Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Hair... Finding Love with Creta Girl

Ahhhhhh I know I know I've been away for too long again! Well I do hope you all saw my M.I.A notice post on Facebook because I did say I'd be a cyber ghost for a few days! Anyway I'm back and with new Hair!!! Where do I even start?! Well how about with how in love I am with this diva wig! May I introduce Miss Creta Girl! Flyest kinky curly chick I ever did own!

Now unto some specs... well you all know I mentioned in my New Years Post I would be protective styling for the most part of the year, or well at least up until my big chop in November [*scream!!!*], so when I found this treat, after some hours of Youtube stalking, there was no way I was not going to invest... At only £25 incl delivery who wouldn't right?!

Colour:  1b
Length : Armpit Length

To blend I simply braided a small segment of my hair at the front, used some perm rods to add curl definition  and then unraveled and blended with my fingers. As you can see I opted for a pinned side sweep, but this looks real cute with a middle part too. You can also wear a low ponytail and bun which I plan on experimenting some more with this weekend! [Here is an instagram pic of me playing around with Creta].

I wasn't sure if this also called for a YouTube review so I guess y'all can let me know... but in the meantime ladies, relaxed, natural, transitioning or loc'd don't be scared to experiment with a wig, it really does add some spring to your step. P.s. the Beyonce Sasha Fierce thing is real! When I'm wearing this I feel all kinds of Diva! Nice diva though!!! Haha

Here are some pics... Enjoy xxx

Back shot... I stretched the curl with a hairband hence the uneven drop

*Oh p.s. here is the ebay link for the wig*
Avec amour...



  1. This is gorgeous! It blends so well with your hair

  2. What I do to blend is make two flat twists (one on each side of my face, I have about 1.5in of leave out) and then I twist the ends of the flat twists into little Bantu knots and it blends perfectly.

    1. OOOooo yes trusty flat twists, I need to try and master these I suck at them! x

  3. ahhhhhhh now this makes me miss transitioning i recently big chopped , so cant really do much hahhahaha , looks lovely on you :)

  4. This wig is Fabulous on you! Love the curls...

  5. Hi Fiona is it a full wig or a half wig??

  6. OMG!!! it looks amazing!! I have been eyeing this wig for some months now but was a little scared that it ould be too much for me.

  7. Looks beautiful, blends in really well!

  8. So cute! I couldn't even tell where your real hair blends over the wig.

  9. This hairstyle suits you a lot! It blended really well with your hair too :)

  10. I love this style.. Get it girl! You look amazing in it..
    I want to try wigs as protective styles but I'm not comfortable in them (hopefully I can overcome that)

    PS I love your blog.. I look forward to you posts.. I'm currently transitioning to natural (excited)

  11. This wig looks great on you!! You make me want one and I've never wanted a wig before lol

  12. This wig looks gorgeous on you. I love me some freetress hair. This brand is really good!! I adore the Celtic girl one!!

  13. Hi Fiona, just wanted to let you know that all of your hair styles are so gorgeous* love, love, love it!! Thanks! From: schevelle*


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