Thursday, 31 January 2013

Never Half Hearted | Instagram Updates

Good Evening Belles,

just a quick post, I literally just finished a 10 minute tug-o-war with myself deciding on whether or not to post this because one, it's not a "post" post and two, it seems pretty darn lazy, but Alas my loves the past week has been super busy so instagram is just about the only cyber avenue I've had time to commit to, so shoot I may aswell keep you filled in on that right?!

Videos coming this weekend and some posts in the pipeline for next week!
Top Left to Right:
[1] So head wraps are defo my new thing! I think this calls for a scarf shopping trip/haul!!!

[2] Smoothie prep for the next 6 days!!! It's been a busy week but these are a must either way #smoothieADay2013

[3] Absolutely knackered after a long day serving at a Nigerian wedding and now I have to wash this head of afro wonderfulness! Either way its worth it knowing she loves her fro now, so off to cowashing we go!!! #naturalkids

Bottom Left to Right:
[4] Home ill and off work but managed to fix myself a quick snack. Forgot how much I love sautéed garlic butter mushrooms. So delish!!!

[5] Wedding Flow!!!

[6] Fell off the Smoothie bandwagon for 2 days but back on it now! I love the way apples overpower the taste of Spinach... Thank God!!! INGREDIENTS: 3 Apples, 1 Kiwi & 2 Handfuls of Spinach
P.s It's almost Friday... wohooooo!!! This song came to mind when I just wrote that! Who remembers this old school jam!!!

Have a blessed and truly fulfilling weekend! xxx

Avec amour...



  1. Hello Fiona Is there a book or something you use for your smoothie recipes? X

    1. Hi Sarian of course, here are some links:



      And finally this exciting recipe chart!!! :

      P.s I often post smoothies on my Pinterest Board, you can check them out here:


    2. Oh Wow Thanks :) that's a lot :O where to start? :S


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