Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A New Beginning : 2014 Goals Are Here!

I'm sitting here on my bed in awe of how quickly the year has passed by and evaluating it's successes and many taught lessons. 2013 definitely was a great year for me, and of course one of the main highlights of it which you were able to share with me was my transitioner chop

As always a new year is always a new opportunity to set new goals, and challenge yourself to an even greater year than the one before, so I thought I'd share some of my 2014 aspirations with you and hope you can give me a kick up the… if I seem to be wandering off track! I have a LOT I want to achieve in 2014 so my list of "goals" is quite specific and rigid, but I work best that way so fingers crossed it'll be fun achieving them

- GreenHouseEffect once a week -
- Smoothie/Juice A Day Challenge- [successfully did this about 98% of the time n 2013]
- 2l of water a day - [downloaded the waterlogged app to help me track this]
- Experiment with colour -
- Complete a rejection challenge [more info to come] -
- Do missionary work -
- Race For Life -

there are a few more "goals"on my list such as financial and career goals but I won't start writing a book here so we'll start with these!

Any special goals you have set for 2014 that you have never set before?

P.s I'll be back to blogging week beginning 12th Jan. I have some things to sort out before I get back to weekly posts and don't want to start and then stop mid way!

Till then xxx

Avec amour… 


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Curly Fro & Family Highlights

Happy Boxing day my loves! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Isn't it amazing how much love, laughter and happiness is poured out on that special day of the year! I ate till I felt sick, literally, but it was worth it and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

I wore a perm rod twist out, which turned out to be a lot more defined than my previous one, the curly fro is definitely one of my faves! 

I thought I'd share a few snaps of Christmas day in the O residence as well as a quick vid featuring my hair do and some holiday highlights with the family!

Now unto the next best thing… New Years! Let the Countdown begin!!!

Avec amour… 


Monday, 16 December 2013

Newly Natural | A Mini Product Haul

Happy Monday Belles!

I think it's fair to say I'm finally fully acquainted with my hair in its natural state, it took me a tad bit longer than I would have liked to hit the streets with my fro but now I'm rocking it like I've owned it for years and there really is no stopping me now!

 I finally get some time off for the festive period in the next couple of days so will definitely have many more hair pics and updates this week and in the weeks to come. In the meantime I thought I'd do a mini follow up on some of the products from my Out With The Old, In With The New Post. So here it goes, my thoughts on some of the products from my newly natural product haul!

Stay blessed


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Product Review : Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

I wish I could for the life of me remember my first PK encounter but I can't, all I know is that it has been a serious love story since then and this has to be one of my longest running staples! I couldn't believe I had yet to officially review this here on the blog, so let's just say this is exactly that - an official review! 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

150ml £27.50

Product Claims
 Elasticizer Extreme is targeted at a very specific hair type: extremely dry, porous and very thirsty! Specifically formulated for African-Caribbean or Caucasian hair that is exceptionally processed and damaged, this product provides instant replenishment, hydration and nourishment.
Elasticizer Extreme has all the moisturizing ingredients of Elasticizer, with higher active doses of the components that can really make a difference to very dry, porous and thirsty hair.

Ingredients: Aqua, Ricinus Communis (Castor oil) , Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethyl Hexyl Dimethyl PABA, Olea Europea (Olive Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetylpryidinium Chloride, Hydrolysed Elastin, Amodiethicone, Trideceth-12, Cetrimonium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben.

My Thoughts
Could it be any more obvious, I absolutely adore this product solely based on the effects it has on my hair as the price tag most certainly isn't appealing! This product does four main things for my hair, well at least from what I notice, it softens, detangles, protects and increases elasticity. I use this product at least twice a month and upon application it instantly smooths out my hair and any tangles or knots that linger on from a long worn twist out. It literally emulates clay and conforms your hair to any shape you mold it. I've become so used to using this product that I find no shampoo I use after it has managed to dry out my hair to the point of worry and all in all, well, it's a pretty great product!

[Transitioners this was one of my absolutely must haves during my transition FYI!]

For those wondering how far the £27.50 goes well I've thus far used my 150ml on 4 wash days and there is still half of the tub left, mind you I use this fortnightly as opposed to weekly as advised on the PK website!

