one anyway!

Avec amour...


Saturday, 9 February 2013

5 Saturday Articles...

Hola, Guten Tag and all the rest folks!

So this is the first, second or third Saturday this year I have spent the entire day at home and no guesses as to why! Hair!!! Yep today has been one of those take your hair to the Spa kinda days and I'm currently DC'ing so figured I'd shoot a quick post to show y'all a few treats I've either bought or received. Hope you're having a great Saturday ^_^

I have VERY visible eye wrinkles and decided it was high time I bought some eye products, *Avene and Guinot. Also needed to re-stock on my BB face cream and Triology toner
My first M.A.C shadows [Brow Down, Antiqued and Texture, bring on my inner MUA! *jokes*
Some Mixed Roots Curly Kinky products I received to trial out
You guys know how I feel about Zara right?!!! *drool*
The first bundle of hair for my 2013 U-Part Wig Lifestyle! 

Avec amour...


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NEW VIDEO | HAIR | My Front Bun Turban Tutorial

Hey Loves!

Happy Hump day and well hello hi my first video post of the year!!! Thought I should compliment my Finding Your Inner Turbanista Post, as a few ladies requested it.

Hope you enjoy ^_^
So does this mean I'm back to Youtube Vlogging? Ahhhhhhh Yeah!!!

Avec amour...