Sunday, 29 May 2011

P.S.C Feedback session

Protective Style Challenge 
Feedback session no.1 ...
source: naijacoils tumblr

Happy Sunday folks

I wasn't quite sure how to structure this post, because I intend on doing future feedback sessions aka check ins on youtube. So this is just a brief post outlining how i've found my protective style and any hiccups that i've encountered so far.

Before- In my weave maintenance 1 post I suggested washing your weave/braids once a week or once every 2 weeks
After- I now wash my hair every two weeks only, because more than this means I have to straighten my hair more often, due to the extreme texture difference between my 6 months post hair and the weave

Before- I thought it was ok to use my olive oil moisturising cream as a moisturiser for my weave
After- This product is way too heavy and makes the weave greasy. After washing I now only use leave-in conditioner and Pantene serum to style the weave.

- In the case of itchiness I focus on patting or rather than scratching, using my finger to rub the itchy area.
- I have been doing bantu knot outs to achieve waves rather than using heat

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Coconut oil times 4

Most of you know how much i love coconut oil.
 It's the one oil i have used consistently throughout my hair journey that has always given results.
 Along the course of this journey i have learned that oils just like makeup and food, also have quality categories.

 Coconut oil can be bought in so many forms, and i'm pretty sure i've used just about every type. I've stepped up on the coconut oil ladder, but nevertheless coconut oil has been good to me all in all. Just like when u finally decided to indulge in a harrods slice of bana cake and never want to return to the asda brand, so have i found my love for extra virgin coconut oil specifically. 

So what are the main types of coconut oil?

(Refined, bleached and deodorized)

RBD coconut oil is in most cases made from Copra (dried kernel of the coconut)
The Copra goes through a hydraullic process whereby the oil is extracted. The final product is crude coconut oil. Any form of crude oil is not suitable for consumption because it contains contaminants, therefore the oil has to be refined and filtered.
It has no smell or taste.

Hydrogenated coconut oil has a higher melting point unlike virgin and rbd which using melt faster given warmer temperatures.
Hydrogenation is a process whereby unsaturated fats are combined with hydrogen in a catalytic process. It is a chemical process.
Hydrogenation transforms some of the unsaturated fats into trans fatty acids which can be linked to coronary heart disease. 

Fractionated coconut oil has the longest shelf life. It's processing involves removing its long chain fatty acids from the oil so that only medium chain fatty acids are left.

and finally...

No doubt the best form of coconut oil, this is coconut oil in its purest form. EVCO is extracted from the actually coconut meat and not Copra. There are no chemical processes involved in the extraction of EVCO. It has the natural coconut scent and flavour and can also be used for cooking. EVCO melts immediately when touched.

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A week in weave

I've been rocking my weave for almost a month now and the struggle not to use heat has definitely meant i can't wash once a week. I'm now washing once every two weeks, and if i do get the urge to wash which i have! I separate my left out hair from the weave, and just wash the weave.

I absolutely love this weave and look forward to my next install in July where i will be using 3 packs of hair instead of 2, for a fuller look. Here are some pictures of a very special wedding, I went for side curls... the weave held up really well.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Weave/Braids: Ultimate Know How

Now that the protective style challenge is in full swing i've received a few emails about the do's and don'ts of protective styling and hair care especially for weaves and braids. 

Here are my top tips:

1- Pre weave/braids

-Get rid of those split ends. Split ends do not mean an extreme cut, they simply mean getting rid of the weakest ends of your hair that have split. What's more you won't have to worry about them for a while once they are being protected, which in the long run means you can finally retain hair length.
-Do a protein treatment/ protein deep condition before having your hair done. This ensures your hair is extra strong and ready for manipulation when your protective style is being installed.

2- Braids/ Braid patterns

-Speak up. Do not be a victim of tight hair. There is definitely a point of equilibrium when hair is tight enough and neat without being overbaringly tight. Tiny raised hair bumps all over your head are usually a sign of extra tight hair. You can always soothe this with an aloe vera spritz.
-For those on the protective style 6 month hair challenge or who always have their hair in  weave; alter your braid pattern. This does not mean completely changing the pattern, but variation will allow your hair to have a break and cause less stress on your hair.

