Thursday, 29 May 2014

5 May Articles

Just some of my fave memories/ places/ people this month… can't wait for June and what should hopefully be the perfect start to a warm and fun filled Summer!

Life in Instagram

[Top Left to Right]
[1] Maya Angelou , appreciating the works of this remarkable woman. Truly an inspiration
[2] Wedding fever, creating memories with my faves
[3] Big sis & Little sis, always time for a selfie!
[4] Appreciating how loved and blessed I am
[5]Sundays are for family
[6] New easy hairstyle fave
[7] You are Beautiful

[8] The power of words
[9] 6 months post transitioner chop length check video
My new addiction, Quartz Crystal Jewellery. Handmade by Brickrunway
A fun and quirky read I came across during my last salon visit - by Phillip Kingsley
Much needed trip back to Ghana
Gorgeous beaded slippers from Accra Art Center. I can't wait for the sun to come out so I can wear these!

Avec amour...


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