Avec amour...

Fi x


Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Grateful Winters Walk

I'm not one to go for walks, I'm only moved to when there's a beach nearby, a blazing smile from the sun and palm trees swinging somewhere nearby which in lovely London happens... never! But there was something so fresh about the air today I just couldnt help it, so I took a mini walk [just up the road] and reflected on how grateful I am to have made it to the month of December.

I woke up to instagram posts on the passing of Paul Walker and I was reminded again of just how precious each and every second, minute, hour, day and more so month are. It truly is a blessing to be here and I'm so excited for what this festive month will bring.

Happy December 1st everyone! Tis the season to be merry and most importantly tis the season to spread love!!!

[P.s. I was deep conditioning so threw on my turban for church! The joys of a scarf ey!]


Yours… Fi

Scarf - H&M
Drape Knitwear - Zara
Bag - Zara
Boots - Forever 21


Monday, 25 November 2013

Newly Natural | Thoughts, Texture & Length

I had some time at the weekend and wanted to share my thoughts on my transition thus far, including my starting length as a 'newly natural'!

Blogging will commence on Thursday as I have a busy start to the week at work!

Have an amazing Monday!!!

Here's an inspirational quote that brightened up my morning:

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!
Milton Berle

Avec amour…


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New

Hello Dears !!!

I've spent so much time with my hands in my hair over the past week I've completely forgotten to blog about my new journey, hair texture, thoughts etc. If anyone is asking, I am still in love and very much so happy with my transition decision. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had such effortless wash days, I'm literally in and out in less than 30 minutes, and folks that includes doing the other bath/shower formalities!

I held out on buying any new products during the last year of my transition so my clear out was pretty impressive. I discovered I have a weird obsession with keeping empty bottles! Explains why one of my shelves began to give in!

Of course what I am really trying to do here is justify my splurge on a whole new hair product wardrobe! I couldn't help it, but in my own defence a good 70% were products I had run out of and previously used. The likes of Shea Moisture and Kinky Curly however are newbies so you can definitely expect some upcoming reviews!

I'd love to know if there are any absolute musts you think I'm missing, I still have some belated birthday gift requests to make so why not right?!!
Out With The Old

Avec amour...


Friday, 15 November 2013

It's finally Here... My Transitioner Chop!!!

I can't believe I've done it! To think that the two years would actually come, honestly it's crazy! I've decided not to ramble in this post because I have so many more posts in the pipeline and so many new things to share with you! I didnt take as many pictures as i would have liked to because it was my birthday and I soent the most part of the day on my phone! 

What I will say is thank you so much for the love and support in getting here! I'm excited about sharing the rest of the journey with you all! Of course I recorded to moment! Video below...


Avec amour...


Monday, 11 November 2013

Have You Tried - Essential Oils: For Glowing Skin & Encouraged Hair Growth?

I don't think essential oils are given enough credit when it comes to how beneficial they are to the scalp, hair and my recent revelation... skin!

Their properties range from being soothing and calming to antiseptic, healing, antibacterial, antidepressant regenerative, the list really does goes on. Their uses are just as impressive as their properties and dare I say even more widespread! Night time pillow drops, scented bath water, scalp oil, facial oil cleansing, body cream, oil burning... don't mess with me I'm an essential oil groupie!

You'll be happy to know essential oils are also great when it comes to encouraging hair growth due to their 'stimulant' nature. I'd especially recommend them for those whose hairlines need a bit of a kick up the behind to grow and somewhat thicken out already!

 Here are some great mixes that you can treat your scalp to! Plus one skin treat thrown in for the oil cleansing lovers!


Hairline & Scalp Stimulator
70ml Jamaican Black Castor Oil infused with Cayenne Pepper **
30ml Coconut Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops Rosemary essential oil
5 drops Bay leaf essential oil

*I go by the 1% essential oils to 100ml formulation which means approx 25 drops of essential oils. 