3- Weave wars- a dollar short?

Being the saver that I am it took a while for me to embrace the cost of what you call that 'good weave'. Now having splurged all I can say is cheaper hair = more tangles and less wear and more expensive = tangle free...long lasting

4- Hair Treatment

This applies mainly to weaves. Before this install I had a highly unanticipated blonde moment. I washed my hair whilst in weave and used black hair products and wondered why the hair was so hard! Moral of the story... stick to your hair culture!
Brazilian, peruvian, indian hair should not be treated in the same way you treat your own hair. Invest in hair products that suit your weave type.
Most weaves simply need a dose of leave in conditioner to make them smooth and silky and a squirt of serum to give them the slight sheen that most of us desire.
The styling products that i'm currently using are Paul Mitchells leave-in conditioner and pantene serum. This duo works perfectly in giving my weave body, smoothness and a touch of needed shine.

5-Scalp care investment
-Nozzle heads-

Many people struggle to oil their scalp when in weave or braids. The best investment i have made whilst wearing my weave is in a point tip nozzle head bottle. This allows me to apply oil directly unto my scalp without having to use my fingers and without worry of oils spilling unto my weave and making it greasy.

6- Hair washing and deep conditioning cycle

I believe very strongly in keeping your hair clean when wearing weave or braids. I strongly dislike the idea of unwashed smelly 8 week old hair. The smell isn't for me. What's more my hair thrives when it is clean. Product build up clogs your scalp pores.

Deep conditioning your hair gives it lustre and adds to your hair health, giving it the needed moisture and strength it needs whilst kept away.

7- Resting phase

Give your hair a break! Having your hair re-done a day after taking it out= extreme manipulation. At this point your hair is susceptible to thinning. Giving your hair a week's rest prepares it for initial manipulation from your next install.
For more on how to care for your hair when in weave or braids check out these posts:

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Be back soon

Hey guys,

just to say i haven't forgotten the blog! Im submerged in exam revision so won't be blogging for another week. 

Wishing all students the absolute best with exams

x fi

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Protective Style Challenge 2011 video

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weave Installed & Challenge Ready

Evening guys...

Hope you've all got a busy and productive week ahead. I'm finally all geared up to go for our 6 month Protective style challenge, mind you i have been protective styling since and even before the initial challenge began, but this weave is so on point i can't help but be excited! There will be no weave taking out due to itchiness... this weave is just perfect! If anyone wants a weave hook up after the summer then Dayana is your girl!

Just for info i have mentioned the benefits and ease in having a horizontal braid pattern but we decided to go for a vertical pattern because of my hair parting options and also because i was ensured that this was the best option to ensure that my cornrows would lie very flat (my biggest fear is a bumpy big weave). Being the picky hair person that i am i can say, the spacing between wefts is more enough for me to easily access my scalp!

So here are the picks:

Final look

P.s I'll post many more pictures once exams are out

x edF

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Gabrielle Union loving her tresses!

I love when celebs post pics of their hair sans weave, a fresh relaxer etc etc. You just have to love twitter!

P.s Miss Union is natural! She hasn't had a relaxer in almost ten years. This look is achieved by blow-drying and also straightening the edges of her hair.

gabrielle union hair

gabrielle union hair

x edF

Tola's Weave Installation: LYT Protective Style Challenge

Layori: Deutschland Juni 2011

For my German hair sisters x

Ich habe schon ein Paar Musikvideos von der wunderchönen Sängerin Layori aufgestellt. Sie ist in meinen Augen ein Diamant in der Welt der kulturellen Musik. Ihre Engelhafte Stimme ist mesmerisierend. Layori wird uns ein Sneak Preview von ihrem neuen Album 'Rebirth' vorstellen, deshalb lade ich euch zu einem fantastichen Abend mit 'Layori'.

