Monday, 25 February 2013

5 February Articles

Where are the Hair posts you ask?!!

I figured I would start the week on a lighter note with a 5 Articles Post, because I am about to bombard the blog with some Hair, Hair and more Hair talk this week! I've got some reviews in the pipeline and some good old Haircare posts, but I'll let you enjoy your Monday evening and fill you in tomorrow!

As for now here are my February articles x

Stella & Dot Jewels, they are sooooo pretty aren't they?!!
A beautiful necklace from Ghana, can't wait for Summer!
Any guesses which tutorial I'm posting tomorrow?!!
Don't ask! Bought some liquid Collagen from Holland & Barretts just for fun!
HMV closing down Sale, some chick flicks for quiet evenings

Avec amour ... 



  1. That's either chocolate..........or rhassoul clay?!

    Whoo Jeebus, my heart...

  2. Haha!!! Henna but yes I dreamed it was chocolate!


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