Monday, 4 March 2013

Weekend as a Natural + A Mini Dress Up

Quote - William Faulkner

I spent the weekend stuck indoors bar a few hours because my younger sister has chicken pox! Who even gets that these days! I had no idea it still existed! Anyway I had 3 hours of freedom on Saturday so I decided to get all dressed up and make the most out of it, hair, clothes, shoes and all!!!

 I love the stage I've reached in my Hair journey and transition right now. One minute I'm in a clipped in weave, the next I'm loving the kinked and slightly poofed top bun look. 

I had a wee soppy moment when looking at these pictures, because this time last year there is no way in the world I would have rocked any other look than a smooth.straightened sleek bun, and now... Well lets just say my perception of beauty has changed drastically and I'm just in a happy place!

I achieved this look with a simply bantu knot out, so far that has to be my staple transitioning style. I used a product I love love love and have quite badly left in the dark a.k.a Curl Me Soft Leave-In Hair Cream and of course the previously mentioned Twist and Set Lotion by Design Essentials. I will be doing a long overdue bulk review on some prodcts I was sent by Afrotherapy which included the Curl Me Soft Leave-In Hair Cream so stay tuned for that this week.

In the mean time here are some snaps, have a blessed and truly wonderful monday xxx

Loving this Nude Nail Polish - Toffee by Maxfactor

Took it right back to my "want to be mixed race" secondary school days and achieved the curl with gel and a cotton bud!!! Crack myself up!!!
Can any picture do these enough justice?
Does anyone else tuck in their skinnies?

Avec amour...



  1. Those shoes!!! I love this look too

  2. Your hair always looks on point! I am jealous

  3. Go Ahead girl.. Work it! It's always good to have a moment to embrace and love yourself!! Love the pictures and the outfit!

  4. So beautiful loving the hair and the outfit. The snake print is amazing :)

  5. aww thank you ladies a million kisses for the love!!!

  6. Lovely hair, pictures are stunning.

  7. love ur blog hun :) but just know us mixed race girls can have "kinky" hair too ;)

  8. thank you so much ladies xxx

    @Yolandaas yes I know! Don't mind me just a childhood perception I had that brought back some giggles when trying to get my curl on!! x

  9. oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee where are those shoes from? what store?
    do share

  10. You look beautiful Fiona, your hair looks so healthy! Btw how tall are you?

    1. How sweet thank you! I am 5ft 5 x

  11. I love that pop of color from your necklace!! Where did you get it from?

  12. WoW, so simple and elegant, I like your shoes. Cheers

  13. Nice look.I like her style so much.

  14. You are so pretty! And I love the nail color too!!

  15. Gina and Pixie H thank you :) xxx


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