Layori:  Sneak Preview
Ort: Jazz Bar Vogler. Rumford Straße 17, München
Date: 1. Juni 2011

Ihr Debut-Album „Origin“ wurde 2010  in Frankreich, Polen, Südafrika und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten veröffentlicht.
Es folgten diverse umjubelte Auftritte bei Sommer Festivals in Europa, bei denen Sie ihr Publikum mit ihrer wunderbaren Mischung aus Afro Jazz, World Music und Soul begeisterte.
Beim letztjährigen Afrika Festival in Würzburg wurde Sie gar als die  Neuentdeckung des Festivals gefeiert.
Danach hatte Layori guten Grund für eine  Pause: Die Geburt ihres ersten Babys.

Ab Juni wird die aus Nigeria stammende Sängerin mit der Produktion ihres neuen und 2. Studio Albums beginnen.
Die neuen Songs sind zum Großteil in Layori’s Muttersprache Yoruba getextet.
Am 1.Juni wird Layori ihres neuen Songs erstmals live präsentieren, sozusagen als Sneak Preview für das Album, das Anfang 2012 erscheinen wird.
Und nicht nur die Songs sind brandneu. Layori hat für ihr neues Album auch eine komplett neue Band zusammengestellt, die sie ebenfalls am 1.Juni erstmals vorstellen wird.

Layori: Vocals
Rocky Knauer: Bass
Adrian Reiter: Guitar
Humphrey Cairo: Percussion
Alberto Barreira: Saxophone, Flute

„Rebirth“ ist der Arbeitstitel des neuen Album‘s von Layori und darf somit auch als Motto für diesen aufregenden, musikalischen Abend gelten.

Reservierungen unter089 294662

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Protective Hair Challenge 2011: UPDATE

So we've officially hit the month of May and the Protective Style Challenge should be in full swing right?! Well... it looks like the challenge will be seeing a few tweeks, nothing that will affect anyone who has already started.

I will be extending the deadline to start the challenge to the end of May 2011 therefore ending the challenge in November 2011. This is simply because:

1. I have received many e-mails asking about which protective styles to opt for and from people who haven't had enough time to get their hair done in time for the challenge start due to exam prep and other commitments.

2. I haven't told YOUTUBE!!! 

So for anyone stressing about not being able to join the challenge in time, no worries you have till the end of May. The challenge will still be titled for an APRIL 2011 start for those who have already started. May will just be the deadline to enter the challenge. I will therefore myself be posting my 6 month results in Oct or Nov depending on how long my install has been in.

Also as many of you may remember i took my initial install out due to excessive itching and have been rocking a d.i.y instant weave ever since. I will however be having a permanent install put in this Saturday by the lovely Dayana and will post my braid pattern and final look pictures, just in time for a great start to a great hair challenge .

Check out the official Protective Style challenge post for more info, and look out for this weekends youtube post!

P.s Tola from 'My Long Hair Journey' has officially joined the challenge. Check out her new weave install

x edF

Deep Breath...

'You know what I can’t take, when people don’t allow me to breathe, breathing is important you know sigh'-

We often underestimate the role of blood circulation on the human body. We seek hair growth and thickness and often dismiss other important factors such as hydration (enough water intake) , nutrition and general physical excercise. We are often victims of our own weak time management and struggle to find the time to really feed our inner-self. I most definitely am a victim of this.

Right now with exams fast approaching i have made a habit of taking a few minutes out of my day to relax my nerves and ensure that my body is being cleansed mentally, and i do this through a very simple breathing exercise.

Breathing regulates your state of mind, concentration and emotions. We all know how to do it but in fact only use a small percentage of our lungs optimal breath capacity. Remembering to take a deep breath during the day may sound very silly, but think about how often enough you do this an maximise your lung capacity.

