Sunday, 12 September 2010

Queen Helene Review

So a few weeks back I mentioned absolutely loviiinngg the 'Queen Helene Cholesterol' deep conditioner.

Now first off this stuff contains mineral oils....eurgh I know! That nasty stuff that clogs your pores!
But it also contains Aloe and Keratin Amino Acid Proteins a.k.a the main reason why I decided to use it! ( Pssst our hair is formed of  keratin bonds so keratin= the big go ahead!) Anyway...I was a little bit scared about using it on my new growth which was strong enough already...but my relaxed hair was in need so I took la risque.
Queen Helene is generally for hair that suffers from too many chemical treatments, over-processing, blow-drying etc, therefore especially good for extremely-damaged hair.

Method  'n' Results:
* I co-washed n then smothered QH all over my hair (mixed with oils) and then put my shower cap on...and sat under the hair dryer for 20 mins..
* I realised that QH actually worked when I was detangling! My wide tooth comb went so easily through my hair which is usually a bit of a hassle with so much re-growth.

*Not only that!  Even once I had dried my hair and began to part it in prep for a was so much easier than previously when I had to use the comb as well as my fingers to part my hair.

Y'all should defo give it a try ;)

Peace, love n excellent hair care

x edF x

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