Monday, 29 August 2011

Mazuri products and goody bag giveaway winner!!!

How fast a week can fly by, will still always amaze me!

Well happy Monday again! Hope my fellow Britainians are enjoying the bank holiday! Fingers crossed the weather stays nice. Sun being out and all!

The Goody bag giveaway winner has now been randomly selected and the lucky winner is...


Thank you everyone for taking part! There will be many more giveaways thanks to  our new partnership with Pak Cosmetics! So stay blog friendly :)

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Beyonce Pregnant!!!

Happy Bank Holiday guys!

I'm not much of a celeb stalker but this one kicks hair blogging to the curb! 

I don't even have much to say on it, except that i'm as happy as heck that B is pregnant! I mean finally right! She looks absolutely phenomenal #sigh

Ooo and her hair looks fab too! #Anything to mention hair!!!

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Mazuri products and goody bag giveaway!

Evening folks!

After a pretty blah weekend i'm so grateful to have made another week... and what better than to start the week on a great note!
The lovely guys at Mazuri Organics sent me some yummy looking products for review, courtesy of Pak Cosmetics.

I am so excited to try them, and currently have had to hide them from my sisters who have been spraying and splashing like crazy already! Can you believe my older sister used one of the products as an air freshener in her bedroom! #ridiculous

In my product review bag are:
1] Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Moroccan Sheen Spray
2] Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer softening Hair Mud
3] Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Finishing Spray
I won't be doing an official review of the products until i have used them at least 3 times (you know consitency and all), which will be over the next 2 weeks. Plus guys, this review will be a triple whammy! My older sister and younger sister will be testing on behalf of the natural and transitioning sisters!

To top off the post we also have a goody bag Giveaway!!!!!!

In appreciation of our new developed relationship with Pak Cosmetics we have a juicy goody bag for one lucky winner.
1] Charles Worthington takeaway daily defence conditioner
2] Charles Worthington takeaway on the go serum
3] Charles Worthington take away frizz free cream
4] VO5 nourish me truly conditioner for dry/damaged hair
5] Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Scrub
6] Herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream
7] Mazuri Olive Oil Texturizer Finishing Spray
8] Mazuri Olive Oil Texturizer Softening Mud sample
9] Organic Root Stimulator Wrapset Mousse sample
10] LYT Stimulating scalp soufflé sample
To win all you have to do is:

1] Be a blog follower
2] Like LoveYourTresses on facebook

3] Leave a comment on the Mazuri facebook fan page saying : 'I want to win the LYT goody bag Giveaway' (and mention/@ LoveYourTresses in the comment)
(*You will need to 'like' the Mazuri page to be able to comment*)

.:. The contest will end a week from today .:.

~Entrants must be over 18~
~Worldwide applications allowed~

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hairxercise: zumba -ing your way to a healthier you

I found myself in the most unexpected Zumba class a week ago! I'm often reluctant to do very demanding exercise. I tend to estimate the calories i may burn, and makesure i eat them right back afterwards!!!
Not that i don't believe in exercise, just that i'm more of a stretching, yoga kinda girl! I'm already on the slim side and do not want to get any slimmer.

Howeverrr... Zumba gave me a totally different perspective on exercise!

For those of you who have not yet tried Zumba #OMG! It is A-Mazing! The perfect infusion of Columbian Salsa/Raggaeton music accomapanied with booty shakes, and moves you have never seen your waist do! For anyone who likes to dance and is not fond of the gym... this folks, is your calling!

I started the class with my weave in check and left with a frizz ball and  sweats... but trust me even the hair lover in me would embrace the frizz ball again for the amazing experience!

 Exercise and Hair...

1] Exercise increases blood flow, thus stimulation to your scalp.
2] Exercise can help reduce levels of cortisone in your body, which are caused by stress. Lower levels of cortisone mean lower stress levels, therefore lower levels of hair loss.
3] Exercise can increase levels of Serotonin in our brain. This means we are happier! A happier you means less hair loss/thinning due to stress.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Upcoming posts : August/September 2011

Just a quick preview into the next few upcoming posts:

Men Haircare: Do they care?
Castor oil challenge mix: Ultimate recipe for hair growth and thickness
Hairxcercise: Get that hair growing!
Hair Serum Tug of war : Frieda vs Pantene
Tap water: Hair friend or foe

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Sneak peek

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of my new install! I've finally found my camera battery. Imagine what happens when you lose your Nikon battery... faint....

