Thursday, 22 August 2013

Eat, Drink & Play ...

Working a 7-5 can really take its toll especially when the sun is shining outside and you're confined to the indoor wonders of four computer screens, SO after a long day at work it's often the most simple and not so exciting things that seriously excite me! Making smoothies, hanging out with my sisters, an episode of Scandal [can you start back already please!!! arghhh] and blogging! In fact I'd pick making a smoothie over a trip to Zara [store addiction] any day, how much fun is shopping when you're exhausted eh?!

Hair wise there's nothing much exciting going on except that I am slowly clearing out my product stash, I think it's fair to say a product that has been on the shelf for a year and still doesn't work for you, is officially worthy of being binned. I'm holding off on restoring products so that I can think hard about what my natural hair may want this time in 3 months when I'm fully au natural! 

Besides that I am protective styling as usual, and will be putting  in some braids in the next week or two! I haven't had braids in over 7 years, to say I'm excited would be an understatement!

So back to my eat drink and play... an evening in the weekday life of me!!!

Creta girl after 3 months of wear! I think it's high time we had a change of hairstyle!
Fruit shopping!

Scooped out watermelon perfect for a chilled drink on Tuesday
Added a cupful of lemonade to this just for the extra 'mmmm'
A baking lesson from my younger sister, the chocolate icing was divine!

Avec amour... 


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  1. Yes girl. Little pleasures of life goes along way.


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