Thursday, 23 September 2010

Search & Destroy

I'm not a fan of cutting/ trimming/ dusting. Nope... never have been. BUT I've matured n know its important to get rid of straggly ends a.k.a 'search n destroy'!

Dusting isnt your average trim or cut. Its actually a process you tend to do on a more frequent basis at home by yourself. It's simply you acting as a hair scientist. Let me paint u a picsture.

I sit in front of the mirror usually about to moisturise and seal and then KA-POW I find a split end. Then the search begins.... ten hours later I've gotten rid of any found split ends...and I feel good!

Dusting is definitely not a replacement to trimming...I guess it just lets your pre done trim last longer.


x eau de Fiona x

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