Anyway here are a few pics for now. I will bombard the blog with some more this weekend! As for pic quality... the baby sis was the photographer for the day! #Ineednotsaymore!

P.s loving everyone on the LYT Protective style challenge! Here is my sis Lamide with her challenge install! Doesn't her hair look gorge!!!

x edF

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Swimming meets Haircare

With summer in full swing and so many of us enjoying sun kissed tans and clear blue seas, we often forget that our hair needs TLC in the shower, on the beach and in the pool.
Salty, chlorinated water quickly causes hair to become dry, brittle and damaged. The oxidising agents present in Chlorine work by stripping our hair of moisture, thus affecting our hair ph and weakening our hair from within.


1- Wet your hair with tap water/ non- chlorinated water before swimming. Our hair acts as an absorbing sponge, which means that if we firstly saturate it with non-chlorinated water, it will absorb this water before any other type of water.

2- Another precaution is to coat your hair with your favourite oil/serum. The wonderful rules of science mean that once we have sealed our hair, we reduce absorbtion of chlorinaed water because oils/serums repel water.

3- Wear a swimming cap! Swimming caps do their best to protect hair from any water absorbtion. You can also do a deep conditioning treatment/ baggy whilst swimming by wearing a thin shower cap underneath your swimming cap. This will give ultimate protection as well as a hair treatment. 

Beware of tight swimming caps which may pull on your hair. Try to find the perfect fit rather than the tightest fit.

4- After swimming rinse your hair and commence with shampooing. It is important you wash out any chlorine that may have been absorbed by your hair. Be sure to also do your usual conditioning treatment and finish off with a leave-in conditioner.

5- Try to avoid using heat immediately after swimming. This will reduce damage to your hair. If you must use a heat appliance, choose cool settings.

6- ‘I do not wash my hair after swimming, I am sure no chlorine was absorbed’. Of course not eveyone is happy to wash their hair in a swimming facility, comfort isn't always at its best! 
If you fall into this category, try and time your swimming days in accordance with your usual wash days e.g wash day is a day or two after swimming day. This will mean that you can still take care of your hair immediately after swimming in the comfort of your own home!

7- Opt for chlorine reducing shampoos and swim friendly hair products.


Philip Kinglsey have created the perfect solution for hair care lovers who indulge in swimming. The 'Swimcap' cream was developed by Philip Kingsley as a request from the US Olympic Synchronized swimming team.

'Swimcap' claims to guard all hair types against damage caused by weathering from sun, chlorine, salt water and wind. As well as providing super conditioning.

- Dampen your hair with fresh water - Apply evenly in sections & comb through your hair - Re-apply as necessary after swimming - Rinse out and use appropraite Philip Kingsley shampooconditioner and styling products- Can be reapplied when required on your wet or dry scalp/hair.

'Mmm sounds like a treat!'

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caring for your child's natural hair : Stimulating scalp soufflé

In my new found journey to upkeep and beautify my younger sisters hair, comes the benefit of using her hair to test out homemade products! (P.s no child labour! Her treat is playing with my nikon camera... she loves it!)

So of course i was more than excited about trying my D.I.Y 'Stimulating Scalp Soufflé' on her natural hair.

The verdict...

Not only did the soufflé soften her hair. It completely soothed her scalp of dryness and added a beautiful sheen and softness to the lower banded twist out that i did in her hair. Her scalp always absorbed hair oils so quickly it would seem you hadn't used them in the first place. I guess the soufflé is a keeper!

LYT Stimulating Scalp Soufflé

x edF

Love your tresses : Stimulating scalp soufflé

Hair oils have pretty much taken over my product stash with regards to achieving healthy hair. They are reasonably priced, easy to mix and offer an extensive list of amazing properties. However we all know that there are times when a more thick, viscid concoction are what our hair craves. 

Hair balms and pomades have been pushed aside over the years, despite their ability to help you achieve the same fantastic results as your favourite hair growth oil. Mess free, thick and guaranteed to give your hair long lasting nourishment, hair balms, pomades and scalp dresses have revisited my product collection and are here to stay!

So if you have a very dry scalp/ dry hair or are simply looking for something thick and nutritious, a shea butter based hair dress may just be for you. 

P.s it also works a treat on natural hair and helps define and maintain twist outs and braid outs. Here is some i made earlier! 

