Wednesday, 16 April 2014

For The Skincare Fanatics... D.I.Y Spring Herbal Steam Pot

For those of you who know me, I do like to try my hand at a D.I.Y Project every now and again [1], [2], [3] but this one wasn't so much for fun it was more of an essential!!! It's been one of the busiest starts to the year at work and trust me my poor skin is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end


I decided it was time to take control of my so called "skin problems" by upping my skin care game and throwing together an effective homemade treatment to pair up with my much loved weekly oil cleansing session a.k.a the HERBAL STEAM POT

I've been herbal steaming for a few weeks now and whilst my skin is still not exactly where I'd like it to be - the steaming has still definitely made a huge difference. I do this once a week whilst oil cleansing and it leaves my skin super supple, clean and refreshed. Dare I say it makes sense, the herbal and floral properties in this concoction are endless!
Lavender healing, antibacterial
Hibiscus vitamin C, antibacterial
Anise calming
Chamomile antidepressant, anti-bacterial
Juniper berries vitamin C, astringent
Orange peel vitamin C, brightening, scar reducing
Rose petals hydrates, tones, anti-inflammatory

1- Order your herbal and floral supplies *
2- Gradually add a pinch of every ingredient into a jar
3- Once the jar is just about full, shake the jar for even distribution
4- On the day of your steaming session pour just enough of the herbal/floral mix into your steam bowl and store the remainder of your herbal/floral pot away in a dry place
5- Follow the instructions given on your steaming device, however if using the traditional bowl method then place a towel over your head to help capture steam effectively. Do this for no longer than 10 minutes.

*some of my favourite herbal/floral ingredient retailers [1, 2, 3]

I chucked a towel over my head a few minutes after!

Has anyone else tried Oil Cleansing or Herbal Steaming?

Avec amour...


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