Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Moisturise 'n' Seal Phenomenon

Heyyyy :)

Just wanted to do a quick post on MOISTURIZING AND SEALING!

1) What exactly is it?

In a real world once hair has been moisturized e.g you've applied cream to the ends of your hair... the moisture is lost in the air. This is because environmental factors e.g humidity, heat or even cold air suck the moisture out of our hair...kinda like evaporation I guess.

That's were oils come in and save the day. Almost like gloves, oils act as an extra layer of protection, therefore acting as the barrier which seal the moisture in. This way your hair stays shiner and moisturized for longer.

2) Any example products?

Personally I mix and match but the products I use the most to moisturize and seal are:



or Herbal essences healthy ends - from Superdrug

Sealants: My wonderful 100% coconut oil or almond oil

any questions do holla

x edF x

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