Thursday, 1 December 2011

She stood me up!!! # tardy for the party

So I've been here 20 minutes already waiting for my friend Chloe to turn up, of course I've had to order a drink already because these waiters are not about to have a chick sit for free. They don't have those Michelin stars on the door for nothing! As far as I know etiquette simply requires a phone call or text to pardon your tardy for the party self... but do I get that? No!

27 minutes and 30 seconds later I'm not so keen on having dinner with my imaginary friend Giles (though he is Taye Diggs kinda cute), so I get the bill and get ta steppin... 

Bill paid, seat tucked in and guess who comes strutting through the door! 

Heat set, edges slick, curls in perfect place... Chloe!!!

Have you ever been stood up or done the standing up because you simply haven't had enough time to fix your hair ???

 Well then you may just need this!

Time to number up!

Take a note out of June Ambrose's book - invest in a turban. Who has more fun Blondes or Turbanistas? We all know what June thinks!

Neat doesn't always attract the men in suits... haven't you heard messy is the new sexy! So stop being so prim and proper.. go wild! It could just take a 5 minute messy bun to steal the man of your dreams!

How else do you think Hudgens stole Zac Efrons heart!

Quit frontin' you know you want a phony pony. If Alicia can pull it off then who's to say you can't! Finally the perfect opportunity to do your L'oreal 'beacause I'm worth it' flick!

Opt for princess treatment and accesorize. A head band/ hairclip/ hair flower can make the most simple hairstyle look like an oscar masterpiece. Doesn't Lala look like a gem!
Be on time... a lady in waiting is a lady who's hating!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. Loves it!


  2. LOL! omgosh Fiona for a minute that freaked me out because that exact thing happened the other day with me and afia...i was running late because i kept bumping into people and they wouldn't stop talking! I ended up being so late i thought Afia would have left...only i went in and she was munching...which was a relief lol! And she has a make believe friend called Giles too! -Loving the Blog-

  3. Chlo!!! Haha omg how weird lol! No i guess you were just on my mind then lol - tut tut on you.. smacks hand!!

  4. LOL! I know! SO weird! and i felt so bad lol! I've just seen your reply way back in September about me getting weave! I am definitely getting it done without fail! Is there any specific hair you would recommend?


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