Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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Just about everyone in the world, even those in tiny huts in rainforest in in the middle of nowhere, know how unpredictable the weather in the UK can be! Well 22 years of this so called 'British Weather' has taught me to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible whenever it comes because Lord knows it might even snow tomorrow! 

I never wear hoops. Felt weird after so long. #studlover
Which polish to wear?
American Apparel it is!
Mary's Daisy Chain! #HippieLurve
 I heard J Cole's 'Baby you summertime fine' almost 4 times today!!! I guess everyone caught the Summer buzz right?!!!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Pinterest D.I.Y | Chocolate covered Strawberry Grooms

For those of you who don't know about Pinterest major news alerts... It's the B-O-M-B! I'm ride or die for Tumblr but no joke Pinterest is an absolute paradise for D.I.Y lovers like myself who crave to be visually indulged, and even more importantly, who love to store images of things they desire to own, buy or make in the future! I've even got a Wifey Project Board on there! You know how we do... fail to prepare and prepare to fail *wink wink*

In hopes of stimulating the mind of my poor little sister who finds herself extremely bored in a house full of grown divas who spend all of their time blogging or in cyber world, I decided to commit Sunday afternoons to a splash of D.I.Y fun with my little pudding pot a.k.a baby sis Mary! She's actually so much more fun than the other two boring sisters grumpy Mo and Lambchops... #whoneedsthemanyway!

So here is what we got up to!

[Did I mention we threw the Groom in there as our Fathers Day gift to the pops! Cheapest but yummiest gift to date! #word!]

The Ingredients

The Process
To begin with we melted the white chocolate in the microwave stirring at 20 second intervals. When melted Mary dunked each strawberry [pre-washed] into the chocolate.
Hope no one's watching!
Once covered into the fridge for 5 minutes they go! Side note: will invest in non-stick paper next time, foil wasn't the best option.

The Results
To create the 'V' shape dip strawberries in milk chocolate at 45 degree angles vertically.
She did them all by herself minus the bow! #Teardrop... so proud!

The Bloopers!!!

Whoopsie my hand slipped!
Fat kid loves cake? Did I explain the earrings???!!! Her little ear holes are closing so I found a gentle stretching technique!!! Hoochie Mama earrings!
Making me look a fool! Dribble vs Indulge!

Want some Pinterest fun? Check out my faves & boards here

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Ponytail Rollerset & Wrap + 7 month Length Check

I decided to revisit the ponytail rollerset wrap I did all the way in 2009 and double dose it with a length check. 

Since my big cut in November 2011 my hair seems to have thickened out a lil, and I've come to learn that my U/V shape is here to stay, there's no getting rid of it, which is most probably down to the mere fact that different areas of hair on your head grow at different speeds... annoying right!

Anyway my 7 months of regrowth aren't shy at all, and were sure to bulk up the top of my head despite the hardcore wrap I did overnight to get things smooth and sleek! No complaints though I think it's cute!

The ponytail rollerset is definitely the go to option when it comes to achieving smoother/sleeker hair without the intense direct heat from straighteners. The ponytail idea scores top marks from me and I copped the genius idea from Lavendar, one of my hairlista sistahs! Hope you're proud girl! 

By using a ponytail to secure your hair, you reduce the frizz and puffiness often experienced when done with a lot of regrowth using the standard method.

I couldn't find my length check t-shirt anywhere so was real bummed that I couldn't do an official comparison pic, hopefully y'all have a good eye for detail and can see some growth regardless. Before I sign out did I mention I'm thinking of another cut? Yep my front hair is so much longer than the back and I've become scissor happy lately, on top of that I guess I'll be big chopping next year anyway so what the heck right! I'm still undecided just want to give the bob look a go... what do you think?

For products used and more pics keep an eye out for tonight's review on the LYT UK Original Moxie Challenge page.

x Toodles x

Last attempt in 2009! Looks pretty sloppy... cheated by straightening before hand! Why? God knows!
The back of my hair acts and feels like it's completely natural... Denman brush to the rescue!
For every ponytail, two rollers, and so the rolling went on
All ponytailed and rolled up. Now the sheen from the Original Moxie Straight Up Sleek Control is DOPE!
Best pic I could get of my 14 swirls afterwards... getting sleepy now ... Zzz

Pretty impressive beehive wrap for 7 months post don't cha think! Straightened my roots only.

Now to the length pics...
My big cut in November [left] vs Now

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday's Words | The Journey to Natural Hair... Higher Expectations?

Today marks 7 months and 7 days since my last relaxer and journey on transitioning express. Up until recent the journey seemed quite simple, a personal decision being transformed into reality, no big deal just a desire to try a new look after 11 years in relaxed ville, and at the same time an opportunity to convince my little sister that natural hair is cool too. But as with everything in life, things don't seem as clear cut as they were that simple day in November when I made the decision to go... Au Naturel.

As of late I've been feeling an awkward pressure to embrace the so called 'deepness' associated with going natural. The neo-soul stereotype of 'the sister' and her natural hair as a poet recently put it, has of recent become of great discussion and as always traces right back to one theme... Slavery.

My sensitivities to the struggles of black people in past times are continuous. Though my knowledge does not contend with those who have studied themselves approved or have closer relations with this aspect of the past, I am immersed in a school of thought that seeks a different mantra in life that does not allow the past to become the sole dictator of the future. 

My initial desire to blog began with a passion to share healthy haircare practices, and now more than ever strives to do exactly that. I feel greatly fulfilled by my experience with relaxed hair and this new journey to naturalness, and simply encourage loving you hair be it relaxed, texlaxed, or natural. 

