Monday, 27 May 2013

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Jane Carter & UK Blogger Collective Event!

I can't say much because I''m at work right now... kind of on lunch but kind of not! All I will say is EXCITED!!! Myself and these beautiful Queens [Crystal Afro of United Kinkdom, Laila Jean aka Neffyfrofro, Pelumi of Care for Your Hair and Wunmi of WomanInTheJungle] who I'm sure you all know, are hosting an Event with the fabulous Jane Carter on Saturday 1st June!

The tickets are free but limited, we'd love to meet you all!

Avec amour...


  1. Hi ya,

    I ordered the tickets online, and received the email confirmation. Do i need to print the ticket?

  2. Replies
    1. Kool, I'm really looking forward to it. X

    2. I mistakenly ordered the press media ticket due to too much excitement, would I still be allowed in

    3. Hi hun so sorry but bloggers/press have to confirm their blog/web site upon sign up. What name did you sign up with let me e-mail you x


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