Monday, 25 November 2013

Newly Natural | Thoughts, Texture & Length

I had some time at the weekend and wanted to share my thoughts on my transition thus far, including my starting length as a 'newly natural'!

Blogging will commence on Thursday as I have a busy start to the week at work!

Have an amazing Monday!!!

Here's an inspirational quote that brightened up my morning:

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!
Milton Berle

Avec amour…



  1. I love love love your hair! I recently cut my relaxed ends off after a year of transitioning, and you were totally describing my hair texture! Tightly coiled in the back and loose waves in the front! I don't ever think a wash and go is an option for me but I totally agree that wash days are easier and faster and I really feel liberated with no relaxed ends! I look forward to my new healthy hair journey and I'm excited to follow yours! Good luck beautiful!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous and so are you. Thanks for being a faithful blogger you always keep us informed, I really look forward
    to seeing what's going on with you and your hair. Congrats. on your big chop.


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