** I use 1tspn of cayenne pepper and infuse it in the Castor & Coconut oil for a few days and then sieve the pepper out]

Castor Oil - moisturising, conditioning, soothing, used to promote thicker hair growth
Coconut Oil - conditioning, penetrative, softening
Eucalyptus - stimulating, antibacterial, promotes ceramide production thus increasing hair elasticity
Lavender - decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatory
Bay leaf - stimulating and helps control dandruff


Facial Oil Cleansing Mix 
*If you haven't already tried this please do! My skin absolutely loves this!*

50ml Castor Oil 
20ml Wheatgerm Oil
10ml Rosehip Oil
20ml Sweet Almond Oil
7 drops Lavender essential oil
4 drops Tea tree essential oil 
10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
7 drops Bergamot essential oil


Castor Oil - moisturising, conditioning, soothing
Wheatgerm Oil - antioxidant, soothing, high in vitamin E
Rosehip Oil - full of vitamins, antioxidants, helps correct dark spots
Sweet Almond Oil - moisturising, rich in vitamin E
Lavender - 
decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatory
Tea tree - antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral
Eucalyptus -  antibacterial, promotes ceramide production thus increasing elasticity
Bergamot - antiseptic, antibacterial, helps regulate oil production


Relaxing Hair Hot Oil Treatment
50ml Argan Oil
50ml Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
12 drops Sandalwood essential oil
13 drops Lavender essential oil


Argan Oil - nourishing, rich in omega, omega 9, vitamin E, conditioning
Coconut Oil - conditioning, penetrative, softening
Lavender - decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatory
Sandalwood - healing, helps retain moisture, calming

Extra tips: for the extra stimulant and invigorating kick to any products be it shampoo, conditioner, leave in... you can add a few drops of essential oil

Also please try and stick to just a few drops of essential oils in any of your mixes as too much can cause unwanted irritation.


P.s. I buy my oils from Sheabuttercottage or Naturallythinking

Avec amour...

Monday, 28 October 2013

5 Beauty Smoothies [Your Hair, Skin & Body Will Love You For !!!]

Hey loves, will keep this post short and sweet because you know I like to write! Can go on for ages for no reason! Here are 5 of my favourite Smoothies and their ingredients. The video shows how I make them using my Nutribullet blender!

Enjoy x

Antioxidant Bliss

[Blueberries, Strawberries, Pineapple, Flaxseeds, 2 Passionfruit, 1 Carrot, Pure Apple Juice]

The Green Smoothie

[Spinach, Kale, 1 Banana, 2 Apples, 1 Kiwi, Pure Apple Juice]

Mango Colada

[1 Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Avocado, Mango, Oats]

Kiba Twist

[Almond Butter, Strawberries, 1 Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Milk]

Vitamin C Blast

[1 Orange, 2 Apples, 1/3 of a Cucumber, Ginger, 1 Kiwi, Pure Apple Juice]

Avec amour...


Friday, 25 October 2013

Ready For The Weather Change? My Winter Hair Regimen

I must say the weather in London hasn't taken the drastic turn that I would expect it to have in this wonderful month of October. Yes the rain is most certainly here #GoFigure! But the chill hasn't quite hit the way it usually does! Nevertheless, I'm still adding the usual changes to my regimen because knowing London it'll be hailstones and snow by the time I click publish on this post!

Here are a few winter tips to help your hair survive the dry cold conditions and to help you retain as much moisture as you can!

Protective Styling
But what are you protecting your hair from? A hair monster? I was posed with this question last week and laughed so hard I began to cry! Not quite a hair monster but the harsh winter weather dehydrates our hair leaving it brittle, thirsty and more prone to breakage. Not to mention this is made worse by our beloved heat escape mechanism: central heating! Tucking your hair away means your ends are less exposed and this can be through a very simple style such as a low bun, right up to some stylish braids, whichever suits your fancy!

Up A Notch! Steam Treatments & Deep Conditioning
During the summer months it's super easy for me to do a quick 2 minute deep condition and hop out of the shower without feeling too bad but it's a completely different ball game in the winter! Due to the dry weather conditions and external factors such as central heating it's very important that your hair is given some extra TLC, especially on the moisture front. Deep conditioning and steaming your hair are ways you can ensure your hair and scalp are being cared for and equipped for the cold weather. Plus they help to keep your hair soft and manageable, who wouldn't want that right?!

