Sunday, 5 August 2012

Honey... I'm Home!

I get really tired of reading blogs with writers who frequently apologise for their absence and lack of posts, and realised that I had become exactly one of them over the past few weeks! Now there's no denying I've been busy but heck if I can't multi task now what in the world will I do when I'm married, have kids and am tryna get my cook, love life, work and blog on all at once! It's about time I wear my superwoman suit and get on with blogging already!

As for me and hair, there have been some major changes on my side! I've finally hit 9 months post [whoop whoop], and airdrying is no longer an option, like heck no, no way, no how an option. Shrinkage is a tough as a hard piece of toffee, and single strand knots are on the rise so the game plan has taken a huge turnaround. It's going to be protective styles from now on, well at least 70% of the time. 

In other news I've still been as committed to my hair as I was before la new job. Transitioning definitely means I have to give my hair extra love so Friday nights have become my new hair wash and spa day. 

Figured I'd add some of the pics I had planned on posting last week. PLENTY of reviews, videos and posts to come!

SUNDAY NEWS!!! Andy Murray won the tennis! Go team GB!!! #Olympic Fever

Avec amour...



  1. Welcome back! I'm glad the transition is going well! I know what you mean about apologizing for absence. I like to imagine that if I didn't let life "get in the way" sometimes, what would I regale my readers with?

  2. Can't wait for more posts!

  3. i like the gold curf on ur arm !

  4. Welcome back Fi! I missed looking forward to reading more about how you are not airdrying because I am 5 months posts and gurl, it aint funny no mo'. It is great to have you back! xxx


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