Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Fave Hair Sealing Tool... Let Me Introduce The Misto Oil Sprayer

In February I decided that the month of March would be a bank friendly one and that unless my Deep Conditioner or Shampoo ran out, (which is unlikely when you have 3 unused bottles of each) that I wouldn't be making any hair care purchases until April! Well, that went out of the the window!

 In my own defence I blame YouTube! I came across a recommended video by mynaturalsistas and #gofigure India was using the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer!

Now you'll be pleased to know I am to some extent disciplined and didn't jump right on the net and order the Sprayer as soon as I saw it, coincidentally at the weekend I found myself on a manic last minute hunt for a Victorian costume for my younger sisters school trip. You wouldn't guess what I happened to stumble past as I made my way through the kitchen department to get to the costume department...the MISTO SPRAYER!!!!!

I think it's fair to say some things are meant to be!

Now unto my thoughts…
I've long wanted a spray bottle that is able like some of my water spray bottles, to disperse oil onto my hair as a mist as opposed to a one directional squirt, and this does exactly that!

It's super easy to use and in my opinion a decently priced investment, heck you can even use it to fry some steak [depending on which oil you fill it with of course!]

The benefits of the mist sprayer are
- Your hair is less weighed down by oils as the mist disperses more evenly than when sealing with your hands -
- Your hands need not get oily  -
- It encourages less hair manipulation... you just spray and go! -

You fill the canister half way and then use the pressure cylinder attached to the lid to pump the canister so that you can get to misting, and that's pretty much it. 

A well spent £10 I think!

Has anyone else had mist spraying success?

Avec amour...

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Hair Texture. An Ongoing Love Story

Am I the only one that thought before going natural that my post transitioner chop would result in a head full of curls that would pop when just ever so slightly teased with some H2O? Hmmm!

After parting ways with my long loved relaxer and throughout my transitioning journey, I was convinced that my hair would resemble the texture of many of my much loved 'youtube sisters' . Well that fantasy was exactly that, a fantasy, because those dreamt of curls emerged as coils and kinks, much contrary to my expectations!

My natural hair is a combination of textures, ranging right from what hair typing enthusiasts would deem as 3c, right up to 4cThe front of my hair can barely hold a curl, kink or coil without some help! Its texture is very loose and reminds me of when little children do crayon drawings of ocean waves... Pretty much a cute squiggle!

Now as for my nape and hair in the utmost back area of my head, tight may just be an understatement! My hair pretty much coils up on itself resulting in a sea full of the most annoying single strand knots! 

It took me a while to actually embrace the fact that this is my hair, I fought it for so long and once wreaked a whole lot of havoc when trying to force a "curly" wash and go - with close enough to an entire pot of gel!


Anyway what can I say, the love story goes on! What's love without a little bit of war right?

Do I regret my decision to go natural? Nah, it takes a lot more to rock this boat!

So here I am loves, natural haired, product free and embracing it


Avec amour...