Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Transitioning Diaries... Are You Ready?

It's official my weave is out this weekend! I'm still on target to have the Weave 101 Series completed this week so stay tuned for that, but in other news I'm MAJORLY excited about the start of my Transition Diary! Yes i've not changed my mind it's official your girl is going natural y'all!

I've had loads of questions regarding how and for how long, why and what made me plan on transitioning, and i'm bursting to share with you! I've had some help from the admirable Laila from FusionOfCultures on Youtube with the series so once the back scene work on that front is completed, the series will officially begin! My journey will be tracked on youtube and trust me there will be posts galore!

No, this does not mean I've turned an evil eye on relaxers! Like I mentioned in a previous post, I simply want to embrace a new look and healthier hair in the natural world. There are a few other reasons too, but i'll share them in my first Transitioners Diary entry!
I will NOT stop posting on relaxed haircare because it runs in my blood! I've been relaxed for 22 years, that kind of journey and haircare knowledge doesn't just leave you!

Don't really understand the transitioning journey? Well check out these two vids and you'll know what it's all about! Big CONGRATULATIONS to jMarie for completing her two year transition!

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Philip Kingsley '400' Likes GIVEAWAY!

Long time no speak! Hope you're all doing great! I've been soooooo busy lately with deadlines screaming at me in all directions, so apologies for the bity posts AND the incomplete no. of promised 'Upcoming Posts' for February. I have 31 posts on my to-do list and just about everyday I think of a new one, which really doesn't help! I will however get all of the promised posts done in the next coming weeks. I'm literally 3.5 months away from getting a degree so hard work and late nights are in fill swing, please bare with!

On a brighter note there is always time for two things!

1- A sincere and dear THANK YOU to you all for being such great readers and supporters as well as friends. The blog has grown so much and I couldn't be any happier! Especially having reached a yummy 400+ likes on Facebook today! Perhaps not a big deal for you 5000+ bloggers but surely a big deal for lil old me ^_^

2- A GIVEAWAY! To celebrate '400' likes I have a giveaway for you! PurePR have been so supportive with the blog this year and were kind enough to send 2 of the Philip Kingsley range products, when they sent me some products to review myself early this month! Generous or what!

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalps Shampoo R.R.P £20
Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalps Toner R.R.P £17.90
Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask (really liking this product at the mo) R.R.P £5.25
LoveYourTresses Gingernut Brulee Pre-Poo ©

It's a really super duper easy giveaway and all you have to do to enter is:


1- Write in the blog comment box 'I want to win the Philip Kingsley 400 likes giveaway on' stating your name and e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win.

2- Alternatively you can tweet 'I want to win the Philip Kingsley 400 likes giveaway on' on the LYT Twitter Page, you must also include a link referring back to this post.

3- Another option is to 'LIKE' Philip Kingsley on Facebook and write 'I want to win the Philip Kingsley 400 likes giveaway on' on the Philip Kingsley Facebook Page.


- Entries are open worldwide and entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter. If not,  guardian permission must be given.

- Entrants must be a blog follower of LoveYourTresses on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin 
(links can also be found on the right hand side bar)

The giveaway will close on Monday 5th March @ midnight, and winner will be announced on Tuesday 6th March

Have fun and get entering!!!

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Monday, 27 February 2012

From Whipping to Cutting to Colouring | Willow Smith Beach Blonde Cutie

So I saw that miss Willow has done it again, not long after her major Big Chop she's now braving a beach blonde splash! I must say this chick is fearless, I admire her boldness and character and think it's great that she's given the freedom to express herself so freely.

I'm definitely not as brave when it comes to colour and my hair, but I sure will give some highlights, tints, splashes a try if rocking a weave! Wimp right?!

Anyway kudos to her for it! She has definitely rocked it better than some of her celeb counterparts... I wonder what she'll toss up next! Hmm...


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Natural Hair Showdown | Viola Davis and Esperanza Spalding 84th Annual Academy Awards

I couldn't help but posts these pictures, despite anticipating that you've all already been bombarded with them on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr ...

