Wednesday, 23 February 2011

D.I.Y: Spot the difference promised here is what i get up to besides hair blogging... can you spot the difference?!

pic 1

Yep...i added a velvet black collar!!!

P.s i was wondering... do you think i should add black velvet wrist bands to it? I pinned some material onto one side so you can see what it would look like! let me know via the poll below :)

Should i sew on some black velvet wrists?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Diary of a Tress Lover: Nicky K

I really enjoy these posts. It's so inspiring to see how far people come on their hair journeys! It definitely can be challenging but it definitely can also be done :)

I've been so fortunate to have some great big sisters in my life and Nicky is definitely one of them. After showing me her hair progress pics i was so excited. I asked Nicky about her regime and here is what she had to say...

August (then)

Feb (now)

Q-When did u start your Healthy Hair Journey?
A- Last year June

Q-What would you say has enhanced your hair growth and thickness the most?
A- Stretching the time between the texturizer and moisturizing my ends a lot as my hair is naturally dry and brittle. Plus i am not afraid to trim it!

Q- Will you ever go natural?
A- Funny you should ask! My hair was relaxed 5 years ago but it kept breaking. I grew it natural and only texturized it 18 months ago. The texturizer comes out like a permanent press. It's straight enough to manage but still has a kink in it :)

Here are some staple products that Nicky uses:

*Aphogee intense treatment
*Castor oil (to seal)
*S-Curl no drip (to moisturize)
*Profective daily anti breakage hair and scalp formula (daily moisturizer)
"Castor oil or Profective on temple and nape"

Be encouraged, you can also achieve better hair :)

x edF

P.s if you've had results during your healthy hair journey and would like to share with the world! Feel free to drop me an e-mail (

 I'm sure it will encourage so many people :)

Upcoming posts! Feb 2011

Back again!

Although the month is nearly done as promised there will be a monthly upcoming posts section. So here we go folks...what to expect this February a.k.a the month of lurvvve!!

*How to seal those ends
*Relaxer regime
*Transition tales- intro to transitioning
*Natural lifestyle
*Maintaining a weave (also when stretching relaxer)

x edF

Very Random

Evening evening lovelies,

Hope you have had a fantabulastic day, and if not have faith that another day will bring you joy :)

Just wanted to say a big welcome to new followers :) and of course all followers generally, and also course to the 3 lovely ladies who subscribed to the youtube channel  today, MissTaiMusic ( and AdenikeSings ( and of course princesskaha and everyone else that has subscribed :)

So i'm sure as you've guessed (title giveaway) this is a random post!

Just some music to enhance your evening :)



x edF

Monday, 21 February 2011

LYT Team

For any new readers welcome welcome :)

If you remember last year my big sis 'Miss Olamide' also joined the LYT team and did a few posts on her hair. Well *big smile*, my girl Tokunbo, who featured in the 'Diary of a Tress Lover' has also joined the band wagon. T will be posting in the near future and i promise you this girl is hilarious!

So just giving her the warmest welcome. We all look forward to supporting you and each other in our Healthy Hair journeys.

x Fi, Lam and Toks

New Vids

Hey lovelies,

I'm finally gearing to go and embracing youtube. Check out the new vids, basically a break down of my hair care regime and products :) Let me know what you think

x edF

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Links i Love

Did you know there are more blogs than there are people??? Hmm...crazy right! Well out of these many million blogs i have to give it a special shout out to a few, written by my nearest and dearest. Forgive the bias on this occasion! It's not an occurring thing i pwomise.
So here we go... a short description of each blog...and then you click into another world. Explore and enjoy :)

A very snuggle up kinda tumblr space sharing the impulses of a warm hearted individual... pictures of love... quotes of life, a splash of the celeb buzz and notes from within ... ' The errors of a girl are the elements of a woman'...

Random thoughts of a modern day man, a definite treat for the mind, i love entering a guys world ...each and every post is a feast for the mind! - ' The official cheeky chap. I'm not ignorant. I'm not obnoxious neither am I conceited. I just see the world in a different light to many!'

 A hilarious read that spans the adventures of a young female, who has no fear in speaking about issues of everyday female life a.k.a dont be scared to say the V word... right up to what she would get up to if she were a guy!  'Did you know the word virgin is not a swear word?'

Superwoman chronicles- 'Everyone is Capable of Everything and Anything can Happen to Anyone' Its not often that i delve so deep into a very intellectual read... but this blog almost acts as a much needed form of mind stimulation. A mother nature type wisdom formed into smooth water like sentences. I LOVE this blog!

x fi

Love Your Tresses Feature #2

Evening lovelies,

A very relaxing and fulfilling weekend , 3 months post relaxer and i'm not pulling my hair out! 
We had some great news this friday which is that LoveYourTresses was featured in 

brideofcolour buttoncopy Spread The Love
The feature goes out especially to the lucky ladies who managed to get mr special to put a ring on it!  
Urbanbridesmaid/brideofcolour is a great site to look at especially if your planning your big day, or hope to at some point. Louisa is a great photographer and also very professional.

Thank you Louisa! Wishing you all the best with bride of colour in the near future. ( You can also follow louisa and urbanbridesmaid on twitter @

x edF

Hide and Seek?

imagine this being ur wedding day aisle!
Where have i been right? 
Yeah i know... lets just say the past few weeks have been mega all over the place.

