Monday, 18 October 2010

6 months later

So 6 months later and Im relaxed again! I thought i'd miss the full thick hair due to regrowth but my hair is fuller than it has ever been when relaxed so I guess those 6 months really were worth it!

I have approximately 1 month to go before i reach my 1 year hair journey so the length comparison pic will have to wait till then. I decided not to straighten my hair this time after relaxing. I don't know...the though of so much direct heat after all those chemicals made me cringe...God knows why! But yeah my neighbours surprised me today! They wore their tango gear and danced for me! One managed to get a few photos of my hair 'n' sent here's perhaps a sneak peak of my hairs condition.

'Happy Monday...strive to be the best you can- time waits for no one'

x edF x

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