I was thrown into a trance by how boldy Esperanza Spalding and the beautiful Viola Davis rocked their natural hair on the red carpet at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, in fact they took over the red carpet! Those fro's were not playing around!

There was a huge burst of exciting about the final uncovering of Ms Davis' real hair beneath her wigs, and it was so warming to see her embrace her beautiful TWA with such splendour and beauty. Natural hair is surely going to higher places!

 As for those dresses, hot damn... take me to the ball! 

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

UK Product Spotlight | Aveda Invati™

Double whammy or what! I was really happy to see Aveda launch this line, there are so many hair thinning solutions out there, but one associated with a prominent, successful and established brand is often not so easy to find. I randomly stumbled across Aveda Invati™ on a blog advert whilst website stalking. I am a strong believer in scalp care so this certainly got me ticking!

Aveda Invati™ products are 97% natural and proved to improve hair loss by 33% in a 12 week clinical trial. It specifically targets hair loss, thinning, loss of volume, lack of density and a tight or dry scalp.

I took specifically to the Invati™ Scalp Revitalizer because it, unlike its shamoo and conitioner counterparts, it feeds the scalp and isn't your average Jo! The Aveda Invati formula consists of the Densiplex Complex, which is a blend of turmeric and ginseng, believed to energise and rehabilitate the scalp.

Any thoughts? Could Aveda Invati be the way forward for you?

Available for purchase here

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

UK Product Spotlight | As I Am™

Before you all get ready to give me a good talking to, yes I know that As I Am is an American brand, however, our lovely supplier of all things amazing Gidore , recently announced that they are now retailers of this yummy and enticing brand, which has thus far been highly spoken of.

One thing I love about Gidore is their commitment to selling high quality and results driven products. They aren't your average retailer and you sure won't find a tub of nastiness on their site. 

Right well back to this brand then, for one 'As I am' comes from the same family of products as Keracare and is a part of the Avlon group, the brand caters specifically to curls, coils and kinks within the type 3b/c and type 4 hair band. 

Don't quite understand hair typing? 

Hair typing refers to the amount of texture hair has. Naturally straight hair is Type 1, loose-wavy hair is type 2, curly hair is type 3 and coily hair is type 4. In the case of types 3 and 4, the sub-classificatiions from a - c, are based upon the diameter of the curl or coil. For instance a type 3a curl may have the diameter of a nickle, a 3b, like a dime. Type 4, which is very typical among African descent people, ranges from the diameter of a pencil eraser (4a), to the diameter of an ink pen spring (4b), and even smaller than that, (4c)

Here's a chart that puts 'hair typing' into perspective

Finally, As I Am products all fall into the 4.5 - 6.5 pH category and are available for US and UK purchase. I'll definitely want to give some of their products a try when I'm further into my transition. Have you tried any of them? Let a girl know!

Top left- Conditioners
As I Am Hydration Elation A deep-down rich penetrating, hydrating and fortifying treatment.
As I Am Leave-In Conditioner The vital first step in styling to keep tangles away and provide a great foundation for natural styling.

Top right- Moisturisers
 As I Am DoubleButter Cream The power-packed rich emollient blend with the finest array of natural butters and organic oils. It gets the job done.
As I Am CocoShea Spray Coconut Oil & Shea Butter combined via submicron technology for amazing shine and manageability.
As I Am Moisture Milk For hair that craves added daily hydration. Loaded with some of nature’s best emollients.

Bottom right- Stylers 
As I Am Curling Jelly A wonderful Curling Jelly to give hi-definition coils and curls, with buoyancy and vibrancy.

As I Am Twist Defining Cream Made especially for highly textured hair with nurturing natural oils. Get shiny smoothness for your twists.
Bottom left- Cleansers 
 As I Am Cleansing Pudding A rich sulfate-free creamy moisturizing beauty bath for your hair! 
As I Am Smoothing Gel “Lay down and stay awhile”. For your hairline or anywhere you desire sleekness.