Sulfate Free?
I'll never say never to a Sulfate shampoo if my hair likes it. Sometimes 'Hair Science' goes out of the window if your hair simply says YES. Yes you're supposedly not good for me but I grow like weeds and I flourish like never before when I use you! My point? If sulfates have worked for you for as long as you can remember then keep at them, but if you don't mind a change and trying something new then pushing your sulfate shampoos to the side for the winter may help you retain more moisture as sulfate shampoos tend to be more drying than sulfate free shampoos. Not sure where to start? Peep some of my faves below:

-Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo
-Anita Grant Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar
-Shielo Hydrating Shampoo

Hair Accessories
As cold weather means cold ears I know hats are definitely a whole lot more appealing during the winter months. I was sent a silk lined hat by brand: Chidora and think it's a genius idea! Just like having your headscarf on before your hat no?! Well, if you can go the extra mile and line your hats then go for it, that way you reduce the chance of breakage caused by friction from what our hair classifies as 'rough surfaces'.

Committed To M'n'S
Not the shop dears, the method! Moisturising and sealing. I do the M'n'S everyday in the winter with a light moisturiser and a slightly heavier moisturiser on my ends. This helps keep your strands as lubricated as possible. Using an oil to seal in your applied moisturiser acts as a great barrier, slowing down the rate at which the moisture can escape from your strands. I'm often asked about products which contain humectants and whether or not to avoid such products during the winter months.

Humectant: A substance that keeps things moist. It usually attracts moisture from the air and thus helps your hair retain moisture, however in the winter months there is a lot less moisture in the air which means a product containing humectants is likely to draw the moisture in your hair away from it!

My thoughts? Try and reduce your use of products containing humectants i.e. Honey, Aloe Vera, Glycerin etc

That's pretty much my Winter 101! Anything you find works a treat for you during these chilly months? Do share!

Avec amour...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dearest Future Queen, You Are Enough! 'Crowning Glory' By Somalia Seaton

After a very eventful and long day at work the last thing I wanted to hear was that a friend would cancel our girly evening out to the theatre! Nevertheless the show would go on, and for once nothing was going to stop the introvert and 'not so social in public me' from seeing this undeniably amazing production.

Thought provoking, cheeky, bold and full of laughs were just a few of the very many words I could put together on my train journey home, as I thought about what a successful production it was. One that I would encourage you all to go and see before it ends on November 9th.

So what exactly is it about, what is Crowning Glory?

In my very own words, Crowning Glory is a play that challenges the very topic that seems to be at the forefront of many social discussions in the black haircare community at present. "Can you love the beauty of another race and still be proud of your own?" , where are all of the black hair products in national stores, how readily accepted is black hair in society and are we our own greatest enemies?

The play tells the story of seven women, as individuals but also as a collective. The struggle of a wife to gain the attention and appreciation of her husband after she takes a 'liberal' step and cuts off all of her hair

The story of the mixed race woman a.k.a 'halfbreed' who finds herself stuck in the race war 

The 'bounty', condemned by the black female society for 'acting white' yet those condemning her subconsciously alter themselves daily to appear more 'white'

and the story goes on!

This is just a snippet, I really don't want to ruin the storyline but if you're up for a great night out and a whole lot to talk about afterwards then all trains are headed to Stratford!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the lady behind this piece of art [Somalia Seaton], and asked her what she thinks about where young women in the UK stand with regards to their views on how hair defines beauty. Here is what she had to say:

That's an interesting question, I think it's an exciting time in the UK for young women and I've seen a large ripple effect mainly from the US which has caught the attention of women in the UK. Growing up as a teenager you would see some girls with braids and natural hair every now and again, but it was definitely the relaxed look with a finger wave at the side that was in! Now girls are more creative and fashionable with their hair and there definitely is a movement happening online with regards to embracing your own natural hair. Social media has lent itself to a whole generation of young women to redefine their hair, we are conditioned by what fashionable young females do and how they wear their hair. Bloggers enhance that and so do social outlets like Youtube. I remember when [actress] Viola Davis showed her natural hair, it really was a defining moment. The natural hair movement is an exciting one that can only get better but it's also very dark. There are a lot of females who still do not embrace the idea of natural hair but it's definitely something up and coming and it's getting better, it's exciting there is still a lot come!