Deep breathing sends a flood of oxygen into and through your body therefore increasing and enhancing blood circulation. In the long run this simply means a more relaxed you, a better concentrated you and as for your hair, it means your scalp is being feed and oxygenated so much so that it can function healthily and to its best. 

So if your stressed, nervous, need to focus... take 5 minutes out of your day and focus on calming yourself. Its definitely a beneficial activity and great for the inner you. 

You can even combine a breathing exercise with a scalp massage... the perfect way to treat your hair and yourself.

x edF

Monday, 2 May 2011

May 2011: Upcoming Posts

source: A dose of Ayomide
Protective style challenge- Feedback session no.1
Henna for better hair
Henna Gloss treatment
Hair- PH not just science
Shampoo then what series: Blowdry and more
Coconut oil x4

look out for these posts coming up in May

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Monday: Natural Inspiration

Lovin this to the fullest. Cant remember the source.. so excuse me if its yours and just shoot me a line and i will add the credits.

Miss Jones herself.. pic takin by Ella Maple

Stephania my muze for Poema Jones.
Earrings: Poema Jones Bogolan


Wanaisa wearing Poema Jones Iggy Pop earrings, Miss Makeba bag & jumpsuit.

Miss Jones herself

x edF

My Kitchen: Hummingbirds Red Velvet cupcakes


60g unsalted butter (at room temperature)
150g caster sugar
1 egg
10g cocoa powder
20ml red food colouring
1 1/2 tsps vanilla extract
120ml buttermilk
150g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 1/2 tsps white wine vinegar
1 quantity cream cheese frosting

makes 12 cupcakes

Preheat oven to 170ºC (325ºF) Gas 3

Mix butter and sugar until light and fluffy (electric hand whisk is best)
Slowly add egg and beat until everything is incorporated

In separate bowl mix cocoa powder, red food colouring and vanilla extract to make thick dark paste
Add to butter and sugar mixture and mix until everything is combined
Slowly pour in buttermilk.
Beat until well mixed and then add half flour and beat till everything i incorporated.
Repeat until all flour and buttermilk has been used and incorporated.

Add salt, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Beat until well mixed.
Spoon mixture into cupcake cases until two thirds full. Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes or until sponge bounces back when touched.

When ready, leave cupcakes to cool in tray before putting them unto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

When cupcakes are cold, spoon the Cream Cheese Frosting on top.

Et voila!

x The most yummy Red velvet Cupcakes ever to have been made x

x edF

Afro Hair and beauty Live Countdown

So the month is finally here and the countdown for the Afro Hair and Beauty Live show is fast approaching. Unfortunately i cannot attend this year because i'm Germany bound but 3 lovely ladies will be going as LYT eyes to give us the scoop on the show and exhibitions. Tickets are still selling, there is even a discounted price if you buy your tickets online. It's on the weekend, so get all glammed up and make a fun day out of it!

x edF

Carols Daughter

I came across this video today. Carols daughter has done so much for the black hair industry, i think what she's done and is doing is great. Check it out!

x edF

BlackHair Magazine Hair Service

Hey folks,

sorry its been a while, in fact its been two weeks since i last blogged *embarrassed face* ... and to top it off i'm now ill! Thank God blogging doesn't require you to leave your bed!

I hope everyone had a fab easter and of course watched the royal wedding on Friday! I had a good chat with my sister about Kate's dress. It definitely was an advance from Diana's... it so funny how fashion changes with time. Im sure she'll make a wonderful Mrs. I do wonder why i didn't see Obama in the crowd! Anyone care to explain? P.s i finally bought a nikon!!! I can't wait to put it to use!

But i'll spare that excitement for pictures!... Back to todays news.


The guys at BlackHair magazine, where we were so happily featured, are offering a wonderful oppportunity to get free hair service. The offer is for any Ladies around the East London/Romford, Essex area who fancy having their hair done for free by a professional hair salon and then writing about it? If so, contact BHM on the facebook page wall.

As per hair styles offered... 'it should be a simple wash, blow etc etc...'

You can also check out our feature post in the black hair mag here

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