Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Photo Bombing | Jane Carter 360 Transformation Event

I was gutted about not being able to get coverage on the Afro Hair and Beauty Show and Curlvolution this year. In the first instance I couldn't go and in the second instance miss Laila Jean [Fusion of Cultures] had my SD card so I couldn't upload my pics.*Sigh* Anyway I refused to let the JCS 360 event slip! I had my younger sister help out with hair stalking and photo taking... Here are our recollections of the amazing turn out, amazing people and all in all fantastic day!

For those of you who weren't able to attend there will definitely be a UK Blogger Collective part 2. Will keep you posted!

P.s. am I allowed to apologise again for my complete muck up of the shout outs! Those who were there know exactly what I'm talking about (covers face)!!!  Black Hair & Beauty Magazine Black Beauty and Hair Magazine!!!

Anyway on to the photos already! Enjoy!

Long time friend & blogger Michelle of KurlsKoilsKinks
Laila of Fusion of Cultures and her delicious head of Hair!

The talented and beautiful ladies of Natural Hair Daily
Fun and laughter with @mediacrazy

Talented Eulanda Shead, the face behind the camera
Miss Nyla of KulchicBeauty

Seun and I 
One of the 4 UK Blogger Collective Queens of the Night Pelumi Rae of Care For Your Hair
Another one of the 4 UK Blogger Collective Queens of the Night Crystal of United KinKdom
Ketisha & Naomi representing UK Naturals
Another one of the 4 UK Blogger Collective Queens of the Night Wunmi of Woman In The Jungle
Mr MediaCrazy Tyrone & Teshna

Bukky founder extraordinaire of Curlvolution
Miss Laila Jean of FusionOfCultures another one of the UK Blogger Collective Queens 

So that's it from me, the amazing Eulanda Shead covered the entire event so I look forward to seeing her captures from the day!

In other news I posted a new video, did you catch it? Ashanti Full Lace Wig by RPGS Show!

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Avec amour...

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, its so inspiring to see so many natural sista's with beautiful hair....it might be time for me to transition again!!!

  2. Yes I agree with you Stella its always inspiring to see that and making a transition is always such a big even or so it seems. I get all exited about it and how it is going to look.

  3. thanks ladies, and yes Stella let me know if you do I'd love to track your journey with you!!!!


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