In finishing I'll leave you with my favourite line from the play, I think it deserves a place in a frame on a wall in my house, I'll get back to you on that but here it goes anyway!

You will learn to know that the kink of your hair, tone of your skin, rise of your smile and strength of your build was not a coincidence. It is one of the most beautiful phenomenons of then all. You just got to be true to you... Dearest future queen you are enough!

*All quote credits from 'Crowning Glory' By Somalia Seaton and photo sources from Stratford East*

For tickets and information click HERE

Avec amour...


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Quick Fix: Why Your Hair Will Love Hot Oil Treatments ft Jilali Argan Oil

I cannot get enough of Hot Oil Treatments this autumn/winter, I've even found a way of somehow doing them whilst in my twists and my scalp is having a blast!

For anyone who hasn't yet jumped on the Hot Oil Treatment bandwagon then peep these benefits and you may just be sold. They are perfect for the cold winter weather and make your scalp feel like it's taken a trip to the spa!

- encourages blood flow to your scalp -
- helps to soothe a dry scalp -
- reduces/prevents breakage by lubricating your hair follicles -
- gives extra shine to dull looking hair -
- feels so friggin' amazing! -

Now this part I love because there are quite a few different ways you can apply your treatment! Either way the moment that oil hits your scalp it's a wrap, it feels so darn good!!!

The Basic Method
Warm your bottle of oil in a plastic bowl of hot water, part your hair in 4-6 sections and once the oil is quite warm apply it onto your scalp and gently massage it in. Once you have finished with your scalp go on to coat the lengths of your hair in oil too. Leave your hair to sit under a plastic shower cap wrapped in a towel for extra warmth for 20-30 mins... and that's your hot oil treatment done!

Here are just a few other ways you can do your H.O.T :

warm oil in an applicator bottle and then apply all over your scalp using your applicator bottle nozzle

warm oil and then place your head over the bath or sink and drizzle the oil unto your scalp & hair

pour oil into a sandwich bag/ziplock bag. Pierce a tiny hole in the bag and slowly drizzle this onto your scalp & hair

You can use absolutely any oil you like when it comes to Hot Oil Treatments but my absolute favourite has got to be Argan Oil, hence why I was very happy to have received some from Jilali Argan Oil to try out. Why Argan Oil? This page couldn't explain it any better!

I wasn't expecting anything magical with the Jilali Argan Oil as I often find my hair takes well to just about any oil I use for my H.O.T, but I must say the oil did come across as very pure. It had a different kind of smoothness to it upon touch [like silk but the oil version!], and was extremely rich and pleasant to use. I finished it in one application.

At a retail price of £20 for 30ml and the rate at which I use my Argan oil, I have to say I'll have to stick to my usual retailers for my next batch. But nevertheless it was a fun hot oil moment while it lasted!

Do you do H.O.Ts or do you find they do nothing for your Hair?

Avec amour...


Friday, 18 October 2013

Twists/Braids For Winter? How I Care For My Hair + 10 Tips For Successful Protective Styling!

I often get asked what my thoughts are on protective styling in braids/twists. Do they thin your hairline? Can braids/twists grow your hair? How long should they be kept in for before they become damaging? etc. The key to successful protective styling in extensions in my opinion boils down to three main things: minimal tension, a happy scalp and frequently moisturising what you can of your own hair. 

Here are 10 tips on how to make twists/braids work best for you! Let's go!!!

A Clean Scalp Pre-Installation
A clean scalp pre-installation is a must! Installing braids on a head of hair with a dirty scalp can lead to a lot of damage caused by excessive itching due to your poor scalp gasping for air! This of course means two things... 1- your hair looks like it has been in for a while because you've itched up a fuzz ball and 2- breakage and thinning caused by manipulation

Protein Treatment Please
I always recommend a protein treatment prior to having braids/twists installed. This is to help strengthen and prepare your hair for the weight it's about to bear! Which leads me onto the next point...

