Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hairstyling: Gel

I've never used hair gel...tell a lie I used to when i was 14 and thought i was a gangster supermodel...then knowledge came and taught me a few things! But really, ever since then i've been very much so against using hair gel. It usually makes your hair quite hard, leaves residue behind and can clog your pores. However earlier this year a friend introduced me to the Eco styler hair gel, which to my knowledge is widely used in America.

It's alcohol free and comes in various types including an olive oil based gel. I used some and it was as promised non flaking and didn't leave the sides of my hair hard.

There are many products used for finishing and styling which work in the same way as gel but aren't gel, however I still prefer to use something very close to home which is my leave in conditioner!

AtOne Hair and Scalp Treatment Leave-In Conditioner

So lets just say this is kind of a review!

I took these pics today to show you how good my leave-in conditioner is at taming all of those fly aways and giving a clean and slick finish. Unlike many leave-in conditioners, it is not a spray leave-in, in fact it has a lotion type consistency which I love, almost like the S curl no drip but a little thicker.

How i use it?
I squeeze a dime size amount into my hand and then apply the leave-in to the needed areas. I then use a soft bristle brush to style as wanted.
Then to finish i apply coconut oil on top of the leave-in and then wear a headscarf to enhance the finish.

Slick soft hair!

P.s it also contains Aloe vera :)

x edF x

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