Main Ingredients
Shea butter
Extra virgin Coconut oil
Pimento oil
Eucalyptus oil
Jamaican Black Castor oil
Jojoba oil

You can also play about with essential oils to get your very own desired smell as well as soothing, healing and stimulating properties.
Essential oils
Rosemary, Lavendar, Marjoram, Geranium etc

- Melt 60% Shea butter. Once melted add 25% EVCO, 5% Castor oil and 5% Jojoba oil.
- Mix concotion thoroughly and then add a few drops of Pimento and Eucalyptus (5%) oil.
- Mix concoction again and then leave in cool place to set for a few hours or overnight.

- As scalp cream, apply using circular massage motion. 
- As hair sealant, take a dime sized amount and rub into palm to create the  perfect light oil, then work through hair from root to tip.

Optional: for extra stimulating properties you can aslo prepare your very own oil infusion. To do this add pure peppermint leaves into one of your carrier oils. Warm the oil in a glass bowl over heated water. After 10 minutes strain your oil and then add the oil to your main mix.

Want to enhance the growth properties of your hair soufflé? Why not add some Sublime Sulphur!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Healthy Hair - get yours!

So we've all heard the phrase, 'you are what you eat'. 
Well best believe it is as real as that! 
The primary source for proteins, vitamins and moisture 
in our hair comes from what we eat and not solely the
products we use. 
Want stronger hair... fish for proteins
Need more moisture... drink more water
Need healthier looking strands... up your fruit and vegetable intake
and so the story goes on...

Silk, satin you name it. Headscarves are a must
 when embarking on a HHJ (HealthyHairjourney).
Friction and rough surfaces cause our hair to break 
off due to texture differences.
What’s more a splash of your favourite leave- in 
conditioner followed by an oil to seal before bed, keeps
your hair moisturised and nourished while you sleep.
Not only is it important to keep your ends trimmed and prim. 
It is also important to invest in a real pair of salon scissors. 

They do not have to cost you your months salary but 
a bad pair of scissors may present you with more split 
ends then you bargained for. A regular trim helps to keep split 
ends at bay. If you’re not so scissor friendly, give dusting a go!

Despite the wonderful tricks a curling wand and our straighteners can perform.
 There are also several heat free ways to maintain/create straight hair and curls.

Curly heat free hair: curl formers, rollersetting, pin curls, 
twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs
Straight heat free hair: rollerset followed by wrap, 
saran wrap, airdrying and wrap etc 

If you do have to use heat...don't forget to reach for a heat protectant. Heat protectants do their best to protect our hair cuticle from heat damage by shielding our hair cuticle. Prevention is better than cure!

The sun may make our hair look L’oreal perfect beneath its beautiful glow, but do not be deceived, too much sun exposure can severely dry out our hair. 
Cold summer rinses help boost lustre and shine in your hair.

All you need to do is finish your wash routine with Conditioner 
and rinse this out with cold water. 
A shock at first, but the results are worth it.
 Cold water helps close your cuticles, thus sealing 
in moisture and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. 

If you're searching for a way to boost hair growth, then a scalp
 massage really is the easiest and most cost efficient way to do this. 
The importance of a scalp massage cannot be stressed enough! 

It stimulates blood flow to your scalp and increases oxygen intake 
to your hair follicles, which of course results in faster growing hair. 
On the plus side it is extremely relaxing and soothing!

x edF

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My mini experiment

Being the hair lover that i am, it would be selfish of me not to share what i have learned with my other sisters. One of my younger sisters recently endured a hefty hair cut, and has now begun her very own HHJ (Healthy Hair Journey). Unfortunately we forgot to take a before picture, however this is her starting pic.

Wet hair- April 2011 after cut

I guess we'll see that story unravel in approximately 4 months!

Healthy/Happy Hair Journey kiddo!

x edF


My lack of posting this time around is inexcusable... but I'm back now so hopefully you'll still have me!

Of course no better time to blog than during the London riots! I can't really put how i feel into words, all i know is that there are a lot of ill minded people out there who don't deserve the privileges London has given them. We are so quick to complain about unemployment, benefit rights etc Err how about trying life in a third world country where rape, clean water, blindness, Aids, HIV etc are daily issues!

Anyway, i refuse to remain fixated to the television. How about a summer post!

Another celeb with beautiful, thick long hair...

'Go team Natural!'

x edF