For Relaxed Chics
Growing up my mum would never braid or really style my hair immediately after relaxing it, I didn't understand why until I grew up and started to care for my own hair. Following a fresh relaxer your hair is very fragile. Soft, sleek and laid ... but very fragile! This is due to the relaxer weakening the protein bonds in your hair. If you can hold out a week or two before having your extensions put in then this will give your hair some time to recuperate. You can also use a light protein spritz before and during the installation to help strengthen your strands [Check out what I use below]

Get Vocal & Ensure That Your Extensions Are Not Too Tight
This is one to pay a lot of attention to! Your braids/twists should be secure but not so tight that you feel a headache coming on. If you feel a braid/twist is too tight be vocal about it because hair that is too tight can cause thinning, breakage and even go as far as causing permanent hair loss. Raised bumps and a ripple effect on your scalp are worth looking out for as they indicate your extensions are too tight

Reduce Extension Weight At Your Hairline
Your hairline is where your hair is its most fragile. Check that your braid/twist weight at the front of your hair is lighter than anywhere else. This will ensure that there isn't too much weight or stress on your hairline

Keep Your Scalp Nourished
Your scalp is extremely exposed when in braids/twists, more so than with any other worn hairstyle. This means it may get dry a lot faster and therefore needs to be kept super duper nourished. Oiling your scalp regularly with a light oil will help to keep it well fed. You can even add a stimulating kick to your oil to encourage growth! [Check out some of products I use below]

Keep Your Hair Moisturised
It's often thought that because your hair is tucked away within your braids/twists that you cannot moisturise your own hair. Whilst it's admittedly a lot more difficult to moisturise your hair in extensions, it is still worth spraying your hair as often as you can with a light leave-in conditioner or moisturising spritz so that it at least gets a chance at getting some sort of moisture. Your new growth will thank you for it!

To Wash Or Not To Wash
This one really is about preference. If you find it way too stressful to wash your hair in braids/twists then please do not because you may end up causing more damage then expected! For those who find their scalps cannot go more than a week or two without a wash, then you can dilute your shampoo with water to avoid any build up caused by not being able to fully rinse out the shampoo. A thorough rinse is a must and may mean some extra shower/bath time. The same goes for conditioning, dilute and rinse rinse rinse!

Extra tip: If you suffer from the good old itchy scalp when in braids/twists syndrome then adding a few drops of a menthol based essential oil to your shampoo may help sooth the itching. Eucalyptus essential oil, Peppermint essential oil are a few of my faves!

How Long Should Your Extensions Stay In?
I'm a huge flag waver of the 2 months max installation. My main reasons are your scalp and hair needs to rest! Though your braids/twists may feel a lot light after a week or two of wear, the constant weight from the extensions is not good in the long run. Extensions cause tension so your hair will need a break after about 2 months in those bad boys!

Which Products To Use?
There is no strictly set list of products that are to be used on extensions, most everyday products will be suitable for your extensions but the things to stay away from are heavy products and anything that will cause quick build up on your hair and scalp. A light spray for your braids and new growth and a light oil for your scalp should have your hair smiling from ear to ear!

Now unto...

My Personal Twist/Braid Regimen

- Oil scalp daily with Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum -

- Lightly spritz new growth and braids every other day with Jane Carter Revitalising Leave-in Conditioner -

- Lightly spritz braids with protein spray once a week: Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer -

- No itching just pressing! -

I personally do not wash my hair in twists/braids, I do if wearing a weave but find access to my scalp in braids/twists means I can better care for my scalp. Plus I only keep twists/braids in for a month which is the absolute max I can go without washing my hair.

What other tips do you have for braid/twist wearers that have helped you?

Avec amour...


Monday, 14 October 2013

Back to Uni, Off to Uni £100 Hair Product Giveaway [Closed]

 The best years of my life? Undoubtedly! I honestly wouldn't have traded my uni experience for anything. The friendships you make, the independence, the 3am trips to KFC, the nollywood type tears because you're stressed out beyond sanity [watch a Nigerian movie you'll know what I mean!], the cook ups, the sleepovers... you name it, amazing is an understatement! Let's just say I'm a big fan of Higher Education, not because it's the only route to starting your career because we all know it most certainly is not, but because it's an experience I think everyone should try and have if they can!

