Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Welcome welcome new and old...

As promised I have loads to share, hence the blog title! 

There's a whole bunch of new stuff going on with me and my hair right now...

1) I'll be going back to washing my hair every Sunday and Wednesday ( used to do this up until March- exams nearing) I've observed that my scalp gets clogged up very quickly , so back to the old regime.

2) Every Sunday will now be REVIEW SUNDAYS :) I've been doing a lot of research into products and want to see how my hair takes to them, so that I can share and maybe you'll find your first love too... so stay tuned for that :)

3) My big sis is officially my first witnessed hair project. She stretched for 6 months now and we took before pics so will defo be posting the after pic results.

4) I've decided to get this youtube affair started. Yep gonna be doing videos !!! Well... once I'm nice 'n' settled in Germany that is.

5) MY HAIR = DRYYYYY... this relaxer stretching is going to be one serious challenge...but I've found loads of tips to get me through which I already know but need to keep remnding myself to do!!

Extremly Dry Hair Tips!!!

  • You should definitely avoid lathering up more than once if you have dry hair because it will only make your problem worse. You want to keep some of your natural oils.... ( I already do)
  • Less or no heat. When blow drying, use a cooler setting ..Heat makes dry hair dryer ( I already do)
  • Use an intensive moisturizing shampoo/intensive moisturizing conditioner ( I already do)
  • Deep Condition using heat ..Heat opens up the hair cuticles allowing the moisturizer to penetrate the hair shaft..( I already do)
  • You should Condition after every shampooing ( I already do)
  • Deep Condition at least once a week ( I already do)
  • Conditioning during showers (even when you do not shampoo, Co-Washes), conditioning before bed and conditioning when just lounging at home, or spending the day at home cleaning, will help rehydrate dry hair. The more you condition, the more moisture will be retained ( I already do)
  • Drink at 8 glasses of water a day (If your dehydrated your hair and skin will be dry also) (eek need to do this)
  • Be Gentle dry hair is fragile ( I already know)
  • Dry your hair gently, by blotting and squeezing, not wringing or rubbing. Never brush wet hair    ( I already do)

x edF x

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