Wednesday, 6 August 2014

NEW HAIR | MercysHairExtensions U-Part Wig + Blending Natural Hair With Curly Weave

Happy Wednesday Loves!

Just in case you hadn't already snuck a peek at my new hairstyle well here it is, a juicy U-Part Wig using MercysHairExtensions.

I was sent this hair a good six plus months ago and decided I wanted to embrace my natural hair for a few months before opting for any protective/weave like styles, which meant after a few months a.k.a now! I was super excited to finally have this made into a U-Part and try out something new! Natural hair styling is a tonne of fun but definitely requires a lot of time which right now I seem to have very little of, so this unit has really been a God send!

Some of you may also know I've not used a drop of heat on my hair since Nov 2013 when I chopped off my relaxed ends, so I was so relieved when my flexi rod set made for the perfect ringlets which blended my hair quite well with the 'Deep Malaysian Curls' [of course I whipped up a quick 5 minute video on the blending process!]

I can definitely say I would wholeheartedly recommend this hair. I loved Creta Girl but she couldn't survive the storm, human hair over synthetic hair any day!

Before I sign out just some details on the type of hair used, bundles, inches etc followed by some video takes showing how I went from the yummy fro to the diva curls! 

Malaysian Deep Curly
18' x 1
20' x 2
Natural Colour
3 Bundles
U-Part Wig made by @Mariahldn

Old Twist Out, Fro Life!
'Braided Up', cornrows give me wrist cramps so braids for the win!
Shower cap or weave cap? Shower cap! Leaves me with super soft hair
Flexi Rods with Design Essentials Twist & Set Setting Lotion, previously used here

Avec amour…



  1. Cool hairstyle! Suits you!

    Will you do a length check anytime soon? Curiuos to see how long your hair is now.

  2. I love this hair on you. My leave out always poofs up and it turns into a complete fro by the end of the day. How do you prevent this from happening? x

  3. This curly weave suits you so well, xx

  4. Your hair is looking strong and thick, also beautiful wig, nice job :)


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