Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Are these products good ???

Good morning y'all !!

I'm pretty sure most peeps are in bed but I'm buzzing...not sure why! Just wanted to share a new website I discovered. 

Its call the cosmetic database, and all you do is type in the product you use or want to know about and it tells you how safe/good/dangerous the product is for your hair...SMART or what! Not all products are there but pretty much everything in the average Superdrug or Boots etc is there.

I won't be sticking to it like glue unless of course I find out that something that I'm using has mega mega bad ingredients.

Right... now to the next 2/3 blogs...I have soooo much to share.

Ciao for now

x edF x

P.S Did you know that tresses is a synonym for 'hair'??? My friend didn't! Aww :)

Second P.S !!! My sis made a smart point- the website may/ may not be for all hair types so always keep an eye on how your hair reacts to the products for yourself.

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