As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo Remove old, dulling residue and make a fresh clean start, but without dehydrating your hair.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Starting a hair regime part 2/3 : Building a regimen that works for YOU!

primary image sources
So you've started to incorporate healthy eating and more exercise into your lifestyle, now it's time to deal with the next most important phase... which hair regime to follow

Before I start I've got to tell you one of the most important things you'll hear but most probably not believe until you reach a certain landmark in your healthy hair journey...

'No two heads of hair are the same'

This has to be one of the realest facts in the hairsphere to date! Truth is, some of the things I post below may not even work for you, but are still worth trying out. You never know till you try when it comes to haircare! Hair changes with seasons and products you love in year one, may be your biggest enemies in year 2, so learn to observe your hair, keep a hair diary, and legho!!!


Moisturising Shampoo - Moisturising shampoos can be used once/twice a week or fortnightly depending on your commitments. They are more gentle than clarifying shampoos and work to remove oil, dirt and other environmental nasties that may get caught in those tresses!

Clarifying Shampoo - Clarifying shampoos are stronger cleansers and work to remove heavy product build up e.g. grease, gels, oils etc. They are also effective in restoring hair after it has come into contact with chlorine from swimming. Clarifyers can be used once a month, depending on the extent of experienced product buildup.

Mini whisper: Some people prefer not to use shampoos which contain Sulphates. Whilst shampoos without sulphates as a key ingredient do tend to be more moisturising, effects vary per head of hair, so trial may just be the best option. P.s if you find your product buildup is barely visible but your scalp craves a good washing, opt for co-washing! [See below]


Conditioning should be your go to step after every shampoo wash, even if you can't DC for a long period of time, a quick 5 minute condition is better than none!

Moisturising [Deep] Conditioner - Moisturising conditioners are the most widely used conditioners. Hair lacking moisture becomes softer, more nourished and simply more moisturised after good conditioning. A moisturising DC can be done once or twice a week after every wash. If you wash more than once a week you can reduce the amount of time you use to DC considerably, e.g 10-15 minutes in comparison to 30-40 minutes.

Protein [Deep] Conditioner - With well moisturised hair follows the need for proteins. One issue often faced in hair regimes is the protein and moisture imbalance. Too much of one can wreck havoc on your hair! Protein DC's can be done once a month, in order to strengthen and rebuild your hair. Additionally, on days when you opt for a moisturising DC, you can follow up with a quick protein treatment e.g Aphogee 2 min reconstructor in order to get a quick surge of proteins.

Co-wash Cheapie - Sounds odd right? Washing hair with conditioner is the perfect way to give your hair a good and extremely gentle cleansing without stripping it when it doesn't need shampoo strength cleansing. What's more you can mix your shampoo and conditioner to enhance your shampoos moisturising effects.

Mini whisper: I personally find that conditioners work best for me when aided with heat. Wearing a shower cap for 30-40 minutes or better yet sitting under a steamer/dryer for 20-30 minutes should do the trick!


Leave-in Conditioner - People often ask why Leave-ins are important in a hair journey and how it is that they are different to moisturisers. Well,  generally they help give your hair a good moisture boost, ease detangling and often contain ingredients which prepare hair for styling with and without heat. Most leave-ins can double up as daily moisturisers depending on how muh you like them and their moisturising effects.

Moisturisers - A moisturiser, according to the dictionary definition, is used to counter dryness. It may be that your leave-in is made specifically for detangling and therefore you still need something more moisturising. In this case a separate moisturiser is the way forward, something which can be used daily without weighing hair down is always great! 

Mini whisper: hydration and moisturisation are not necessarily the same thing, there is a fine line so don't shoot me yet! Moisturisers are specifically targeted at preventing dryness, this can be, for example, via a water and oil blend which seals moisture in more effectively, however hydration is the specific addition of H2O in order to quench thirst. Some products are deemed moisturising and do not contain any water, therefore can be called moisturising but not hydrating!