I do believe strongly that hair minus chemicals is a big plus with regards to hair health, but fact is natural does not work for everyone. In addition to that there are a gazillion relaxed heads of hair that grow long, healthy and thick hair. Try telling them to BC or transition! 'Girl you crazy?!'

So don't shoot me down for my honesty... It's simply just some thoughts that have been running through my mind. As the journey continues and the transition becomes more real it will be interesting to see how and if my thoughts change. Who knows, when I'm rocking my fro and let's say 'relaxed hair lovin' dude gives me the side eye... I may draw for the fly kick thinking 'this ish cray... I'll let you know!

What are your thoughts... Are expectations higher for naturals?

Avec amour... 


5 articles...

Off to the interview of my dreams so thought I would post a 5 articles post before I leave, and before hitting it up this evening with a 'Wednesday's Words' post. Haven't seen one of those in a while eh?! Well look out for it because it's quite a controversial one tonight... did I hear natural police?! Hmm... Anyway back to les articles!


£5 African print fabric earrings I picked up from MEEN at a Hair event last weekend <3
London by night
Products on my 'Review' list! Far left = definite review, Far right = potential review
Playing about with bedside arrangements
A few jewels perfect for Summer's glow

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hair Update | Diary of a Transitioner... 7 months post relaxer

It's been a while since I've discussed my hair in its transitioned state, but following a comment I received at one of the recent Hair events I attended, I just had to give folks an update!

'Your transition is a breeze, you make it look so easy'

Haha if only money grew on trees and all men were as hot as Lance G! To call this transition a breeze would be the biggest lie I ever told to date! That is not to say however that I'm ripping my hair out like a damsel in distress dreaming about my wonderful days with the creamy crack! 

If there's one strength I have that has made my transition go smoothly [touch wood], it has got to be hands down some good ol' patience. [Ok and forever deep conditioning too!]. Now that my hair is clearly two textures detangling, combing and washing are all done with extreme care, even if it takes that extra 20 mins.

My regime and the products/staples I use are pretty much the same as when I relaxed my hair, however with regards to changes with my hair, unlike a few months ago my hair appears to be much dryer, and my once loved wash day Anita Grant shampoo bar now only works as a clarifying/deep cleansing shampoo. As a weekly shampoo I now find it all too drying. 
I have also noticed that this shampoo brings my curls out every time I use it. I never ever get the texture I have in this picture unless I use an Anita Grant bar! Now that's a discovery I'll be looking further into!

Anyway here are a few pics I've taken this month! Can you believe how much shrinkage I have in the photo below! Cray cray or what?! 

Side note: I'm looking forward to my 7 month length check and trim next week... can't believe I've held out so long! Plus I'll be back on the YouTube grind too! It's been a while ^_^

My bad boy curl courtesy of simply washing my face... God knows I'm hoping my whole head of hair will be the same!
Just a few pics of my hair 5 months post or more

Any Stretchers/Transitioners with tips to get me through the next 15 ish months are most welcome!!!

P.s. I'll be uploading an album unto the LYT Facebook Page with transitioning pics tonight so that you can check out my previous pics and transitioning journey there too!

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Curlfriends Day Out | A Hairlover's Memoir

Saturday just gone I experienced one of the best hair events I have yet to attend and be a part of. The day had already marketed itself to be phenomenal, but of course actions speak louder than words, so expectations were sky high!

I cannot for the life of me give the event the praise it's due without writing an essay on it, so hopefully my quick summary will paint the Picasso moment it truly was.

There was a different kind of buzz in the air at the Curlfriends Day Out, one which was definitely created and motioned by Motivational Speaker Action Jackson- whose enthusiasm and passion for haircare and natural hair was ludicrous. The event started off with a mini ice breaker session and then went on to the first part of the day; the bloggers Q&A/ 'Speed date'. I absolutely loved the interactive nature of the Q&A, and once nerves from speaking were out of the way, I could have gone on for days! 

The day continued with lunch and a marketplace session where you could buy some hair products from several vendors or also get your nails and eyebrows done, once this was over the real juicy second half of the event began! 

The 2 live big chops were without a doubt the best part of the event for me and actually brought myself and Pelumi of CareforYourHair close to tears! It was definitely a forecast into my soon to be big chop of 2013, and made equally nervous and excited about it!

All in all the day was great and I felt like I spent it with a room full of people I had known for years! I most certainly wouldn't have spent my Saturday anywhere else and look forward to next years event!

- A huge thank you to Bukky for such a fulfilling and wonderful day -

Here are some of the fab pics...

Bloggers Q&A/ 'Speed date' Session
Vendors [Meen Clothing, Nickys Nail Bar, H9]
Stephanie from Black & Brown, Ronke Ige representing BeUNIQUE & Social Entrepreneur Junior Ogunyemi

Founder/CEO of Curlvolution Bukky with her hubby!
Adornment 365 begin the live big chop session
Adaeze and derin before their BC's

V.Happy ladies!

Jane Carter made a surprise visit and poetry by Ruz
Diane Hall of IGrewitLong

P.s. I've had a few questions about my bf's views on my transition and how I feel about his initial [huh?!!!] reaction to it! Unfortunately I didn't get to finish my comment on the panel about this, but if I did I would most certainly have shared with you that he has swayed over to my side and is supportive about my confidence and decision to transition. I wouldn't be with him otherwise!!! 

Avec amour...