But anyway, enough of the nostalgic moments and onto the main topic, ze GIVEAWAY!!!

Going to university was a blessing for me and opened a huge door in my life that has allowed me to be in the position to do this giveaway. I studied Economics and German for the most part of my university life and copped myself a fantastic job in Finance which allows me to use my studied language every darn day, something I really hoped I would be able to do.

Despite being on the earning end of the ladder trust me I know full well how tough uni days can be especially when the pound signs seem awfully low in your account, so this giveaway is here to help out at least on the haircare front, and will hopefully get you through the most part of the year #ProductStashWise!

I thought it would be nice to make the giveaway a bit different so here is what we'll do...

Once the winner has been chosen you can send me an email with a list of products and/or tools that you would like which can be found online only from reputable websites. If you don't have any particular items in mind then we can skype or email and discuss your regimen and some products that may be worth trying. Then I will order the products and have them sent to you.

Entry Info & Requirements

- Leave a comment on this post saying what you are studying, why and what you hope to get out of it and do after university -

- Due to the nature of the giveaway it will only be open to those based in Europe -

- You must be able to prove that you are in university, doing an apprenticeship or doing some sort of higher education work placement  -

Giveaway will close this coming Thursday 17th October @ Midnight, and the winner will be announced the following day in this post as well as on Facebook and on Twitter

Update: The winner is Rahma Sesay!!!

Hello Fiona love the concept behind this giveaway. My name is Rahma and I can't get enough of university/Higher Education so much so, that this is my third time in University. I did my undergraduate in Biochemistry, Masters in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology and now I am doing my PGCE in Science. Although the idea of science research initially interested me, teaching is something I always new I wanted to do. To help children at such an important point in their lives (adolescence- teenage years) and guide them in the right direction is amazing. I am fully aware that it is hard, but it will be fulfilling. My plans for the future is just to inspire and educate young children into becoming the best that they can possibly be in life.

 Every single entry was amazing, thank you so much for participating, as ever there will definitely be more!

Rahma please drop me a mail at fiona@loveyourtesses.com so we can arrange some shopping!

 Avec amour...



Monday, 7 October 2013

Ceramic vs Tourmaline : Debenhams Style Challenge ft. Nicky Clarke

 I was contacted a few weeks ago by Debenhams to take part in a style challenge which would involve recreating a celebrity look, and of course sharing it with you all! 

Now if we rewind back to a few months ago you may remember my 2013 goals which included 80% protective styling and using little to no heat. So I'll be honest in saying that I had a real 'heart sink' moment when I found out the challenge would involve using heat [I'd gone for so long without and was super proud of myself!] But it so happened that the challenge was at the perfect time as I was to have my hair straightened to prep for my twists , so it turned out to be a kill two birds with one stone kind of affair!

I'll warn you now guys this definitely was  not one of my better styling days! I think the reluctance to re-apply heat to my hair made me a little lethargic on the styling front, but I still gave it a try so you can see my efforts at becoming Taylor swift below!!! No laughing please!

In other news I was also very excited about giving the Nicky Clarke Desired Salon Professional Straighteners a try because I've long wanted to see what the 'hype' about tourmaline plated straighteners really was.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. A hair styling tool made with tourmaline is actually a ceramic tool with bits of finely-ground tourmaline infused into the ceramic. Tourmaline boosts the number of negative ions produced, which leads to healthier, shinier hair.

My thoughts... to be fair I didn't notice anything extraordinary, my hair most certainly took well to the straighteners which I have to say had a lovely glide to them, but all in all when it comes to straighteners and which ones are the best it all boils down to how straight they can get your hair and how... here comes the irony... "less damaging they are". How can straighteners be less damaging? A heat dial for starters which my GHDs didn't have.

All in all I liked the finish on my hair and will definitely follow up on what I think of the Straighteners when my hair is next straightened and... when I fully natural!!! 38/39 days to go!

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Taylor Swift Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine
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