Monday, 22 August 2011

hairxercise: zumba -ing your way to a healthier you

I found myself in the most unexpected Zumba class a week ago! I'm often reluctant to do very demanding exercise. I tend to estimate the calories i may burn, and makesure i eat them right back afterwards!!!
Not that i don't believe in exercise, just that i'm more of a stretching, yoga kinda girl! I'm already on the slim side and do not want to get any slimmer.

Howeverrr... Zumba gave me a totally different perspective on exercise!

For those of you who have not yet tried Zumba #OMG! It is A-Mazing! The perfect infusion of Columbian Salsa/Raggaeton music accomapanied with booty shakes, and moves you have never seen your waist do! For anyone who likes to dance and is not fond of the gym... this folks, is your calling!

I started the class with my weave in check and left with a frizz ball and  sweats... but trust me even the hair lover in me would embrace the frizz ball again for the amazing experience!

 Exercise and Hair...

1] Exercise increases blood flow, thus stimulation to your scalp.
2] Exercise can help reduce levels of cortisone in your body, which are caused by stress. Lower levels of cortisone mean lower stress levels, therefore lower levels of hair loss.
3] Exercise can increase levels of Serotonin in our brain. This means we are happier! A happier you means less hair loss/thinning due to stress.

x edF


  1. I LOVE zumba! And it's good for my hair? #asifIneededmoreencouragement


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