If you're already clued up about moisturising and sealing, then it's no surprise how important it is! Using oils to add sheen/shine is one thing but more importantly oils are perfect for prolonging the during of achieved moisture in your hair. All it takes is moisturising your hair with your desired moisturising product, and then using some oil on top to seal in the moisture!

Mini whisper: you can also use your oils as hot oil treatments and bases for a scalp nourisher. If your a skin lover like me you can even use your loved oil as a facial oil cleanser. Yummy!


So far so good, we've covered just about everything from washing to conditioning to moisturising, but how about what happens to your scalp in between washes? If you're after  healthy and perhaps longer hair, it all begins at the scalp. Feeding our scalp with some sort of oil/cream keeps it from being dry and encourages very healthy new growth. Additionally, massaging your scalp is a mastermind when it comes to scalp stimulation! Stimulation meaning enhanced growth of course!!!


Other hair treats you can try if you don't already feel overwhelmed by the joys of haircare!

Pre-poo - incorporating a pre-shampoo treatment into your regime. Encourages easier detangling, softness, reduction of shampoo stripping and added moisture.

Washes/Rinses/Glosses - to combat porosity issues you can rinse your hair with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), to stregthen hair you can do a coffee/tea rinse or try your hand at a Henna Gloss treatment

Detangling - if you struggle with detangling and find yourself in knots, you can try washing in 4 sections to ease the process.

So there it goes, a long but essential guide on how to build a Healthy Hair Regime. Of course you'll want to know which products to use/try right? Well look out for part 3 for a chunky list of go to hair products and the final phase of 'starting a hair regime'!

P.s I'll be creating a downloadable guide upon completion of the 'starting a hair regime' series on how to build a hair regime, so look out for it! Also here is part 1/3 if you missed it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any hair Q's!

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The 5 Articles...

Just in case you're all wondering when I'm going to add my two pence to the Fibroid and Hair Relaxers relaxers story, unfortunately that wait may take a decade or two! I think there have been more than enough re-posts, and I honestly think that there needs to be so much more done on the study. It is in no way conclusive!
Yes, relaxers are chemicals, and chemicals may suck here and there, but being relaxer free and eating Mcdonalds every day with increasing cholesterol levels is also significantly detrimental. If you'd like to read more and get a scoop on the hype, here is a link to the story on Curly Nikki.

In other news, back to the post!
My hottie housemate post her Big Chop! Rocking that TWA with swag!!! 
The hubby read the blog and surprised me with the bracelet I mentioned wanting in my other 5 articles post!
Finally have my VW's back! The balls dropped off so I had them fixed! Yayy
Some more Vals day luxuries! This is now my favourite corner in my room! I'm a sucker for flowers!!!
Did a mini photo session with Motel Rocks for a uni campaign and got a discount code, I think i'll purchase these bottoms!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday's Words...


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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Product Spotlight | Straight hair without the nasties - Ojon Super Sleek™

I don't know about you but I always find myself wanting when it comes to my hair, e.g. when I finally reached BSL I wanted my hair to appear thicker, so I cut it! Now that it is fuller, I want it long again and I also want to transition a.k.a I am transitioning! Well, the same goes for new and interesting products, I want want want! A few days ago Gidore announced that they are now an official retailer of As I Am™ [post to come]. This discovery resulted in a 3 hour Google browsing session, which allowed me to discover some other new product lines, many of which need to find their way onto my product review list asap! One of the product lines I discovered is the Ojon Super Sleek Hair Straightening System which claims that you can achieve straighter hair without the need for heat or harsh chemicals!

With the strong wave of people transitioning to natural, it almost seems like straight hair is a taboo, especially because achieving it usually calls for heat overdrive or chemical overload. Well, Ojon claims to provide a new and more gentle alternative. This new innovation claims to enable individuals to safely straighten their hair at home using a formaldehyde, lye and cysteine free straightening system.