I went home last week a.k.a london town and then found myself real ill this week. No fun i promise. But i'm all clued up now, sitting in starbucks with my chai latte and wild blueberry muffin as we speak :) big smile

So as your all very important i figure u should know whats been going on with the blog.
We just clocked our second feature which you can see in the next post. Very exciting :)

I've tweeked the blog layout a bit. 
a.k.a a few colour adjustments and also added an F.A.Q page.

Finally adjusted the official facebook page (this is different to the group by the way)

Got us a twitter account. Mine is too personal to use for the blog as well so #FF @LoveYourTresses

Don't forget we also have a tumblr, if you like pictures this is a great spot to find some hair inspired pics!

Plus there's alot more going on but they are still in working progress. You'll be the first to know when they are all finished :)

Guys thank you again for all of your love and support.

x Fi

Monday, 7 February 2011

Afro Hair and beauty Live

As some of you may know. The annual Afro hair and beauty show will be taking place this May in London. It's an event that showcases great hair and beauty products. I've attended one before, in fact modeled for it! It was a lot of fun and as I can't attend this year (Munich bound)...i thought it would be great if a reader could.  This isn't a giveaway as such... i have 2 free tickets and would love if two lovely people could go and give me feedback as to how it went. A few pics would be great too..almost like representing LYT :)

The show takes place on May 29th. More info can be found on the site.

All you have to do is drop me an email saying you'd like a ticket. Again there's 2 up for grabs and only one per person. The first 2 emails will be the ones that receive the tickets.

x edF

My Kitchen: Carrot and Potato soup

Happy new week! Can you believe its February already? Crazy crazy crazy!

Month of love and that! What are you doing for Valentines day

So... today, got back from work and decided it was time for a food blog and what better than cream of carrot soup. not exactly everyones fave..but i do believe i jazzed it up and made it a hit. P.s it was my first time and i really do have to spud myself because it was...
*big smile*

I took the recipe from - it had no ratings and was very simple but i went for it anyway. p.s it really was a freestyle so bare with my quantity definitions! 

     2 carrots, peeled and then grated
     2 chicken stock cubes
2 big tablespoons of butter
1 onion finely chopped
1 dash of thyme seasoning
1 sprinkle of chives 
A few dashes of pepper
Fresh Parsley
1 potato thinly sliced
A dash of cinnamon
A splash of single cream

*Melt butter in pan then add sliced onions. Cook onions in butter until soft, then add grated carrot and sliced potato. Stir. Add stock cubes, chives, salt, pepper, parsley and cinnamon. Stir. Add mug and a half of water. Cover pot and allow broth to cook up until carrots and potatoes are soft.

*When carrots and potatoes are soft remove from broth and pour into processor or blender. 

*Once blended return to stove and allow to heat for 1 minutes on lowest heat.

*Finally serve and add cream as desired.

*You can also add pre-cooked chicken strips or beef strips to spice it up!

P.s- its not your typically Jamie Oliver ingredient list or method but it does work!

x edF

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love From Marrakech x

I made a 1 man trip to Marrakech last week! Beautiful country..especially for an architecture fan like myself... here are a few pics...  x

Ma chambre

House boy!
secret stairway...who dares...
Riad lobby
Saadian Tombs 
Bahia palace

New Medina
New Medina
Shopping for the brave
The one and only souks!
x edF

Diary of a fake German

Growing up in an afro/british household ...emphasis on afro! There were 3 major rules ... excel in school, respect your parents and be a great Christian. Of course under this umbrella came a million and one other responsibilties..cook, clean, and again cook clean. 

One thing that was never really emphasised growing up was exploring the world. To an extent this was a bonus my father emphasized would follow if i were to excel in school, but besides that the idea of taking a gap year to explore the jungle of Timbuktu! Twas  unheard of!
Nevertheless this idea never appealed to me anyway. In fact the morals my parents were adamant to transfer became those which i learned to cherish and actually embrace as if i had created them myself.
Now i find myself in Munich working for a year... and what better than it be part of my degree! Muhahaha daddy...looks like i found a plan somehow! With weekends all to myself i choose to explore what i can... here's what i got up to last week!

Munich 2011 Supermodel Contest

Did the right girl win?
Me n my Zushka x
next beauty step: oil control eurgh!

x edF

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


We now have a tumblr account guys... as much as i love reading about hair, i'm also a sucker for just admiring beautiful pictures of hair, so here it is... our very own 'Love Your Tresses' hair portal...

x edF

LYT Give---away Winner!


Hey peeps...
 feels like i blogged the other day but reality check that was last week hmmm..don't know what happened there!
The LYT Giveaway ended yesterday... i guess no one is really like me when it comes to freebies but hey!
 I received some great entries via email... and one especially made me take a deep breath and smile.

Just for re-cap here's the question that was asked:

'What does your hair say about who you are?

Here is the winners response:
'Hair... a four letter word. Nothing amazing like melancholy... in fact its monosyllabic. Its not vibrant its not fruity...its just hair. But in the depth of its simplicity it tells my one and only story... it finishes the person i am ... it completes me. You see just like the word i too am simple. I breathe, i work, i laugh, i cry... i grow... but simple simply isn't simple. Its derived from a special place... was carefully thought about and made perfectly for its purpose, just like my hair.

No I am not my hair...but my hair makes me... each strand = my being, and thats what my hair says about who i am... it says i am Me.'
Natalie thank you for such an in depth and thought about response. I hope you continue to cherish your hair and it cherish you :)  

x edF