Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caring for your child's natural hair : Stimulating scalp soufflé

In my new found journey to upkeep and beautify my younger sisters hair, comes the benefit of using her hair to test out homemade products! (P.s no child labour! Her treat is playing with my nikon camera... she loves it!)

So of course i was more than excited about trying my D.I.Y 'Stimulating Scalp Soufflé' on her natural hair.

The verdict...

Not only did the soufflé soften her hair. It completely soothed her scalp of dryness and added a beautiful sheen and softness to the lower banded twist out that i did in her hair. Her scalp always absorbed hair oils so quickly it would seem you hadn't used them in the first place. I guess the soufflé is a keeper!

LYT Stimulating Scalp Soufflé

x edF


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