Monday, 9 June 2014

Hair Talk: Things I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning

I know I know the past few weeks have been a whole lot of transitioner talk! I can't help it! With two friends and three blogger sisters [Ebony of Longing4Length], [Jen of JustGrowAlready] & [Lesley of FreshLengths] recently deciding to give the transitioning thing a go, the excitement has me wanting to pour out all of my experiences and reflections here on the blog - I'm almost jealous they get to relive the moment, though I'm not sure I would sign myself up to do it all over again!

Had I been able to turn back the hands of time [#IfOnlyRight!] Here are some of the things I would have liked to have known

I wish I knew... That it is best to have your big chop/ transitioner chop done professionally. Doing the 'chop' yourself may, like in my case lead to 'unevenness'. Whilst the thought of cutting off your ends yourself may have you twerking with excitement, the reality of needing a second chop a few months later to even things out probably won't! Get a friend to follow you to a reputable salon and record/take pictures of the moment for you.

I wish I knew… Texture fantasies almost never come true! The video [below] goes into more detail on this but be careful not to become too fixed on a texture that you want. Transitioning is more than just a texture change, challenge yourself to embrace naturalness in its entirety and find yourself a natural role model with a texture you've never imagined yourself with. Peep how your natural role model rocks their hair and how confident they are wearing it and slowly you'll make your transition and life as a newly natural a whole lot easier!

I wish I knew… Single strand knots just can't keep away. Thinking of doing a second chop because the  knots have plagued your hair? Well don't! Single strand knots are very common among naturals and not so easy to get rid of. Give yourself a regular enough trim to keep them at bay and get on with enjoying your natural hair already!

I wish I knew… to steer clear of too many detangling tools. I absolutely love my detangling tools especially the Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush, however, excessive use of these means a whole lot of manipulation on your strands. Your fingers are also great detangling tools and wreak less havoc on your hair. Try and only use your tools when your hair is seroiusly tangled or when trying to achieve a style that requires extreme smoothness.

& for the final I wish I knew fast forward to 9:13 in the video below

Avec amour…



  1. GREAT POST!!! I missed it when you shared a few months ago, but thank you for the advice! I'm going to look into that Felicia Leatherwood brush and yes, my trims are all happening at the salon!

  2. Really good post! Especially the one about texture and embracing your new hair.
    Would be great if you could post some of the everyday styles you wear as an inspiration. It can be tricky to come up with ideas when your hair is at a length, in between so to speak. Im also helping a sister to style her natural hair and I really need some inspiration for everyday styles for work etc.:)


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