Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello 2013...

We're still one week in so I'll still go on and wish you all a very happy, prosperous, joy filled and bright 2013 ahead! As just about everyone on the blogosphere has already done, I too have created an extensive list of goals for the New Year. Not just hair related, oh no I'm talking Hair, Skin, Body, Career, Faith, Family, Relationship the whole lot!

I figured there's no better time than to implement one of my main goals now... to blog more frequently!!! So here goes my goal list and first post for the year! Cheers to that!!!


- Drink 1litre of water a day [previously went days without so this is MAJOR!] -

- A Fruit and/or Veg Smoothie a Day [peep the Instagram Pics I'm loving it so far] -

- Daily Nutritional Supplement intake [I throw these into my Smoothie] -
- 1 session of Hot Bikram Yoga a week or a 30 min workout session twice a week -


- Always finish face wash with cold H20 rinse -

- Apply Eye Cream and SPF daily [no excuses] -
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
- Special Skincare Regime involving Steaming, Exfoliation and a Face Mask -
[So far loving my Homemade Turmeric, Green Tea and Honey Argan Face Mask]

just a few treats to make the healthy Skin journey easier!


- 80% Protective Styling [Two U-Part Wigs and a tutorial on the way] -

-Very little to no heat for the most part of the year -
- Big Chop Nov 2013 -
so many more but too many to write!


- Post at the very least once a week -
- Video/Youtube Post 1x every fortnight [really going to try on this one!]-


- To grow closer to my God [started a 1 year Bible reading plan very excited!] -
- To actually put on some weight already! [First weigh in done and tracking the progress!] -
and of course some other goals that may have you snoring before I've finished mentioning them all! All in all I believe it will be a great year!!!

Have you written your goals? Any similar? Let a girl know!

Avec amour...
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  1. I'm looking to Big Chop in a few months when I reach 2 years. It's a little scary the closer you get to the date. But I'm enjoying the journey! Good luck on yours :)

  2. I need to start some kind of skin regime also! To start I've made it my goal to drink at least one bottle of water a day. Drawing closer to God is also a personal goal of mine so so important. Happy New Year! x

  3. Yes girl we have so many of the same goals!!! And I've also just invested in a clarisonic :) This thing better be the bomb!

  4. Wow, so similar. This year I want a lot of personal growth - mind(academics), body( tone up+ hair care) & spirit(draw closer to God). In addition more independence & better relationships with my loved ones.
    All the best with yours. Stay blessed.


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