Monday, 6 December 2010

Hot comb vs Straighteners

Which do you prefer???


I've been reading quite a few debates on a few hair forums, and lets just say some women get quite mean and argumentative when the hot comb vs straighteners topic comes to light!

Like it or not... there simply is no right answer as to which is better. Each hot comb and pair of straighteners are different and most importantly so is our hair.

I only ever recall using a hot comb in my hair at the hairdressers and i've always been quite scared of them. I definitely wouldn't use them for myself at home because of fear of burning my hair and self! But this doesn't necessarily mean they are bad... in fact those who prefer them would argue that they are better than straighteners because you can control their temperature. I definitely agree, but then this only holds true in a case where one has non adjustable heat settings on their straighteners e.g previous me and my GHDS! Hence the reason why i've purchased my 2nd pair with a low, medium and high heat setting option.

Now these new dang i think i've found my Clyde. Tested out on a strand and me likey!
When i do use them properly (end of this week!) I intend on using the low setting. A friend thinks this may be too low, but my days of thin hair are over so if they don't straighten as much i'm not so worried as long as my hair is straight enough! I guess those who like ├╝ber straight/ no volume hair would just use the high temp setting.
Conclusion: I've not had much experience with hot combs but i do prefer straighteners, i've used them for years and my hair has survived and should ideally do even better now with selective heat temps. All in all less heat is happier hair so keep it on the DL.
Choice is yours...

x edF x

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