The system works by performing 3 straightening actions simultaneously:

1. A gentle reshaping agent safely relaxes, reconfigures and smoothes out the curved structure of hair's keratin bonds making them more supple and flexible.
2. Our proprietary blend including Plant Keratin proteins, an amino acid, pure ojon™ oil and Azurite further helps realign natural keratin bonds, seal in the straightness and fill in rough spots that can make hair frizzy, coarse and lifeless.
3. This gentle treatment acts as an efficient conduit for heat transfer from your blow dryer and flat iron to lock in the straightness for a long-lasting effect. 

Will Ojon™ super sleek™ make hair completely straight?
While it smoothes and straightens natural curls, it still allows you flexibility to create multiple styles from pin-straight to smooth waves or soft, bouncy curls, depending upon how you blow dry or flat iron your hair. You can even leave your hair curly or wavy by allowing it to just air-dry. Whatever style you choose, your curls will be loose, smoother and easier to manage.

The straightening system is said to last for up to 30 shampoo washes, and unlike harsh chemical straighteners or keratin treatments, it matches our hair and skin's natural ph, does not contain formaldehyde, lye or cysteine, does not require gloves and you can wash and condition your hair after just 24 hours.

My final and main question before literally looking for the buy button [which I later discovered is not yet an option in the UK] was whether or not the treatment would permanently change my newly embraced curl pattern, and the answer is, No, Super Sleek works by smoothing out curls and is not permanent. If the product is not re-applied the straight effect wears off and can only be achieved again when re-applied.

Between me and you, the idea of using this seems less manipulative than straightening hair with heat [if you do this often]. It seems far better than some other straightening solutions which still require bucket loads of heat upon application. I guess trying is the only way to know if it really does live up to its claims.

What are your thoughts, too good to be true, a 'natural' insult or a friendly straightening solution for everyone? 

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Starting a hair regimen part 1/3 : Nutrition [Re-post]

I completely neglected this 3 part series, and wish I hadn't forgotten about it because it's so important! For those that missed it, here it is again. The next 3 parts of the post will be posted in the next coming days.

'It all starts from within'

Two years ago when first starting my hair journey, the biggest off put was always the blogs that mentioned the importance of a healthy diet in haircare. I mean honestly who has time to drink more water, eat more fruit and go to the gym these days! Watching keeping up with the Kardashians is more than enough for body exhilaration right!
Well folks truth is health really is the first point of call when starting a hair journey. It's quite simple... if you are healthy, your hair is healthy. Several problems can arise from the lack of necessary nutrients and vitamins in our diet. 

 So where to begin ...

1-2 litres of H2O everyday
Hair is dead protein, therefore protein intake is important for healthy hair. 
You can find protein in many everyday foods e.g. fish, prawns, beef and eggs. 
The classic F and V’s 
Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients 
to our hair e.g iron, silica, which in the long run help support 
healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Broccoli, green leafy vegetables, bean sprouts, beans, papaya, apples, berries, 
melons, citrus fruits, grapes, coconut's are all sources of nutrients fit for queens! 
[You can semi cheat through pure fruit juices and smoothies that make known the a percentage of your daily fruit intake. 
If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, think of the hair benefits it has too!]


Hair loss occurs when our diet is inadequate in vitamin B – especially 
biotin and folic acid. Foods rich in B vitamins include beans, peas, carrots, 
cauliflower, bran, nuts and eggs.

Vitamins such as Vitamin A (cabbage, broccoli and spinach), 
Vitamin E (vegetable oils, dried nuts), are essential vitamins that help
 prevent hair loss and elasticity.

Vitamin C aids in improving scalp circulation. It is important to maintain
 capillaries that carry blood to the follicles. Oranges all the way!

Simple healthy habits
Apart from having a balanced diet, other effective hair loss 
solutions include exercise, adequate sleep and avoiding bad foods. Smoking, 
junk food, fizzy drinks and caffeine in excess can result in negative
 effects on hair.

If you're wondering how to make these habits practical, begin by choosing 2 things 
you can change/add, with time you can add other elements and before you know it, 
your skin, hair and body will show you the results!

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