Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Insta Lovin' Again!

The past two weeks have literally gone over my head. After a weekend retreat with the youth at my church [those folks have SO much energy], followed by a very stressful first day in my new role at work, I decided a trip to the spa was a must! So I took my camera, tripod, laptop, bikini and some DVDs to Champneys and of course kept you all in the loop via our beloved Instagram! I would definitely recommend all my Londoners take a trip to the Champneys Tring resort, top notch is all I can say! 

Anyway here is my week plus the last on Instagram, if I'm not here best believe I'm there!

[ Left to Right ]

1- Two friends were featured on CNN for their amazing African print swimsuit range CROWNROSE. I know how much work has been put into this so I'm so proud of them, this is just the beginning!!!

2- A cheeky pic of bathrobe chilling at Champneys, the robes weighed 10kg, I almost fell asleep in mine but woke up at 3am in sweats!

3- Dinner date with the older sis

4- Successful perm rod twist out updo. Sore arms and a late night = worth it!

5- Terrace view #Champneys

6- Filming another Lookbook, will be out soon! Have you checked out the others? [1], [2]

7- Doing what I love most. Blogging is definitely therapy for me these days...

8- Fellow Hair lovers... When the hair is pulling a diva on you, pull out the headscarf not the straighteners!
9- Finalement, I still can't get over how smart the Sun played the birth of Prince George! Hilarious!!! Hats off to the Editor for that one! #freshprince

See you in a day or two with my top ten products of the year!!! Transitioner approved too of course!

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Avec amour... 



  1. Really enjoyed this post dear, there was something so wonderfully sunny about it.



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