Wednesday, 1 December 2010

100 Blog posts later

I've reached my 100th blog (this is 101!!!) It feels so good, especially knowing that I've not grown bored of it and that i still love to blog as much as I did when I started if not even more . Unlike other bloggers my goal wasn't to reach 100 and then do something fun e.g a giveaway! Instead I've got another goal and when i reach it...which is likely to be very soon! You will definitely know about it!

But on that note I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads the blog and those that comment and facebook me. Its nice to know the hair-love connection is mutual and it makes me very happy!

my love always x

p.s did u know if u celebrate a 100th year anniversary its called a centennial anniversary? I guess its my centennialth blog anniversary (so not a word!)

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  1. Nigerian hair used to have a dull and frizzy look and texture. It's nice to know that eventually they have a product that suits their hair style.


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