Tuesday, 25 February 2014

[Haircare] Calling All Scalp Oil Users: Oil Is Not A Dry Scalp Solution!

On my last two trips to the hair salon and after a recent encounter with a Philip Kingsley spokesperson, it's become apparent that oiling the scalp seems to be more popular in the hairsphere than professional hair stylists think it should be.

Besides the childhood Blue Magic & Dax days #IKnowYouHadThemToo, I have never used anything but oils on my scalp. It's just standard practice... dry scalp, freshly washed scalp, want hair growth - throw on some scalp oil et voila! But the face analogy to follow had me question the scalp oiling phenomenon...

Most people use oil on their scalp for two reasons, to combat dryness and also for growth. On the dryness front, whilst oils can help soothe itching and flaking they most certainly should not be used solely as a dry scalp solution.

F A C E   A N A L O G Y
Let's imagine you smother your freshly washed face with oil and re-apply the oil to your face every other day for a week without washing it. Yes the dryness may have disappeared and you have that #NiaLongGlow, but essentially all you've done is mask the dryness, clog your pores, encourage spots and the root cause of dryness remains unknown! #NoMoreNia

There are many pros of using scalp oils in your regimen no doubt about it! However using oils on your scalp when experiencing dryness can also have its downsides:

 It can worsen scalp conditions such as dandruff -
- It may mask more serious scalp conditions -
- Can increase itching due to build up & thus cause hair loss -

D R Y   S C A L P   S O L U T I O N
- Increasing your H2O intake - 
- Check your diet, are you missing any vital nutrients/vitamins -
- Consider visiting your GP/ A Trichologist -
- Avoid Dandruff Shampoos - 
- Consider more frequent hair washing - 

So in closing, I'm still a super frequent scalp oil user, however oiling the scalp should work hand in hand with washing the scalp/hair. If you are a frequent oiler then you should also be a more frequent washer! My biggest find after many years of suffering from a dry and flaky scalp, was that my hair craved to be washed more frequently and couldn't hack my days or even weeks of daily oil on scalp slobbering without a touch of water to quench its thirst!

Some over the counter Scalp Care treatments

Monday, 10 February 2014

Kitchen Chronicles: Ultimate Haute Chocolate

I don't know about you but I am a huge fan of comfort foods and indulgence during these cold winter months. I'm huge on indoor snuggling, movies under my sheets and hot cups of something pretty, which is where this sexy cup of chocolateness comes into play!

I decided to bail on the traditional powdered sachet of hot chocolate and went for something homemade and authentic, also known as a bar of Swiss milk chocolate, cinnamon bark steeped in milk, a touch of vanilla essence with cream on top, sprinkled with cinnamon dust!

Looks like you know the ingredients already! Honestly you have to try this, especially if you're a chocolate lover - the deliciousness is dangerous...



6 milk chocolate bar pieces [any type of milk chocolate is fine!]
Glass of Milk
1 Cinnamon bark stick
Cinnamon spice
1/2 capful of Vanilla Extract
Whipped Cream

Method: Heat milk in saucepan until hot, then remove from stove and add cinnamon bark and let steep in milk for 10-15 minutes. [The longer the more potent the cinnamon taste]

After 10-15 minutes remove cinnamon using small sieve. Then place milk back on stove and add chocolate cubes stirring the milk slowly until chocolatey. Then add 1/2 capful of Vanilla Extract.

Pour your saucepan of yumminess into a latte glass or mug and top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon spice... et voila! Heaven in a cup!!!

For my mint chocolate lovers, O yes I went there and yes it was delicious! All you need is to replace the cinnamon with mint leaves!!

Avec amour…


Monday, 3 February 2014

Newly Natural | A Curly Fro with Twist 'n' Curl Perm Rod Set [Video Tutorial]

Happy Monday Loves!

Just returned from a trip to Portugal to see some family and as soon as I got off the plane I was itching to get home and post this!

No joke folks this is my go to hair style, I'm definitely looking for another style because sleeping in perm rods really isn't cute or most importantly comfortable!!! But hey I love it and when a girl loves something there's no turning back!

Hope you enjoy!
[P.s don't forget to watch in HD!]

Avec amour…