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Ten Must Have Hair Goodies [Transitioner Approved]

Happy Monday Beautifuls!!!

Having officially hit 21 months posts transition I've had more than enough time to trial out a gazillion products in hopes of finding some staples that have made and continue to make my transition easier. The results? The fantastic ten below! Now please take note these are by no means only for transitioning hair, in fact in the 'O' residence most if not all of these products have proven to work wonders on both of my sisters hair [relaxed and natural], so this definitely is a post for everyone!

Before you cast any stones, yes I know... where is the 10th product image ?!! I ran out of the mystery tenth product so a mention will have to suffice!  Here goes my low down on why these really are a 'transitioner approved' top ten!
[From Left to Right]

N A K E D little miracle leave-in conditioner - I came across this product just over a month ago and have added it to my staples list. Marketed as a leave-in conditioner it's slightly thick consistency smooths unto your hair and works well in doing this whilst also moisturising and softening. I use this after washing my hair and also mid week to refresh my twist outs for blending with my homegirl Creta! All in all it's great for a light no crunch hold and leaves you with super soft bouncy results. #canIgetawhoopwhoop 

[150 ml, 5 oz - £4.99] CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS 

S H I E L O moisturizing Shampoo - This shampoo is hands down the best shampoo I have used during my transition. The bottle has been empty for a miserable 4 months now but I've still held unto it due to fear of forgetting the name or something! The shampoo smells absolutely beautiful, but most importantly does not strip/overdry my hair. During the transitioning phase a shampoo that isn't too drying is a must as detangling can be a nightmare. The only downfall is the price and lack of availability in the UK. This was gifted to me and I simply haven't been able bring myself to purchasing another bottle, £26 for a Shampoo [inc delivery] just can't be legal! 

[237 ml, 8 oz - $24]  CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS 

J A N E  C A R T E R  S O L U T I O N revitalizing leave-in conditioner - A joint first place with the naked leave-in, this JCS product is what I describe to friends as hair okra. The slip it provides supersedes that of any leave-in I have ever used, and for that I love it!!! I have used this almost every day since receiving it a few months ago and it does a great job of super softening new growth. I would recommend this for any and all hair types and can imagine you going spray crazy with this stuff like I do everyday! 


C O C O N U T  O I L extra Virgin - Does this require an explanation? Coconut oil has been one of my faves since the very early days of my 'haircare journey'. It has proved itself even more so worthy of a double thumbs up during my transition because of the wonders it works when used as a hot oil treatment/deep conditioner. I won't go into the nitty gritty because I'm sure you already know this is not my first rave about EVCO. Does the 'Coconut Relaxer' ring a bell? Check out these posts for the scoop! [1], [2], [3], [4]

J A N E  C A R T E R  S O L U T I O N curl defining cream - The 2nd JCS product in the list, Jane definitely had me in mind when she started up!  I absolutely love and depend on this, plus it's name definitely holds true, this stuff defines!!! The cream gives great slip, has an ambrosia custard consistency and again if you're after soft bouncy curls with no residue or crunch then this cream is that and more #gonewiththewindfabulous. I use it for blending my hair with the infamous Creta Girl, and for my new staple weekend perm rod twist out. Unlike the Naked leave-in which I at times double up as a curl cream, this is more creamy and also gives your hair a nice amount of shine.


C U R L  H A R M O N Y Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner - Do you like your DC thick or runny? This DC is the second half of my perfect DC duo. There's something about the product consistency that has my hair acting right, using this to detangle leaves my hair feeling cotton wool kinda soft. I get the perfect DC when I mix this with my all time ride or die ORS conditioner which of course leads me onto the next product!

[250 ml, 8.5 oz - £14.50]  CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS 

O R S  O L I V E  O I L 
Replenishing Conditioner - Number one DC award for me has to go to this conditioner, from relaxed to almost natural this DC has been my number one. Paired with the Curl Harmony DC this provides slip slip and more slip. Even better, on days when my hair is in need of extra deep conditioning I definitely do not shy away from squeezing this all over my hair because the price tag is a winner #swipewswipekeepthechange. It smells great, softens, and its velvety texture leaves your hair feeling very well looked after.

[370 ml, 8.5 oz - £4.07]  CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS

K E R A C A R E Butter Cream Everyday Moisturiser - My very early relaxed days saw a lot of Keracare use and then I went a complete 3 years without even thinking about it! However not too long ago Keracare introduced their Natural Textures line and the Butter Cream wowed its way into my product stash. The Butter Cream is very thick and is great for a more defined twist/braid out. Its thick texture calls for no strays when used and unlike the above mentioned curl creams this has a slightly stronger hold.  I tend however only to use this on freshly washed hair as opposed to using it for re-twisting because it is quite heavy.

[227 g, 8 oz - £8.69]  CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS

 A N I T A G R A N T Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar - I use this shampoo bar on days when my hair needs good clarifying following the use of many curling creams and hot oil treatments. This is not to say that the shampoo is in anyway stripping however it leaves your hair squeaky clean, a common find with most 100% natural shampoo bars. It was the use of this shampoo and an eventful washday session that made me realize this time 21 months ago that my hair had not properly relaxed and henceforth my transition would begin. If you're natural or transitioning you will find this shampoo really makes your curls POP!

[110 g, 4 oz - £7.05]  CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS

Finally!!! The mystery 10th product...

 P H I L I P  K I N G S L E Y Elasticizer Extreme - Of all the products I've mentioned this has been the most beneficial with regards to the health of my hait during my transition. The Elasticizer is a pre shampoo treatment made for extremely dry, porous and thirsty hair, it works to feed the hair with nutrients that help nourish, moisturise and improve hair elasticity. I aid this treatment with heat using myHiartherapy Head wrap and I strongly believe this, deep conditioning and scalp care have allowed me to avoid any setbacks during my transition. This treatment followed by a good DC session are an absolute must for me every week. A little goes a long way so the price tag is well worth it.

[150 ml, 5 oz - £27.50]  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Stay tuned for another lookbook video tomorrow, this will be my fave look so far!!! 

Avec amour...



  1. 27.50 for 150 ml? I can't. I just can't. I av had my eye on the elasticizer for a year now, but I just can't. Lol.

    Great list girl. Have u tried joico treatment balm? If so what were your thoughts on its current on eBay for only £15 including pp for 500ml.

    1. Haha Abi yes I thought the same initially but it lasted a very long time :) that's how I feel about the Shielo shampoo!!! No I have not tried it will take a look at it, it may soon be a purchase of mine for the month! x

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks so much for sharing - I really enjoyed this post. I've been looking for some quality 'leave-in' conditioners lately - so your post was just what the doctor ordered! lol
    If you have any ideas on where to get the US ones cheaper - do let me know hun ;)

    Lippy Love,
    LiLi Xx

    1. Hey Lili ^_^ I would say try PAKS and online stores such as britishcurlies, afrotherapy, gidore, beautiful roots as they stock quite a few US products xxx

    2. Aww great stuff - thanks hun Xx

  3. Do you not use Roux Porosity Control corrector Conditioner?

    1. no I dont use this, used it when relaxed and then tried other new things and forgot about it, I did love it though may bring it back if my hair needs!


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