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Darren Scott Salon | The Official Review

Okay so this 4 week fabulous straight hair story/review is one too many weeks late, but if it's any consolation it has allowed me to document my results over 4 weeks, which means the results most certainly speak for themselves!

So here's the lowdown... in October Pelumi of CareForYourHair visited the Darren Scott salon, wrote a review, dropped us some pictures and had just about everyone hopping on the 'I think I got me a new salon' bandwagon, myself included! So I gave the salon a call and turned up for my appointment in Maida Vale one early Saturday morning.

P.s. For those of you who don't know, Darren Scott is a qualified hair and make-up stylist/artist who has several celebrities in his portfolio, and who was called to style for the P&G Salon during the Paralympic Games.

Now back to the review!

 I arrived early Saturday morning and was given a very warm welcome. I was then seated, offered a cuppa and introduced to James the lovely stylist who would be doing the first half of my hair treatment. Despite having my hair cut and styled by a white hair stylist before, I have to admit I was a tad bit nervous about James doing my hair, simply because I wasn't sure if he really knew what he was getting himself into! Natural hair is one thing, 11 month transitioned hair... a different ball game entirely! 

 However not too long after I was to discover that this wash by James would be ♫Drake- the best I have ever had♫. I was too busy snoozing to remember every fine detail, but to summarise let's just say a quick shampoo, loooooong head massage and nose alluring deep conditioning treatment [I could have eaten the air, it smelled so good! - picture of products below]. 
Part 2 of my wash experience then followed by James taking me back to the styling seat and telling me I would be going under the dryer. Now let's pause ladies and resume to Picture 3 below! If this isn't how to give a hair loving nerd a heart attack, then what is?! All I could think was dry this, under that? No way... tangle central and early big chop? I don't think so! Yet again a few seconds later James returned to prove my doubts wrong with some Argan Oil and what appeared to be a plastic bag... I was going to have my hair steamed!

Just to fast forward, the rest of my experience at the salon speaks for itself via the pictures below. Darren styled my hair and gave me a flawless cut and finish, the type that leaves your hair dancing in the wind [literally] and feeling like silk. The results of my treatment at the Salon have lasted 4 weeks, without the need for an extra touch of heat. Shoot I even threw in some pictures below right up until recent to show how good my hair still looks!

So on that note I'll finish and say I would give the salon a 10/10 because I can and because my hair tells me too! The salon is NOT just for black hair in fact far from, it caters to European, Asian and Afro/Caribbean hair textures. The prices are more than reasonable considering the quality of service and expertise, and hey any transitioners breaking combs and using one bottle of conditioner per wash, this may just be your fix!!!

Do check out the salon site or give the salon a call if you want to find out more about their services, and don't forget to proof the pics below!

I love me some interior design... check out the eyes! Hand painted skills!
Darren, James and Laurence in work mode
Picture 3 | Peep the scary mop that poor James had to work with! Now do you know why I was nervous!!! Post shampoo hair!
That lightbulb moment when I realised I was going to get my steam on!
Yep that's right... chop chop chop! A few steps closer to the BC!
Fresh cut... even the sunshine was appreciating!

Products : Mizani Thermasmooth Shampoo and Conditioner, Mizani Supreme Oil Conditioner, Mizani Supreme Oil,
Mizani Thermasmooth Anti-Humidity Spritz, Inoar Argan Oil, and Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Smoothing Treatment [not in photo]
Just some photos of me enjoying my hair! 

Avec amour...
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  1. I'm definitely impressed with your results. I wish I could find similar salons like that in Trinidad!

    1. I 2nd that Marie! My last salon experience made me think about transitioning.

    2. You're more than welcome to join me!!! Marie I'm sure you'll come across one soon, it's taken me 2 years to discover DS so there is hope eventually!!! :)

  2. Lovely, they did a great job on your hair too. The mop comment on your hair too funny. Im transitioning as well this gives me hope and your hair is looking mighty fine with lots of shine lol

    1. aww thank you! The shine is all thanks to Gleau oil, review on that another day!!

  3. wow this review has wet up my appetite like i am about to eat some good chicken. I am seriously impressed and in love with your results.

    Question, did you wrap your hair every night to keep it straight? ( I assume you did)
    Did they blow dry and then flat iron?
    I will definitely be trying this place out in the future and if I hear anyone after a salon I will refer them to your review.

    Maureen x

    1. Haha Maureen you are too funny! I didnt wrap my hair once!!! It gives me a headache when I do! I only ever wear a low bun held by a bobby pin with my scarf on to bed!

      Yes they blowdried and followed up with flat ironing!

      Let me know when you go :) I'd love to hear how it went x

    2. Talking about chicken reminds me of a customer yesterday from New Orleans talking about Southern Fried Chicken!! LOL

      Glad you like the hair :)

  4. Lovely results, thanks for letting us know about it!

  5. Wow...I wonder though if they could possibly make a full-blown truly kinky natural hair look like that without flat iron?!
    What service did you ask for please? I might give them a try if there is hope for my fully-transitioned-very-kinky hair...*sigh*...its been in braids for so long now cos i cant with the styling and daily maintenance at the mo :-(

    1. They did Pelumi's really well so I'm sure they can handle your lovely mane ;) I just had a wash and style. Im sure they'll look after you :D x

    2. If you use the right products anything is possible!!!! The keratin treatments are popular, as they are versatile, you can wear your hair straight or curly :)

  6. Love to Know about it and excellent results.

  7. Its showing amazing beauty products and i love these good looking products.I have seen similar content about it and want tell to others.

  8. wow thats amazing i was just looking for a review on this salon and its a perfect review for me! I'm fully natural with heat damaged ends so pretty much the same, may give them a try now.

    1. ooo let me know how it goes, do you plan on trimming or cutting? x


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