Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weave Take out!


Yes folks you read right! I took my much talked about weave out!!! Believe me i still can't believe it myself! I loved it, absolutely adored it, HOWEVER and that is a big however. The itching episode i experienced was beyond me and beyond this world.

If a sentence could explain how i felt it would look like this.

My hair itched so 'itch' bad that 'itch' my scalp 'itch' began to 'itch itch' get sore and i 'itch' couldn't 'itch' take it 'itch' any- 'itch' more 'itch'!

My cousin said i was a diva however in my entire life, i have never itched so much. My scalp was sore from all of the banging and itching. I've researched the itchy scalp syndrome and the same point comes up.
'Weaves are itchy'

I have had weaves before so the only point i am willing to digest is that my scalp, having not been cornrowed in over a year, simply was overwhelmed by the cornrows and how tight and suffocated they were.

As for the next step, i am adamant on protecting my hair up until November, and therefore will be doing a weave again! Before you curse! I plan on having a more open braid pattern done. By this i mean my cornrows will be done horizontally, thus allowing me to access my scalp more easily and also allowing my scalp to breath more easily. I will also make sure that the cornrows are not done as tight this time! Wish me luck!

P.s how do you deal with the braid/weave scalp itch? Help a girl out!

x edF

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