Saturday, 9 February 2013

5 Saturday Articles...

Hola, Guten Tag and all the rest folks!

So this is the first, second or third Saturday this year I have spent the entire day at home and no guesses as to why! Hair!!! Yep today has been one of those take your hair to the Spa kinda days and I'm currently DC'ing so figured I'd shoot a quick post to show y'all a few treats I've either bought or received. Hope you're having a great Saturday ^_^

I have VERY visible eye wrinkles and decided it was high time I bought some eye products, *Avene and Guinot. Also needed to re-stock on my BB face cream and Triology toner
My first M.A.C shadows [Brow Down, Antiqued and Texture, bring on my inner MUA! *jokes*
Some Mixed Roots Curly Kinky products I received to trial out
You guys know how I feel about Zara right?!!! *drool*
The first bundle of hair for my 2013 U-Part Wig Lifestyle! 

Avec amour...



  1. Ooo excited to see your u part when finished! Will you be making it yourself.
    p.s Zara <3 always lol.
    x Debra

    1. Hey hun, yes I plan on, but also enjoying clip ins at the mo, undecided now! x


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