Thursday, 18 August 2011

Swimming meets Haircare

With summer in full swing and so many of us enjoying sun kissed tans and clear blue seas, we often forget that our hair needs TLC in the shower, on the beach and in the pool.
Salty, chlorinated water quickly causes hair to become dry, brittle and damaged. The oxidising agents present in Chlorine work by stripping our hair of moisture, thus affecting our hair ph and weakening our hair from within.


1- Wet your hair with tap water/ non- chlorinated water before swimming. Our hair acts as an absorbing sponge, which means that if we firstly saturate it with non-chlorinated water, it will absorb this water before any other type of water.

2- Another precaution is to coat your hair with your favourite oil/serum. The wonderful rules of science mean that once we have sealed our hair, we reduce absorbtion of chlorinaed water because oils/serums repel water.

3- Wear a swimming cap! Swimming caps do their best to protect hair from any water absorbtion. You can also do a deep conditioning treatment/ baggy whilst swimming by wearing a thin shower cap underneath your swimming cap. This will give ultimate protection as well as a hair treatment. 

Beware of tight swimming caps which may pull on your hair. Try to find the perfect fit rather than the tightest fit.

4- After swimming rinse your hair and commence with shampooing. It is important you wash out any chlorine that may have been absorbed by your hair. Be sure to also do your usual conditioning treatment and finish off with a leave-in conditioner.

5- Try to avoid using heat immediately after swimming. This will reduce damage to your hair. If you must use a heat appliance, choose cool settings.

6- ‘I do not wash my hair after swimming, I am sure no chlorine was absorbed’. Of course not eveyone is happy to wash their hair in a swimming facility, comfort isn't always at its best! 
If you fall into this category, try and time your swimming days in accordance with your usual wash days e.g wash day is a day or two after swimming day. This will mean that you can still take care of your hair immediately after swimming in the comfort of your own home!

7- Opt for chlorine reducing shampoos and swim friendly hair products.


Philip Kinglsey have created the perfect solution for hair care lovers who indulge in swimming. The 'Swimcap' cream was developed by Philip Kingsley as a request from the US Olympic Synchronized swimming team.

'Swimcap' claims to guard all hair types against damage caused by weathering from sun, chlorine, salt water and wind. As well as providing super conditioning.

- Dampen your hair with fresh water - Apply evenly in sections & comb through your hair - Re-apply as necessary after swimming - Rinse out and use appropraite Philip Kingsley shampooconditioner and styling products- Can be reapplied when required on your wet or dry scalp/hair.

'Mmm sounds like a treat!'

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  1. Perfect timing baby girl. I'll be starting my swimming sessions again shortly and I was really worried at how I'll dodge the chlorine. Extremely helpful. Thank you Fi. Much love. Susie x

  2. @Sus E- thank u Sus, always supporting me :) Im about to jump on the swimming bandwagon too! oh boy... that story will be something else!

  3. My skin and salt/ chlorine water ooh nooo!!!!!


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